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  1. This reminds me of all the mileage I got out of The Flashmen from the old 4th edition Allies book. They were basically a bunch of superpowered conmen that decided it was easier to play hero and pocket some of the loot they "saved" than it was to keep fighting superheroes all the time. They had a team vehicle with smuggling compartments, a foundation they administered for charity (and a reasonable handling fee), were paid guests of honor at all kinds of events (fees for charity, honest!) Two of them even disguised what their powers actually were (they were actually a telekinetic and a gadgeteer who combined their efforts to look like they were a living video game character and a Ninja) The PCs *Hated* these guys, and could never prove anything, but if they pushed too hard the leader of the Flashmen (This foppish cyrano de bergerac type who used drugs to fight at a superhuman level) would shame them publicly for having such delicate egos they couldn't handle another superteam in town when it was clear that they needed the help with all the crime going on.
  2. A noble goal to be sure, but it always seems to fall apart for more complex characters with more powers or longer power writeups. I notice you don't include her everyman skills for example. Powergirl is relatively simple next to a version of Batman that has martial arts, a utility belt bought as a multipower, paid points for the batmobile, and a long list of skills and contacts. How would your template work if a character had to bleed over to a 2nd page? Not trying to be negative, I'm curious as I feel that my character sheets always go off the rails because the PCs have too much info to fit on one page. This is one of my character sheets (Made in MS Publisher). It manages to hold enough info for me to actually put a whole PC onto one page, but I'm the first to admit it isn't as pretty as yours. The character is a 300 point starting Teen Champions character.
  3. I suspect that there is someone out there who is still a little irritated that the best remembered Marvel RPG is called the "FACERIP" system.
  4. While Bond hasn't been lighting fires with their franchise for a long time now, I think their biggest problem isn't Jason Bourne, it's Austin Powers. Those movies not only made a zillion dollars they skewered the Bond conventions so successfully that the people making Bond movies are afraid of using their own tropes.
  5. This is kinda sorta the plot for the "Lower Decks" animated Trek that aired last year. "First contact is a delicate, high-stakes operation of diplomacy. One must be ready for anything when Humanity is interacting with alien race for the first time. But we don't do that. Our specialty is second contact. Still pretty important. We get all the paperwork signed, make sure we're spelling the name of the planet right, get to know all the good places to eat." - Ensign Boimler, USS Cerritos
  6. Isn't there a new Marvel Superhero RPG every 5-10 years or so? There was the classic FACERIP, the SAGA one that used cards instead of dice, the Marvel Universe one from 2003, Marvel HEROIC from 2012, .. I'm honestly kind of amazed the MCU didn't get its own yet.
  7. 5) The new Warden of Stronghold is abusing the prisoners in the name of "keeping them in line". The Villians actually try to reach out to the Heros for help. (See the "Lockup" episode from Batman: TAS)
  8. For what it's worth, one of the Cyberknights from the old 4th edition Allies book had a hovercycle that he flew around on while shooting bad guys with his super-crossbow. (He was basically an even-higher tech Hawkeye/Green Arrow type) I remember thinking it looked fairly balanced, sort of a goblin-glider in motorcycle form.
  9. It probably dilutes what you are doing, but the Murder in Stronghold adventure from Champions Presents 2 would be an awesome add. Masquerade is basically a direct 6th edition replacement for Proteus. But I'm probably biased because that was such a well-liked adventure by my players back in the day.
  10. I think this and Swarm are the real answer to pest control in a superhuman world. The genre convention isn't that they become super-organized pests that we have to live with (ala Joes Apartment, if anyone remembers that) its that once a swarm gets intelligent enough it gets a cape, organizes into a humanoid shape and starts making supervillian speeches.
