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  1. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Very nice! What's Sister Bliss' story? Richard
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Ahh.. And now I know where the mysterious global invite came from. by the way, I tried saying hi to you through a tell and you're not set up to receive enemy chat. And thank you. I'm still working on it. You'll note the Screenshots link is currently dead. I'm waiting for the other five players to send me their favorite screenshots to put up the viewable gallery. Richard
  3. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I run two accounts and you can add them both to your list.... @Trauma Train @Trauma Train II My heroes are on Champion and I run an SG there named Liberty and Justice. My villains are on Victory where I have my SG Novus Ordum Mundi. Also, check out a website I've built for myself and my group of close friends.. http://www.sixparagons.com Feel free to look me up!
  4. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. City of Heroes toon?
  5. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  6. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I'm at Gen Con *now!* Well... I'm in Indy already anyway.. Two days early. Stop by the Hyatt and we can roll some dice!
  7. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Another great character portrait that could easily be used in my 7th Sea game!
  8. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  9. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Quote others: "the arrow is placed wrong." So? You know what I see? The archer is performing some sort of trick shot that requires twisting his body in a certain way and placing the arrow in an otherwise wrong position. I see the same thing when the pool table pros place the stick behind their bodies because the shot is at a better angle that way. I drooled when I saw this archer. Thanks Storn (and Tribble)! It will definately be used soon in my campaign. Richard
  10. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. That's cool and all, but one of my commissions (Archangel) made it into the Necessary Evil book as an example of the sorceror character archetype! When I picked up that book a couple weeks ago and was flipping through it, I was very elated to see him there. But I'm wondering why Dr. Gravitic didn't make the book... Richard
  11. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Der Wächter turned out great, Storn! Thanks again for version #2. I still really really like version #1, but this one fits this particular character idea more. And as for him reminding you of die Kreuzritter, ChaosDrgn.... Get involved in my "Masquerades" 7th Sea scenario I'm running at Gen Con this year to know the full story behind "7th Sea's Batman." RL
  12. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I'm a tad confused. But, believe me, that's nothing new! Is the character here a home-grown one, or does she appear in some Vampirella book/comic? Oh, and I googled a wolf once. I have the scars to prove it too. Dangerous... very dangerous. Richard
  13. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. All three very cool. Fish Girl's energy trident is very similar to the one "Atlantian" has on your website, Storn. Is that a common weapon among those folk? Richard
  14. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Thanks again for the Black Rose, Storn! He's one of my favorites that I commissioned from you. For those of you interested in the character, John Wick wrote this about the Black Rose in his Knights of the Rose and Cross sourcebook for 7th Sea: "Recently, a man wearing black robes, a black mask and Seal of the Order has been spotted all across Théah. 'The Black Rose', as the Freiburg Gazette has dubbed him, has made quite a sensation both within the Order and within the courts." And that, I believe, is the only written bit on the character. At least it was all I could find. For my campaign, and for a scenario I'm writing up, I needed the Black Rose to be arted up good for me. And Storn has come through again! The tabard is perfect, I think. And the mask is exactly as I described it to Storn. The whole image gives him a sort of 12th-century knight look and that's exactly how I believe he should look! Now to stat him out.... Thanks Storn! Richard
  15. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  16. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I'd like to see a French guy, a British guy, and a Russian guy in the same style. Sounds like a cool WW2 hero team to me. Great work, Storn! And it looked like a Tesla BAR when I first saw it. Good job Lightray's player! Richard
  17. Re: Superhero Images Very cool, DT! I like the first one best, but they're all great. RL
  18. Re: Superhero Images Thanks, folks! I appreciate it. Yes, the characters and their costume designs were mine with the exception of Animus/Anima. I really had no clue how they should look other than the point that they "share" clothing so it should be neither to feminine nor too masculine. I think Ian did a pretty good job coming up with what she's wearing. Their stats are not a family secret and I'd be happy to show them to you.. if they existed. Generally, I'll come up with character concepts to flesh out the world so the PC's don't feel like they're living in a void. But I usually don't stat the background characters until I need them to be. That way I retain a certain amount of flexibility. The only one of the Immortals group that's been done is my own character Vanguard. And I believe its still a work in progress. However, I'll attach it. There are a lot of homage type characters and groups in my world. I figure if they work in the real comics, why not translate them into the game campaign. Besides, its extremely difficult to have a truly unique concept anymore. With the Immortals, I knew I wanted them to be "the Avengers of my world." So i built them with that in mind. The thing is, I had already created my world's primary villain team Novus Ordum. And I had constructed Novus Ordum with the idea of antithetical Avenger concepts. I didnt want to repeat the character ideas (although I ended up having to with Captain America). At the same time I had a sense of needed cohesion. Novus Ordum were "evil" versions of the Avengers between issues 4 and 15 (Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Henry Pym, and Wasp). I already knew I wanted Vanguard (Captain America), Lady Hex (Scarlet Witch), and Apollo (Vision) on the team. So with that in mind, I did some research. I needed to find the Avengers team instances where Cap, Witch, and Vision were on the team, but where Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, and Henry Pym were not on the team. There's a grand total of three consecutive issues throughout the entire (original) Avengers series: 252, 253, and 