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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had builds for the TMNT for Hero/Champions, along with a mutant creator? I was thinking of doing a one-shot for a convention.
  2. Cool. El Toro is hilariously awesome. I do think you should raise his defenses, or give him damage reduction- as he's a little on the weak side as far as defense- if you're going for a brick. If you want to keep him as a martial artist (brawler) subtype, then I would keep him as is- but just understand his limitations.
  3. The only one that survived from those books was Glacier- the Black Druid is kind of similar to 6e Cairngorm, but they do have different names. The European Enemies book is highly flawed, but has some amusing villains which a GM that I used to play with used in his campaign.
  4. Hey Supabeasto, Just a few things: 1) Why is the well-oiled body a -1 disadvantage? Do you want it to be OAF, as far as being easily taken off/disarmed? The perceivable is fine if you keep it by itself- you might want to make it OIF so it's harder to be taken off (which would make the perceivable unavailable). 2) I would give your character some kind of damage reduction- perhaps requiring a CON roll to make it cheaper. 3) I'd make you buy the danger sense without costing endurance or the additional skill roll- but depends on what the GM will allow. 4) Your Bull's Gore is
  5. Sorry to intrude on your thread, Mr. Taylor- but I was wondering if you would mind if I posted the updated European Enemies, Red Doom, and Red Guard supers in this thread? I did them back in 2013-2014 for a little project that never quite got off the ground. I can submit them to you along with the B & W images.
  6. I actually am running a Necessary Evil game set in the HERO/Champions universe. It's more of a globe-trotting game than the Savage Worlds book- as the heroes have travelled to: Millennium City, Los Angeles, Vibora Bay, Washington DC, Hudson City, London, Amsterdam, Montreal and Tokyo. Is your game still going? I started mine back in January and it's still going strong despite having a player drop out and another player replace him.
  7. Hi Storn, Do you remember Dave Webb at all? I'm in a regular game with him and he showed us some characters you drew for him. They looked wicked awesome!
  8. Did you ever make any British heroes or potential New Knights of The Round Table?
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