  11. Way back in 4th edition (which also takes us back to the 80s and 90s) the 4th edition universe had magazines named HeroTalk, MetaMag, Villainy Unbound (Which was apparently bought by the same sorts of people who collect serial killer trading cards), SuperHype and Super Star that were all monthly print magazines devoted to Superhumans and a "Compu-Board" named HeroNet. (I say again, the book that mentioned that came out in '92). There was a "DNPC Wannabe" in one of the books that had a side business selling VHS compilation tapes of various Supers in action. My Teen Champions campaign has a whole subculture of "Super-Influencers" that try to get famous for broadcasting their antics on the Internet. The PCs keep running into them while they are trying to stop actual villains only to hear that their Super-Identities are way more famous among their schoolmates because Alpha-Geek Prime badmouthed them on his channel than for saving people. I should also mention one of the NPCs from Teen Champions who is a superhuman teen pop sensation (Think Brittney Spears/Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez) who is actually a vat-grown genetically perfect pawn of Telios. His evil plan is to let her get more and more famous, more and more influential, and basically take over the pop-music business. The great thing is that she doesn't actually know she is a clone or that her entire entourage are also clones loyal to Telios.
  12. The question I keep coming back too is how much of all this stuff would be available? PRIMUS gets energy blasters, but the US Military still uses Assault Rifles that fire bullets. There may be force field generators and teleport beams in various labs, but do they actually show up at earthquake sites? If so, what is the mix of super-science and victim sniffing dogs like we have in the real world? On the one hand, the Champions universe is, as Lord Liaden points out, a lot higher tech than ours, but there also seems to be an effort by Hero Games to keep it from being too different than the world we live in. On the other hand, with all the Super-Fights the CU probably get a lot more buildings flattened than our world does so their response might be a lot better developed. I might also expect that Millennium City would have better resources than most other urban areas given how high tech the rest of their infrastructure is. I don't think that (say) Omaha Nebraska has legions of Robots to clean up flood damage.
  13. I suspect there is some truth to this. I have several friends who make a living doing boardgames, and several came from RPG backgrounds. Folks who create this stuff tend to have a very different view of content than those of us who play. It is a job and they have nostalgia for it the way you remember a good boss. Nice, you may have stories, but you don't remember all the details decades later. As for making this a product, outside of the people on this forum, how many people would care about the stats for the guy on the cover of a book 5 editions and 40 years out of date? Hero can barely get people to buy 6th.
  14. Jhamin


    That is more or less what happened in the old Batman Beyond cartoon that was set in the future of the 90s Batman/Justice League cartoons. The Jokerz were clown themed street gangs that roamed the blade runner future Gotham after Joker died.
  15. The thing about the old Marvel FACERIP was that there was *no* consistency from those optional character creation rules. You might roll up Rick Jones with a shotgun, you might roll up Colossus, you might roll up The Invisible Woman (at least as far as power levels went). They defended it at the time by pointing out that Thor and the Black Widow were on the same team so you should be able to play with widely disparate power levels in the group. I knew no one who did that. Most the FACERIP games I saw back in the day that had original characters have everyone roll, but then basically "normalized" power levels by letting everyone reset their main power to whatever the group had agreed on beforehand for power level. I wouldn't read a Hero book or discover the concept of OAF gear for years to come, but looking back on it, I might let people reset a couple powers to a higher level than "normal" for the group in exchange for them being OAF.