254. The other Avengers that made the team then were Hercules, Starfox, and Captain Marvel. And that's when I created Victor, Anima/Animus, and Aurora. With Aurora it worked out nicely that I could save Half-Life from a horrible fate with just a couple minor changes. Captain America was easy. I had Cap in mind when I originally created the character 12 years ago for a campaign a friend of mine ran. Making Lady Hex out of Scarlet Witch was also pretty easy. Apollo came together almost by accident but fit well as the Vision concept. There are many parallels between him and Vision. Victor from Hercules wasn't too bad. I focused on the Herculean myths of the 12 tasks he had to do. In Victor's case, its a 12-point code he refers to as "the Trials" that gives him his strength. Turning Captain Marvel into Aurora was easy. Cap M's powers are all light based. Aurora is a being of light-based energy. Starfox was the hardest one. I didn't want to just copy him. That would defeat the purpose. So I looked at him objectively and came up with the idea that he's really two different people. He's got the emotion control powers, but, like all of his people, he's basically a brick as well. So I settled on the two-character concept. Is this standard for you other GM's, or did I just find myself with too much time? RL
  19. The Immortals This is another piece Ian did for me featuring the new incarnation of the Immortals. Some of you might remember my "One May Live!" thread from awhile back. In it, I explained how, in my home-brew campaign world, I was killing the Immortals as part of an metaplotline. Well, in the aftermath, the group was destined to return. And here's the new lineup. And here's the link to see the picture of the new Immortals. Vanguard. He was pulled out of time from the past, from late in World War 2. He stands for liberty and justice. He's a very patriotic American. Unknowingly, he proved his humanistic qualities qualities to an enlightened Eastern mystic who rewarded him by teaching him clarity of mind and willpower. Through sheer will, Vanguard can make himself stronger or faster or more agile. He's gone through several changes in personality and method since arriving in the present a dozen years ago, but his character has always remained true to form. After the Immortals' devastation at the hands of Mutiny and Novus Ordum, Vanguard took it upon himself to rebuild the legendary group. He is recognized as its very capable leader. (Yes, he's very very Captain America. And the Immortals are essentially the Avengers of my world. Vanguard was a personal character of mine back when I actually got to play Champions instead of being the one to always run it.) Lady Hex. She's a sorcerer whose abilities and spells revolve around chance, fate, and luck. She's the granddaughter of the Golden Age heroine Lady Liberty. She's been close personal friends with Vanguard for several years now and was the first person he considered for rebuilding the Immortals. Apollo. Apollo's tale is a convoluted one. Apollo was created by the Alchemist, Doctor Hephaestus, but not as Apollo. He was Gold, one of the team of heroes created by Hephaestus known as the Golems. They were based out of San Francisco. Recently, the Golden Age hero (and the first sentient robot ever created) Clockwork went mad after decades of misuse, and under a villainous pseudonym, threatened all of the San Francisco Bay area. In the end, Clockwork realized what he was doing but to stop the destruction, his mind and essence had to merge with Gold. Gold sacrificed his own personality and "life" to allow this. Afterward, Clockwork/Gold became reborn as Apollo and moved to New York City. There, he became friends with Vanguard who was asked by the courts to keep an eye on him. Apollo has the powers that Gold had (fire manipulation) combined with Clockwork's intelligence and reasoning. He was an obvious choice for the Immortals. Victor. A consumate hero. He is widely regarded as one of the strongest people on Earth. He has a heart of gold and there's nothing he wouldn't do to help someone. He claims to draw strength and power through following a 12-point code of honor. At times he can be a tad too zealous when discussing his lifestyle. But his intentions are good and his addition to the team only strengthens it. He loves the physical challenges and is usually the first member to wade into the fray. He is also widely looked upon as the team's moral and philosophical backbone. Animus and Anima. Two heroes that occupy the same body, they are constantly switching forms back and forth depending on who is needed most. Animus is the female form. She's a tough girl, and although she's not as strong as Victor, she does utilize great strength and stamina. Anima is the male form of the two. He is a much less physical person and has the power of emotion manipulation. In either form, they can fly. They can be a confusing set for the others, but they work well in tactical situations. Aurora. Not all of the previous Immortals died in that catastrophic attack. In fact, two lived. Recurve survived the battle, but was permanently paralyzed from it and has retired from the super-biz. Half-Life was attacked by Doctor Hephaestus and Insecta and was thought to have been killed by them. Half-Life was a complex being made of two energies: an energy being alien to our solar system, and the guiding mental energies leftover from when Champion, the world's first and greatest metahuman, sacrificed himself to save the world at the end of World War 2. Half-Life was dispersed in the onslaught and it took some time to reintegrate. When he did finally pull himself back together, he was without Champion and the alien being was revealed to be feminine in form. She renamed herself Aurora and asked to be on the team. Vanguard readily accepted. With the repairs of the mansion in progress, a new team of Immortals emerges to continue the legacy... Whacha think? RL
  20. Re: Superhero Images Thanks. I was very happy with the way it turned out too. And thanks, Doc Itron for reposting the link to Ian's site. I put the link in my original post, but of course since I screwed it all up so bad, the post fell well behind the actual pic view. Sorry about all that. Scroll back onto the previous page to my original post and attempt to show you all the pic. There you can read the descriptions I wrote for each character. RL
  21. Re: Superhero Images Now I know what I'm doing wrong. It was explained to me. The pic I have is in cmyk format. And the message board oesn't like that. I've converted it to rgb. But the size constraints here make the image too small to look as good as it really does. So I uploaded it to comicartfans.com into my gallery. I've put the link for it in my original post. Now enjoy! RL
  22. Re: Superhero Images What the heck am I doing wrong? It seemed to load right, but the pic won't appear. Its 224k in size.
