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  1. Last call for players, Please respond in the next 30 minutes. I have private messaged the people above with instructions on how to join the game.
  2. Still have room for more players. Please post a reply or private message me.
  3. The only software to install is Lifesizecloud and a pdf file reader software. I will be private message all the players on where to get software and send some pdf file handouts.
  4. Shameless Bump! Still have room for players. Great chance to learn how to create a character and do some playing of Teen Champions.
  5. We will be using Lifesizecloud; free software. I can direct message you with details. Another player would be GREAT!
  6. Teen Champions - Meyerson Academy - Make a Character and Play 8/1/2020 Do you have any friends, spouses, children, or friends of your children who should learn how to PLAY Champions and DESIGN a character? This game is designed to teach complete newbies, even those who have NEVER played a RPG. You will make a teen-aged superhero character. Characters will be designed using modified Champions Character Creation Cards. Then the character will go to the danger room and you and your classmates will have to fight A.I. controlled robots and other robotic dangers. Bring your imagination, a character concept, and be ready to roll some six sided dice. I have run this before and it went VERY well, a good time was had by my two players, so come and join in the fun. Character creation took about 20 minutes per player [For two characters]. Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 11 am Central 6 Hours Using: 6th ed Hero System rules. Will run with as few of two players and up to 5 players. Children ten years and older are welcome. Please respond to this by posting below. We will use Lifesizecloud to meet online, I will have two cameras; one on me and one on the map. Edited June 16 by Barton changed player count
  7. You can make your own. Just purchase the Cards and make your own in Word, or what software you might want to use. I STRONGLY suggest buying the cards so you see how they are designed and then you could make a 5th or 4th version for yourself.
  8. Other: It could include Champions Character Creation Cards. Have not used them.... yet.... Plan to use at a convention/store demo.
  9. Starblaze the game referenced was a one shot game [online]. I live in Burleson Texas.
  10. Still time to reply and join the game at 12 noon Central time today.
  11. Still planning on running this game Sunday. PLEASE sign up by making a reply. I will run with even one player! I will close the event Saturday 6/20 at 10PM Central if no one makes a reply.
  12. This game will use pregenerated characters, I have a selection covering most of the Champions arch types.
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