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  1. Okay, so...I'm trying to build a PC with telescopic senses. Literal eyes with zoom. I'm having trouble deciphering the "telescopic" sense modifier though. Does it, or does it not make it easier to perceive someone/something at range? The power write-up states that Telescopic doesn't help the character perceive a thing, it just makes it easier to perceive a thing. Please help me understand. Thanks! :-) "For every 3 Character Points spent, a character receives +2 to PER Rolls with a single Sense Group — but the bonus only applies to offset the Range Modifier as it affects PER Rolls with that Sense Group. Telescopic doesn’t help the character perceive, locate, or identify an object, it merely makes that object easier to perceive at a distance." 6E1 P. 214
  2. Hope I manage to explain this right... Built a PC with a LARGE Images power, 4 Hexes of Megascale AOE...enough, ostensibly to catch an entire city up in the effect and the Images covered the four (Sight, Hearing, Scent/Taste, and Touch) basic sense groups, and +/-10 to Perception. Under Images where it talks about the Touch Group it explains how if you've got an Image with the Touch Group it "reacts" to anyone perceiving it, including covering up indications of trickery until one sees through the Image; A Touch Group Image cannot hold or support objects. If a character put a glass of water on the Image (Touch Group) of a table, the glass would seem to sit right there, unmoving. The Image would make it feel, to the touch, as if it were still there. But it would actually fall to the floor, since the Image isn’t “solid” and won’t hold anything off the ground. (The Image might, however, cover up the feeling of spilled water splashing on the character’s legs, so that he wouldn’t realize he’d gotten water on himself until the Image ended or he perceived it to be an Image.) So, does this extend to things like taking damage? For instance, if someone were to then step on a shard from said broken glass would that automatically break the Image, would they get a Per Check to notice they had been wounded, would the Images cover up the injury until they saw through it, none of the above? Expanding on that, the book claims that Image knives cannot cause wounds, but depending on hope powerful the Images is it might seem like it causes a wound. What happens when nine people are caught up in an Image Grenade Blast. Three of them see through the Image, and the others do not. Can the three that were not fooled help the others see through it? Or what if the six who were fooled saw a bit of shrapnel go through the head of one of the others. Can the ones who were fooled still see that he's still moving around and talking, or does Images gloss over their perception of him with a dead corpse until they leave the radius of the Image field? Or is all of this a moot point and it all gets wrapped up in the blanket of "GM Common/Dramatic Sense" and Higher Bonuses to Per Checks? Sorry for the long ask...it's just a bit confusing >,>
  3. Hello! So, was playtesting a character and came up with a question. The character in question was built with a 3d6 Blast that included three instances of Double Knockback for a total of x8 (Per the last paragraph on Double Knockback 6e1 P. 334). He was stuck in a 7 Body 7PD/ED Entangle. His blast is not restrainable, and does not require a focus, so as far as I know he can use it when entangled, but it's not enough to actually damage the body of the entangle. Does the extra knockback in any way assist him, or is it simply wasted because the real body of the attack did nothing? In a similar vein, the character used this blast effect on another character (a brick) who was holding a car. Is there president for someone having any kind of KB Resistance owing to holding something heavy, or would that be considered a "Dramatic Effect" and subject only to GM fiat? Thank you! Hope these haven't been asked before :-)
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