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  1. I'd say either let the PCs watch it on the media or see it in person; or perhaps they're the ones that find out that the main superhero is dead. Then they can continue investigating the gang war and find out where the weapons are coming from. Then it concludes with a showdown between them and the villain. I do like the RoboCop-esque storyline of a corrupt corporate executive working with the criminal elements. It could even be his effort to ensure that his company gets to take over the police using their new robots or superbeings.
  2. Wow! Yes, he got all of them from this adventure! Thank you for alerting me to this!
  3. Log-Man did that version. The shoulders-behind-shoulders originated from some versions of Grond, so Taghuso used it for Gronda (he's an ex-Champions player).
  4. Huntsman is actually a NPC mentioned in Dave's campaign along with SaveCo. What source material did he get it from?
  5. Yeah, I know. I'll take whatever you got, please!
  6. Do any of you guys have any ideas for a remote convention game that you'd like to see? Or do you have any sample adventures?
  7. Hello everyone, Right now I'm working on a convention game that will feature a group of starting superheroes (400 points in 6e, 75 complication). All are based in Metro City, a campaign city created by the late DJ Webb. The twist is that all need to be characters drawn by Storn Cook. Please post character information of any character you created that Storn Cook drew.
  8. The original version was just Sheeva from Mortal Kombat colored green, but the covert art was closer to the she-hulk so we went with that.
  9. You can find it here. She's called Gronda in Haymaker #56. She's also described as such in her profile. Ray Lowery created her.
  10. grandmastergm


    Hello everyone, I noticed issue #56 of Haymaker featured a female Grond named Gronda. I created a version of her that is a bit more playable that will be an option at a couple of convention games that I'm going to run this year. I also just commissioned a piece of her by Taghuso, an artist on deviantart. Here she is: Val Char Cost 60 STR 50 15 DEX 10 35 CON 25 20 BODY 10 8
  11. A 1m surface personal damage shield, or how about a cone effect no range that has the same features? Also, would it be 0 END?
  12. He should have an OCV, DCV, OMCV, and DMCV of 7. There was an error with the HTML sheet I copied.
  13. Colonel Blinky Player: Death_Tribble Val Char Cost 25 STR 15 20 DEX 20 18 CON 8 15 BODY 5 18 INT 8 20 EGO 10 25 PRE 15 20 PD 6 20 ED 6 5 SPD 30
  14. I even like Showdown in Little Tokyo, which I watched last year. It's a shame that 11 minutes were cut out of the movie, but I think it's a fun movie.
  15. Okay, how's this build? Colonel Blinky.zip
  16. Glad to see that Richard Stanley returned to directing. You should watch "Lost Soul: Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau" which talks about the tragic end of his filmmaking career in the 1990s with the disastrous 1996 Hollywood movie. The documentary is far better than the actual 1996 movie (which is a stunning misfire given the talent involved).
  17. Rapid Fire (1992) The Crow It's really a shame that Brandon Lee's career was cut tragically short. It's also a shame how terrible the 3 sequels were to The Crow, unless any of you guys want to defend them.
  18. What sort of attacks did he have for his weapons arsenal? Do you remember if he had targeting systems or boosts to his CLs or CVs? What about his complications? Thank you for all this information!
  19. Update: Status of Origins 2020 The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the non-profit organization serving the hobby games industry, today announced that it will postpone the 46th Annual Origins Game Fair, originally scheduled for June 17-21, 2020 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, to October 7-11, 2020. The tabletop convention attracts more than 20,000 attendees from around the world to central Ohio to play thousands of board games, collectible card games, miniatures and role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons™, Magic: The Gathering™, Pathfinder Roleplayi
  20. Please do, that's an awesome character sheet. Do you have to put in the information manually, or do you have HDC do it as an export?
  21. No problem! Feel free to power him down. I mixed the Gigantopithecus and large ape together and added in the flourishes suggested in the thread. Glad you're happy!
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