  23. The Round Table This is the premier civilian British team in my superhero campaigns. They've been running around since my old DC Heroes (by Mayfair Games) days in the ealry 90's, and they've since carried over into my latest Champions (HERO Games) campaign. Well over a year ago, I began commissioning comic book artist Ian Sokoliwski, among others, to create the visuals of many of my character ideas. The most recent picture is my Round Table. Defender. As in Defender of the Faith. Several years ago, he came onto the scene calling himself Champion and wielding, what he claims was, the legendary sword Excalibur. It caused quite a stir in the media and Parliament. After several public appearances, he was invited to Buckingham to meet with the Queen in a private conversation. Afterward, she verified the validity of the sword, bestowed knighthood on him, and granted him certain rights as Defender of the Faith. A set of power armor was commissioned from the American gadgeteer Machina. He eventually became a member of the Round Table, where he currently serve as its chairman. Black Knight. A former member of Her Majesty's Secret Service, MI-6, Black Knight is the Round Table's most subtle operative. He is their information man. He is a highly skilled and competent individual and knows his way around weapons, security, and stealth techniques. He maintains many of his contacts from MI-6 including a technician who often outfits him with experimental gadgets. Sidhe. She is a sorceress who specializes in Fey magicks. She is highly knowledgeable of British legends and it is said that she spent some time in the fey lands. She's made a study of Defender's sword to some very interesting conclusions. She is also highly versed in nature and druidic magic. She has a keen, albeit professional, interest in Defender and has become Merlin to his Arthur. (Points for you if you recognize the image. It is a character drawing done by Storn and can be seen on his website here as Beacon: Storn's website. This first time I saw it I knew it was perfect for Sidhe. Thanks, Storn!) Citadel. Citadel is a basic brick sort of character. He has great strength and stamina. His skin hardens and becomes stony to the touch and greyish in appearance when he changes into his adventuring form. he is a powerhouse of a hero and tops 7' in his stone-form. he briefly considered calling himself Stonehenge, but his mum convinced him otherwise. Bulldog. He is the third person to call himself by the name Bulldog. The first was a British man during World War 2. The second was the Silver Age American hero belonging to the group the Vindicators. One thing all three have in common is their fighting prowess. Bulldog is a hand-to-hand combatant through and through. He is aided by a limited ability to become more dense and stronger, but this only adds power to his already impressive skills in martial arts. Being a patriotic Scotsman, he has fashioned his costume in the flavor of the Scottish national flag with the inclusion of the rampant lion emblem of the Scottish royal flag. I had Ian do the picture as a scene from their comic book. Its a two-page spread n the fashion of a title page introducing a new storyline. The scene takes place, obviously, in their war room at their base. On the back wall, you can see several portraits of former members of the Round Table. In the center of the table is a holographic device they use to project points of interest in their discussions. In this case, Black Knight is using it to show the others what the villain Witch Hunter looks like. He is referencing the Prometheus Files, a collection of data about metacriminals stored by the Prometheus Corporation who runs two metahuman prisons. On the whole, I like the way the picture turned out. And I am glad to finally, after years of simple descriptions, have something to show my players when I use the Round Table in a storyline. More of Ian's work, including other pics I've commissioned from him, can be found at his website here: Ian's website Edit: This is the link to my gallery at comicartfans.com. Here's where I'll be putting anything I commission from Ian or Storn or anyone else. Sorry about all that! The Round Table Enjoy! RL
  24. Re: Superhero Images Strange.... I'm trying to upload a picture of a commission I purchased from Ian Sokoliwski. But I'm getting a page not found error. I currently have no attachments and I've reduced the pic to less than a meg in size. Ahh, well... RL
  25. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I'd like to see Demogogue's stats, myself. It seems reminiscent of a character I have floating around in my campaign world. Great art! Richard
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