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  1. That's awesome! Yeah, I'd love to meet that gun-toting, hulking Portuguese Mormon.Where do you see him?
  2. What boycott? Are you talking about him getting disinvited from Origins in 2018? Or was this something earlier?
  3. You can buy the PDF. I have a hardcover copy of the book signed by Larry, and it was pretty reasonable, $50 or so. I see that it's climbed up now to $550+! Woah!
  4. A different version. Nice work! Could you do a male and female Toxic Avenger, please?
  5. Fair enough. How would you build the alien eggs? Would it be a barrier for the facehugger?
  6. Thank you. How would you build the Alien Queen? Same with an Alien Egg for the Facehugger? Xenomorph.hdc
  7. I like the third Predator movie, but I skipped the fourth one due to its box office flop, poor critical reviews, and devastating fan review. Thank you Lord Liaden for your finds! Predator.hdc
  8. Hello everyone, Did anyone make xenomorphs, yautja and colonial marines for HERO System? I'm going to run a Star Wars Vs AVP game, run like the way I imagined the movie to be instead of the horrifically lame movies from 2004 and 2007 along with a Star Wars that resembles the Original Star Wars + Rogue One + The Mandalorian. I would also like to see Ellen Riley and Dutch team up, so if anyone ever stated them out- that would be a big help! Let me know, Grandmaster GM
  9. I managed to get in touch with him. He's pretty sick with cancer, but he's hanging in there. He's looking to see what he can find as apparently his art on is an old hard drive.
  10. I emailed him on the Haymaker address (@juno.com). Let me know if the rest of you have any luck.
  11. Hello everyone, I was going through Haymaker and Digital HERO and I saw Bill Jackson's awesome art! Does anyone know how to get in touch with him or if he's posted his artwork anywhere? I attached a sample of his art, Monolith a native-American anti-heroine (sympathetic supervillain or heroine working for/with the wrong people).
  12. Forgot my 5th game: Champions: Presidential Smackdown 2020 (Stone vs Invictus)!: The controversial business mogul Franklin Stone was elected President in 2016 in an upset, and is now running for re-election. He's up against the charismatic ex-superhero David Sutherland aka Invictus. Is this a classic case of good vs evil or is all hell about to break loose?The players are a member of The Punishers, a super-team in the great city of Freedom City (what name New York CIty adopted to celebrate the Allied victory in WW2, although many residents still call it by its old name out of nosta
  13. What supervillains should they be based off of? A friend of mine made her a snake-woman in his campaign, and he voted for her.
  14. Oh man, that's awful! I'm sorry to hear about that buddy! It was so awesome to game with you last year! You were a great Italian monk and Japanese Jujitsu-practicing Buddhist Monk! Yeah, knocking on wood about Origins.
  15. Hello, I just submitted 5 game options at Origins this year. I am not a part of a group, but I will be running 5 HERO games at Origins this year (thought about mixing with Savage Worlds, but figured that it would mess up my DM brain too much). I'll post the schedule as we get closer. Champions: Evilution Unchained!: An adaptation of Pete Ruttman's 3-Act adventure for a convention setting. It's a modified "historical" game set 20 years ago. It is set in the late Dave Webb's campaign city of Metro City, which replaces the San Francisco Bay Area in this modified Champion
  16. Also hit tip to Dave Mattingly for giving me the inspiration to run it. Orcus was the "big boss" with Lo Pan, Beetlejuice, and Freddy Krueger as the lesser bosses. Lo Pan was killed by Buffy, Beetlejuice and Krueger were killed by Venkman, and Orcus was killed by Hermione and Constantine combining efforts.
  17. Just curious- is she publicly known as bisexual or gay? Or is the secret the fact that Cheryl is two-timing with her and Erik? I'll take a look at a build. She seems like she's a little weak compared to the Champions or some of "standard power" villains although I think she's clearly effective against minions.
  18. I actually ran a savage worlds supers game (Ash vs Orcus; or Army of Darkness: Throne of Bloodstone) at 2 conventions last year and then converted it into HERO for my local group that featured the following: 1) Ash Williams (leader) 2) Peter Venkman (comic relief) 3) Hellboy (big guy) 4) John Constantine (lancer) 5) Hermione (brains) 6) Buffy (chick)
  19. How about this? Killing Attack - Ranged 2 1/2d6, +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/4), Autofire (10 shots; +1); OAF (-1), Requires A Roll (14- roll; Jammed; -1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4), 100 Charges (+3/4)
  20. I plan on running 5 HERO events over at Origins this year, but I need to submit my games. I ran 5 HER0 events last year, all of which sold out (although one of them had 2 drop-outs at the last minute).
  21. Here's Swamp Thing for 6e: Val Char Cost 30/60 STR 20 18 DEX 16 23 CON 13 15 BODY 5 18 INT 8 18 EGO 8 20 PRE 10 25 PD 8 25 ED 8 4 SPD 20 15 REC 11 60 END 8 50 STUN 15 22m RUN 0 12m SWIM 0 4m LEAP 0 Characteristics Cost: 198 Cost Power 60 Plant Powers: Multipower, 60-point reserve 5f 1) Grasping Vines: Telekinesis (40 STR); Physical Manifestation (-1/4) 4f 2) Tangling Growth: Entangle 4d6, 4 PD/4 ED, Area
  22. Yeah the 1980s movies are guilty pleasures. They probably would have been better with bigger budgets, as both movies are constrained by budgetary limitations- and a bad script for the second one (a point which the director apparently agrees with). I haven't seen the 2019 series, and the 1990s series has some good episodes but a lot of mediocre ones.
  23. They probably should have just changed the character's name completely instead of trying to reference the original character by butchering him into a legless neo-confederate engineer.
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