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  1. If this is the case, maybe it is best just to delete the post. I meant no harm by it, only to be part and help.
  2. First, I know nothing about how this works. Second, I have no hero system experience, so this is not me trying to make a buck. I was curious if the company has ever thought about sponsoring a group to play Hero system as a youtube , etc, group online. Someone already know as a way to get eyes on the game more. I have only found a couple video groups play and they are not the level of production that makes them an enjoyable watch. Maybe this is a thought that has been looked into and it is not feasible. Maybe times have changed and this is more feasible now. Just random thoughts as I sit though huddle at work.
  3. I am not really sure how IP' s are as far as affordablility but Supernatural and Firefly always have a solid fan base and they are getting older. I used to read the Plague Wars Novels by David Vandyke. I enjoyed the world alot. I am not great at sorry telling but it had something for any gamer, military, advanced humans, politics, adventure. Not sure if anyone here has ever read them. I would think that since it is a pretty under the radar series the IP could be gotten cheap. And the author may like the promotion it would bring.
  4. Many moons ago, a TSR product called Alternity had "Fast Play" rules. And with it had a short intro adventure. Not sure if there is a way but as a way to get HERO out to a broader community. A short adventure with premade characters, and rule set that only grazed the top and made the adventure play would be a way to expand the games foot print. Just the ramblings of a guy on his couch thinking about a nap.
  5. Thanks man, I think one of these will do nicely. I am looking at playing sixth, I have a few books already.
  6. A complete pregen, with characters, to learn and decide if we like the system. Like I said prefer a non-supers game. I am not a huge super fan, looking to test out basic mechanics before jumping in with both feet anyways. When Alternity released years ago it had Exit 23, that was adapted to Gurps and is an excellent "try the rules out adventure". This is exactly what I am looking for.
  7. Hello, i am looking for a premade first adventure, i have never DMd Hero before and none of us have played. I would like something that introduces us to the rules preferably not in Champions universe( i am not a huge fan). I would like to have pregen characters with it, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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