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  1. They ALSO have small plastic barn yard animals. Again $1. Dollar Tree also has a L E G O like plastic blocks [and bases] again for $1. Pens, pencils, and notebooks [INCLUDING blue books made famous by Hero System] are only $1 . As you might tell I shop there a lot.
  2. Dollar Tree for dice: 10 PLASTIC dice SKU: 130845 The file below is a picture of them. download.webp
  3. At GENCON and ORIGINs conventions years back I ran a Hero 5th edition melee game, two groups of players vs. each other. It was to teach new players. If I remember correctly the max was 14. It went very well, a big battle mat, lots of minis, simple setup [do a bank robbery at night, stop a bank robbery at night]. A important thing was pre-generated characters from each archtypes [two of each each side could only have one of each archtype] at 250 points and power point limits. I had character sheets and two page how to guide for each player. It was fun. Especially when the players figured out "change dance partners" tactic.
  4. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Rerailing: Modern Handgun websites with many semi-auto and revolvers on these sites: http://www.bondarms.com/ http://www.kimberamerica.com/ http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CustomContentDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&content=11001 (a lot of S&W weapons in production were in production in the pulp era) http://www.springfield-armory.com/index.shtml http://www.cz-usa.com/ Still in production weapons but found in pulp era http://www.tommygun.com/ http://www.winchester.com/
  5. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Vondy and others: Revolvers are less likely to malfunction when you need them vs. semi-automatic pistols. Fewer moving parts that are likely to break or mess up (mag feed error). I also like revolvers to teach new shooters. Especially in single action (hammer pulled back, just pull trigger). Disadvantage of revolvers is lower capacity of bullets. Also revolvers can take REALLY big rounds (if you like that sort of thing). This is important in sometimes, like if in AK and a polar bear wants your freshly cooked bacon. A S&W .460 or S&W 500 is a very good thing to have at that time. My pulp game group fought polar bears and the bears (three of them two adults, one youth) almost won. They have new respect for fully grown hungry adult polar bears.
  6. Re: Cool Guns for your Games >>the Kriss is also really expensive. =) Looks weird, but sounds great. >> What carbine do you own? Kriss is pricey BUT worth it IMHO. My Thompson is classified as a carbine. Take a look at other brands of Carbines.
  7. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I had the pleasure of firing a prototype KRIS submachine gun (semi-auto) at open range day at GAT guns in Feburary. IT was a NICE weapon. I own a reproduction Thompson SubMachine Gun (semi-auto NOT an original automatic). The felt recoil was FAR less on KRISS and they both used .45ACP (same bullet used in the Colt .45 semiauto and in 1911). The KRISS recoil damping system really works, muzzle climb was very low (it was higher on the Thompson). This is really amazing considering the KRISS loaded was about 8lb and the Thompson loaded is about 13lb (with 50round drum magazine). Great weapon, but I already own a .45ACP carbine. If I did not I would purchase the KRISS.
  8. Re: Anyone Have PA Hero yet? I love the CRUNCH in it!!! My formal education is in toxicology and radiation biology. The sections on radiation, post PA effects on the world were GREAT!!! Lots of good hard science, in easy to understand english. Good ideas/guidelines on how to PA your "world". Wonderful. Worth the price of the book just for that. A+ on that. The art is okay; but I do not care about eye-candy. The writing is good (sorry in advance to Steve Long) but not as good IMHO as was in Pulp Hero. PLEASE understand this is strictly my opinion, others will differ. B-. Layout/length - layout of book was well above average but TOO few pages. I love huge books so anything below 250 pages is too short. B-. The sample settings - Good example settings (the 1001AD setting was unique to say the least). I did not like any of them a lot except the North Carolina setting. I liked that one a lot. I think that the settings were to get the GM's creativity flowing, and for that they work great. B. OVERALL A- BUY THE BOOK.
  9. Re: Military Develops Non-Lethal Ray Gun The beam would in MOST cases cause the target to flee the scene. The pain is very uncomfortable. The effect on eyes would be small, you would blink or cover your eyes when hit by the beam. In DC terms I would make it a area of effect Energy blast NND 1 or 2 dice, OAF bulky. FYI: this weapon *may* not be legal under the current Geneva convention of war due to it may be able to be used for torture. This is still questionable.
  10. Re: The Things I've Learned Playing A Mentalist MIND SCAN to count minds in a area, great to avoid that ambush! Need I say more!!!
  11. Re: Best bit That is my favorite. You can make what you want to play.
  12. Re: Money is no object... Metal Storm allows bullets to be electrically fired, incrediable rates of fire up to a million rounds a minute (with enough firing tubes and ammo). I would recommend purchase of firearms, one of a kind weapons. Maybe his own personal weaponsmith ot make untraceable weapons. I would have contacts, mayor (contribute to his re-election), and other politicals.
  13. Re: Superhero Images I am not directly defending Marvel Comics, but it is well established that if you DO NOT protect a TM, SM, copyright, or I.P. it can fall into public domain. Several companies have lost I.P. this way. Please consult with an lawyer (who is up to speed with I.P. issues) about this before you proceed just to be safe.
  14. Re: A view from outside Mental attacks vs. strength: I have played a scenerio in several conventions in which on side has a very weak (STR) mentalist against a group with a couple of "bricks" (high STR). It was very funny to watch the mentalist player figure out that the bricks usually have low mental defense. He mind controlled the brick and just had him march away!!!! STR maybe "broken" [i do not believe so]. The point of my post is that even if it is "broken" the WIDE choices of attacks make characters vulnerable to one or more attacks. Once the enemy knows that weakness even a super STR brick is in trouble. Multipowers / Elemental Controls / Var. Power Pools This a problem for new GM's. The idea is to allow a wide array of things that make sense to be grouped together to be bought cheaply. A GM should have strict limits on points for these and what power(s) are okay. Remember, it is up to the GM on what is okay. My advice is to learn to say NO!!!
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