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  1. Thanks, Derek. Any other type of power ideas, anyone?
  2. Some insecticides have the effect of making insects leave an area. Looking for ideas on how you would build a Hero System power that causes creatures to make a EGO roll to stay in that area.
  3. Advise to bring printouts of Hero System cheat sheets, like Hero System in two pages in download section. Bring extra six sided dice as loaners.
  4. Korren9 you are on waiting list if you want, we play Saturday nights.
  5. This is very low level Teen Champions game with a lot of role playing involved. We play Saturday night.
  6. The game now has an opening. Preference to new players to Sixth Ed. or newbies!
  7. The game is now closed to new players, sorry. BUT, stay tuned maybe, just maybe more openings or another game will start.... maybe.
  8. The briefing docs are done. I will private message all interested about getting the character design process started.
  9. Still working on docs, I am about 60% done. Please work on concepts for characters. Would like the players to select different arch types.
  10. The game is a go. Now I must organize my thoughts and get some documents for the players about settings and point limits and the like. I will be contact via private message the people in this thread. I am open for more players, any one else interested???
  11. Wanted it more like DC Superhero Girls. Interested in playing?
  12. Shadow7 - you are very welcome; kind of player I want to give priority to. PanPiper: would like to see when I have defined the character parameters.
  13. Is anyone interested in a Teen Champions 6th edition game? Would be online using Discord and Roll20, Saturday 8p to 12 midnight Central time; once every two or three weeks. I would prefer new to Hero System players [they get priority]. This will be a role play heavy game, but light hearted in tone, think X-Men [copyright Disney] or DC SuperHero Girls [copyright DC] with teen angst turned down. I have not yet got all the planning done yet for the game, that the stage of asking if interest.
  14. If doing a team of superheroes how about a good old fashioned danger room with traps, lasers, and of course robots.
  15. Please see this thread, I would welcome you as a player to this game:
  16. Still interested in getting more new players for a Teen Champions. Am working on more details. So stay tuned and pipe up if you are interested.
  17. Sorry Panpiper, but prefer newbies; also Tuesday night is a no go for me.
  18. Awaiting response from Greg001. Are other people interested? Would like the players to be NEW or novices to Hero.
  19. It is a game where the heroes are built on fewer points and are teenagers in high school, still learning their powers. I will PM you about this so we can talk about day/times and other details.
  20. An example is a metamorph; in the 10pt VPP is additional running, additional swinging, non-combat use stretching, and instant change for clothes.
  21. Another way I like VPP is for a 10 or 15 active point pool for non-combat powers; a great way to add powers to a character that make the character more well rounded.
  22. Would you be interested in me being the GM and running an on-line Teen Champs game?
  23. When face to face just roll behind the screen. When on line I just roll real dice, and in both cases try not to let the players see the rolls.
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