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  1. When face to face just roll behind the screen. When on line I just roll real dice, and in both cases try not to let the players see the rolls.
  2. I sometimes make hidden roles, but only when it makes sense, like sometimes PER rolls or deduction rolls [when players are tying to think of ideas what to do next].
  3. I have seen many photos and films of the Bocage area. -6 to sighting rolls is IMHO is low. I would do -8 unless on the actual top of the earthen mound then lower it to -4. The Bocage is very hard to see through, and hard even for people to move through [movement penality]. Remember the roads and fields are sunken. German troops learned quickly to pre-register mortars to fire at crossroads to force troops away from using the sunken roads.
  4. Not taking applications.... but I could run this again... let me think about it.
  5. I will buy Western Hero when it is available.
  6. Did not "attend" online GenCon; was scheduled for other things.
  7. Last call for players, Please respond in the next 30 minutes. I have private messaged the people above with instructions on how to join the game.
  8. Still have room for more players. Please post a reply or private message me.
  9. The only software to install is Lifesizecloud and a pdf file reader software. I will be private message all the players on where to get software and send some pdf file handouts.
  10. Shameless Bump! Still have room for players. Great chance to learn how to create a character and do some playing of Teen Champions.
  11. We will be using Lifesizecloud; free software. I can direct message you with details. Another player would be GREAT!
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