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  1. You can register to "attend" for the online Origins now [cost is pay what you want] at https://gama.configio.com/page/originsonline2020
  2. I have submitted three events, waiting to hear back form Origins if they are accepted.
  3. Barton

    Gen Con 2020?

    They are going to do an online con on the same dates, the in person con is cancelled.
  4. Please watch the Conventions sub-forum topic: Origins Online I will be running Teen Champions games designed for newbies. I will post there about my games as soon as I submit them.
  5. It would be very useful! I have used it and when you combine with the character packs [like from Fantasy Hero] you can make characters and monsters easily.
  6. Very interesting indeed. They mention possible GM perks... interesting....
  7. Hi neighbor!  I'm in Cleburne, TX.  Not that matters a whole lot during Stay At Home, though.

    1. Barton


      When travel ban off we can physically meet.

    2. SteveZilla


      Indeed!  I'm currently in one Hero game (Supers), and was in a Fantasy Hero game that just ended, though another will be starting soon.  And also a Hero system version of 'Gamma World'.  Obviously all played online.  Are you in any Hero games currently (including any FtF games suspended for COVID)?

  8. Have the players figure out next crime the shapeshifter will do. Then have the Heroes show up [maybe with a invited reporter]. And of course you have to have to have the "shoot him" / "no shoot him" scene.
  9. If I have read the volume 1 of the sixth edition rules correctly one can not have absorption of a mental attack. Short of the GM allowing such, any other way to have Mental attacks absorb and increase a power?
  10. Foxbat plan is simple: Kidnap Steve Long, force him to rewrite Foxbat's stats to huge values and CHANGE REALITY AS WE KNOW IT!
  11. I have read some of the PDF it is QUITE good. Has the flavor of D&D. The art is good and the writing is well done. They even have a DICE roll on the special web page of Wendy's site. I hope someone will nominate it for a gaming award.
  12. May I recommend: I ran a game for two high school kids for a few sessions. I had them create two main characters and two sidekicks. Sidekicks where 50% power of the main characters. It worked well .
  13. A suggestion for the store, ability to filter / display products to show what is new or show a data range.
  14. They ALSO have small plastic barn yard animals. Again $1. Dollar Tree also has a L E G O like plastic blocks [and bases] again for $1. Pens, pencils, and notebooks [INCLUDING blue books made famous by Hero System] are only $1 . As you might tell I shop there a lot.
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