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  1. My workaround for this to keep the "feel" of D&D is that I am using the Active Points to calculate the endurance cost but I've made the "learning" or "access" to a spell a five point Real Cost skill. In addition I tie in a Custom talent called "The Gift" and it cost 10 Character Points. Each 10 CP Spent on the Gift earns you access to another DND level of spells. So 10 CP get's you access to the Cantrips, and 20 CP get's you access to Level 1 DND spells and 30 CP get's you access to Level 2 Spells, etc. All spells are powered by a Magic END reserve that grows commensurate to your Gift investment. I'm going to playtest the cost of the spells themselves. I'm waffling between 1 to 10 points per spell. 1 CP for a cantrip and 2 CP for a 1st level, 3 CP for a 2nd level, etc.
  2. I'm working on something similar to bring my D&D group into Hero Games. With that goal in mind I've done 90% copy paste job into a Trello board to organize my thoughts. My goal is to allow a D&D Player to drop into the campaign say things like I take my Rogues disengage action and I as the DM do the Hero equivalent math/consult and say OK roll 3d6 and narrate the action. https://trello.com/b/EFdivqvN/champions-complete-fantasy-hero-6th-edition I made the board public just now. Caveat I'm still in the early capture idea phase and the comments are mainly notes to myself to flesh it out more and more. D&D and Hero are on completely different ends of the spectrum but I'm committed to my 10 year plan. Again I've copied and pasted liberally from existing Hero stuff and there is near zero organization on the Trello board but I'm looking for comments on the trello cards with examples and ideas. The real struggle is that the Hero Mechanics are very balanced and D&D and very imbalanced so things like spellcasters vs a Fighter are hard to 1 to 1 match against the feel of D&D. This process is helping re-learn and get a feel for Hero again. I miss it dearly.
  3. I had the same problem when loading the PAK file into Fantasy Grounds.
  4. I'm trying to find the artists names that did the various Fantasy Hero Source books. Is there a list of who those artists are? Links to their stores that sell their for bonus points.
  5. I was just on your website thinking that you had to have already done this and I guess I missed it. Thanks again KS.
  6. As part of my ongoing effort to convert my D&D group over to the amazing Hero System 6th Edition I'm looking for advice and guidance on how you would write up and convert the Alignment system as Psychological complications? For example I think the Neutral and Neutral versions would be worth less since they are less restrictive while Lawful and Chaotic versions would be worth more. Thanks in advance.
  7. I love this PDF! Small note. The SPELLS, POWERS, AND EQUIPMENT doesn't appear to auto sum the point cost while all of the other fields do.
  8. What file should I open this with? I'm not familiar with HDE formatted files.
  9. What do you mean when you say extend Main.hdt? I'm new to the Hero Designer software (I just bought and installed it today).
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