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  1. Not taking applications.... but I could run this again... let me think about it.
  2. I will buy Western Hero when it is available.
  3. Purchased yesterday. good value!
  4. Did not "attend" online GenCon; was scheduled for other things.
  5. Last call for players, Please respond in the next 30 minutes. I have private messaged the people above with instructions on how to join the game.
  6. Still have room for more players. Please post a reply or private message me.
  7. The only software to install is Lifesizecloud and a pdf file reader software. I will be private message all the players on where to get software and send some pdf file handouts.
  8. Teen Champions - Meyerson Academy - Make a Character and Play 8/1/2020 Do you have any friends, spouses, children, or friends of your children who should learn how to PLAY Champions and DESIGN a character? This game is designed to teach complete newbies, even those who have NEVER played a RPG. You will make a teen-aged superhero character. Characters will be designed using modified Champions Character Creation Cards. Then the character will go to the danger room and you and your classmates will have to fight A.I. controlled robots and other robotic dangers
  9. Hi neighbor!  I'm in Cleburne, TX.  Not that matters a whole lot during Stay At Home, though.

    1. Barton


      When travel ban off we can physically meet.

    2. SteveZilla


      Indeed!  I'm currently in one Hero game (Supers), and was in a Fantasy Hero game that just ended, though another will be starting soon.  And also a Hero system version of 'Gamma World'.  Obviously all played online.  Are you in any Hero games currently (including any FtF games suspended for COVID)?

  10. Re: Lucha Libre Hero Plot Threads Actually a character I created Jesterette, a speedster who loves shinny things and creating minor trouble.
  11. Re: Lucha Libre Hero Plot Threads My favorite is this (I ran this at a convention last year, it was hit): Teen Champions group has a mentor whose back story could include a relationship with the Mexican Wrestlers. The teenagers visit Mexico City and are given a training session in wrestling. This as very funny as the one of the characters did not really want to wrestle (against her personality) and she did everything possible to avoid it; very funny role playing. Then later at dinner they are to tag along with with the wrestlers to help fight werewolves in a small poor village. Then the
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