  16. This is where we don't have enough information. Given that Thanos has been killed twice in one timeline, as I see it we have a two different options as to how this can work and still keep the "you can't change the past" rule in place: (It also occurs to me that the Black Order & very likely a bunch of the chitauri all die twice as well) 1) Past Thanos is from a different timeline which existed briefly but no longer does. That timeline was created the moment the stones were taken, existed to the end of the universe, then "unwound" once the stones were put back. If we accept the Ancient One & Banner's discussion this timeline shouldn't exist, but it clearly does (its where Nebula gets captured & interrogated after Rhodey takes back the Power Stone). If putting the stones back prevents this reality from existing, we can suppose that it will "unwind" once the stone is put back. If this is true, Thanos using the Pymm/Stark time travel device allows him to escape his sinking ship of a timeline only to get killed in another one. If the Thanos in the "main" timeline hadn't been dead, they could have met & because they were from different realities they would not have affected each other If we think Banner & the Ancient one got it wrong and the alternate timelines do exist even after the stones are replaced, then this timeline where Thanos vanished before he could gather the stones & snap half the universe way still exists somewhere in the multiverse. 2) We see that you have to have a strong idea what you want when you use the Infinity Gauntlet. The Avengers talk about exactly what Hulk will "wish" for before he uses it, and Stark reminds him not to undo the old snap and just bring back everything. We don't actually know what Stark "wished for" when he used the Gauntlet to erase Past Thanos. It's possible he just evaporated all the "bad guys" around him. It' also possible that a tired and battered Stark, who understood he was about to die, wished for an effect instead of an action. Something like "Thanos and all his minions should not exist anymore & my loved ones won't have to deal with any cosmic fallout from all this Thanos crap" In which case the Infinity Gauntlet not only evaporated Past Thanos & minions, it also papered over all the time paradoxes that had been created so the universe could keep going (thus fulfilling the "let not deal with any more fallout from Thanos" part of Stark's Snap. I admit these are both purely fannon/conjecture on my part and the 2nd answer puts words in Stark's mind, but I think both fit what we see on screen. (Stark was very worried about the Infinity Gauntlet undoing his daughter who was born after the first snap, so I can easily imagine making sure she didn't get erased by unforeseen circumstances was on his mind when he made the third snap) Also; If you can use the Infinity Gauntlet for anything, but the big wishes do damage to the wielder, could you use your first activation of the Gauntlet wish to be immune to Infinity Gauntlet damage and instantly heal any you do somehow receive? That way you could then do all kinds of crazy things after that without crippling or killing yourself. Just a thought.
  17. There was no Gem. As for the Vision... it was complicated, but in a comic booky kind of way so I was fairly down with it. Spoilers for Wandavision: There were two Visions in Wandavision. The "Normal" red and green one was created by Wanda, but there was mention made that both Wanda's Powers and the original Visions personality/Soul had come from the mind stone, so her version was pretty accurate, self-willed, and had a "spark" of life that was beyond her control. The implication was that she had conjured him, but her Infinity Stone Derived power made him "real" in a way outside her control. However, he could only exist inside the radius of her powers. If he went too far away (a distance measured in miles) he started to come apart as her powers stopped holding him together. We also meet the "White Vision", who is explicitly created from the body of the old Vision which was taken apart and put back together by a government project but didn't work until the scientists working on it tried siphoning some of Wanda's Hex energy into him. The notion was that this Vision was the original body, animated by residue from the Mind Stone still woven into her powers, and had the Visions memories, but was otherwise an empty vessel just running on programming. The Wanda Construct Vision had a construct of the Mind Stone, but it wasn't real and only worked inside her altered reality. The White Vision had a blue gem with a circuit like pattern inside it on his head where the Mind Stone had been, which he could use to fire energy beams, but was not at any point implied to be an Infinity Stone. Interestingly, he could use his Desolid powers, so those are apparently built into the body and are not a function of the stone. Extra Spoilers: When the two Visions met, they initially fought (because superheros always have to fight when they meet), then talked it out and decided they were *both* the real Vision but were made from different things. (This was the best part of their arcs IMHO) The construct Vision imparted his "spark" of life into the White Vision, who then retreated from the events of WanaVision to deal with having a soul. The implication was that he was now a "complete" Vision with a non-conjured body. The Conjured Vision went away when Wanda (Now officially the Scarlet Witch) unwove her conjured reality and we didn't see the White Vision again, but he is explicitly still out there with a non-conjured Vibranium body, all his old memories, and a soul. So I'm expecting we will see him again. No Mindstone though.
  18. I understood her argument being that it wasn't that they cant split the time stream, it's that if they do they are dooming all the people in the split timelines to really hellish exitances if the Infinity Stones aren't around to deal with problems. The discussion goes: 1) removing the stones from The Ancient One's present would create alternate timelines where they didn't have the stones and would be overrun without them (There is good reason to think Dr Strange couldn't have fended off Dormammu without the Time Stone for example). 2) Banner argued that if they took the stones to the future, used them, then brought them back to the moment they were taken, then there wouldn't be a time that didn't have them and the alternate timelines would never exist. 3) The Ancient One seems to concede this, but points out that if they loose they won't bring the stones back so their good intentions are basically too risky for her to bet reality on. She agree to let him have the stone when she finds out that Strange *chose* to let Thanos have the Time Stone. She doesn't trust Banner enough to bet reality on the Avengers, but she trusts what she knows of Strange enough to bet reality on his judgement. I fully acknowledge this is as full of holes as any time travel theory (there is a "How it Should Have ended" video that has a lot of fun with Cap realizing half the stones had containers in the past that they don't have anymore when he puts them back). Still, it works within the context of this movie if you assume that we haven't been given enough info to figure out where Cap was when he was with Peggy and are content to wait for more info in the future. As a side statement, if the Infinity Stones are needed to make time work right and keep terrible things at bay.... how is the Universe doing now that Thanos destroyed the "current" set and Cap put back the "past" set? They *are* kinda screwed the next time someone like Dormammu invades. I guess that is what the next phase of movies will deal with?
  19. You did indeed have a mix of poses, I'm saying *this* one is maybe more of a pinup than we might want for a PC heroine. If the character is supposed to be acting enticing, cool. If the character is supposed to be awesome and kickass.. then this doesn't work. The art sets the tone for who you want the audience to be, especially in a product aimed at new players. My group of Hero players is mostly women and good god don't get them started on how shitty the representation is in 75% of all RPG books. I believe that if you have women leading with their chests as sample player characters you are communicating that you are more interested in teenage boys than women of any age as new players. It's your product, you should art direct the way you want to art direct, but it matters.
  20. The poses might be an issue. Dr. Nope is doing a generic "tough guy" heroic pose and Apex is doing a "cheesecake/pinup" pose. If her character is all about being a model or similar (like Sapphire is a pop singer) then it might fly, but if you are actually going to try to get a teenage girl to play the game based on this art... it might be offputting.
  21. Think of it this way, in order to qualify for the Focus limit, someone has to be able to take the foci from you. If someone took the character you are statting out, stripped them naked & put them in an empty room then they don't have weapons of opportunity. Every part of the multipower with that limit stops working. If you took the limit on the reserve, then the reserve stops working and it can't power the slot. So the whole thing stops working even if the slot you want to "turn on" didn't have the limit. Which is why it's illegal to do it this way. If you only want the limit on 2 of the 3 slots, you can't take it on the reserve. Alternately, you can buy the HA separately (outside the multipower). It costs more points, but if you want it to work differently than the reserve, you need to buy it that way.
  22. Ok, all the limits on a multipower reserve apply to all the slots. You aren't supposed to have limit: it's a cane and advantage: not a cane at the same time. What are you trying to accomplish?
  23. I also say #2. Although it sounds like there is some general disdain for anything less intimidating, I think thats the way to go for new players.
  24. I think it's a question of audience. Comic fans are really into continuity and progress, until something happens they don't like then they like to pretend it never happened. On the other hand, it takes decades and appearances in multiple media to really cement a character in the public imagination. If Grayson had been Batman for 20 years (and lets be real, even that is a stretch. Bruce has been Bats since 1939), and about to hand it off to Damien Wayne (or someone) in the comics, that is just confusing for most people who aren't up on comics and there is pressure to revert to form for the big movie. It's why most character reset to their "classic" configuration when a big movie comes out. They would rather irritate comic fans than confuse people who start picking up comics because they like the movie/show. Even comic fans tend to demand a return to form. It really looked like Wally West was really going to be the Flash forever, but nope, it took 23 years but Barry Allen returned as the "real" Flash. It's the same reason the Champions Universe is filled with characters right out of the 80s in 2021 (and people still miss Terror Inc 20 years later). Once the fans develop some attachment to a character, they are eternal.
  25. Yeah, the part where the spear in the neck isn't that bad compared to whatever he does next does seem a little weird.
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