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    Barton reacted to Duke Bushido in How to power to make things leave an area   
    That's a reasonable assumption, given that the OP asked for a mechanic to drive things away.  Perhaps I was looking too deeply at his example. 
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    Barton reacted to Derek Hiemforth in How to power to make things leave an area   
    Area of Effect Mind Control, Constant, One Command (leave the area).
    If someone wanted to make something more literally similar to the insecticide, they could use the same build, but base the Mind Control on CON instead of EGO.
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    Barton reacted to Hugh Neilson in How to power to make things leave an area   
    When in doubt - Change Environment 😀
    Could be an EGO or CON roll to avoid making an exit from the area.
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    Barton got a reaction from Beast in VPP -1/4 limitation; All powers must be predesigned?   
    I as a GM would not allow (-1/4) for it.
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    Barton reacted to Simon in Champions Complete-related downloads previously in Free Stuff section   
    Found it!  A slight omission in the Rules Maven group (had file
    upload size set to 0).  You should be good to go now.
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    Barton reacted to Simon in Skill: Primary & 2 Secondary   
    There is nothing simple about Enhanced Senses -- they required a LOT of code in HD to work (above and beyond the template definitions).
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    Barton reacted to Simon in Export base characteristic for skill?   
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    Barton reacted to steriaca in Steriaca's Villain Idea List.   
    I have a few ideas for villains and I want to list them and get some feedback from them.
    Piper : A criminal using a magial bag pipe. The main thing I want in the build is to create sound effects without doing Mind Control (which is the go to power for a man with a magical or scientific musical instrument). Well, I'm using a bag pipe for him because, well, why not.
    Red Devil : Based on the villain in the Champions RPG Dos Game which never happened, he is a carnival fire breather gone bad. Part gypsy, he has learned some arcane secrets about fire. Note: he is not a magic based villain. His "arcane secrets" are not magic, he is not a mutant, he just learned various fire breathing tricks that the general public doesn't know.
    Warlock : A minor mystical villain who has a few tricks up his sleeves. His main thing is his Blast with Variable Special Effects and Variable Advantages, among other spells. The idea is to make a versatile mystical villain without using a Variable Power Pool. 
    I'll list more later.
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    Barton got a reaction from Korren9 in Teen Champions - looking for players - 6th ed. - online   
    Korren9 you are on waiting list if you want, we play Saturday nights.
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    Barton reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Gadgeteers vs Mages   
    To the extent this takes place, its probably due to the idea that gadgeteers are creating something the GM is familiar and comfortable with: they can understand the limitations and concepts of technology because they're around it in real life.  They can place absolute limits on it: you cannot do that with tech in my game.  But with magic, its likely they are uncomfortable with it conceptually, feeling it has no limits and can be abused more, plus its unknown and unfamiliar.
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    Barton reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Champions Begins, The writening   
    It kind of makes comic book sense, where outrageously advanced technology is built by some kid in his basement.  I cam climb walls, I should make web shooters!  Good thing I am an A student in my high school!
    I preferred Booster Gold's approach though: steal fairly common tech from his time period and go back in time to get rich and famous as a superhero.
    OK attached is the rough draft of the current GM book.  it has a lot of gaps where art and character sheets will go, and the maps will be redone (as they are quite old having been repurposed from 1981 over the years, or just not applicable).
    The Player Book will be shorter, more art-packed, and focused on jsut what you can do as a player rather than how things work.  THat I'll get to next.
    Artwork (villain and viper agent costume designs, incidental art, cover art) Editing (check for spelling and grammar, errors in layout, anything forgotten that needs to be in there, and any possible messups in rule explanation) Playtesters (run through the adventure in the format its done with -- as a tutorial -- ideally with new players)  
    Please if you can, give me a hand here.  The more we work together on this, the quicker it gets out there for people to use.  That means quick as you can on editing and artwork, if you can contribute.
    Champions Begins GM Book.pdf
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    Barton reacted to Simon in Cones   
    6E1 page 320: Like Area Of Effect (Radius), an Area Of Effect (Cone) is three-dimensional.
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    Barton reacted to Greg001 in Looking for Champions 6e players   
    Sorry all that I had been away from this thread for a bit.  Had some unexpected medical stuff come up.  
    Unfortunatly Tuesdays are out for Me and my son right now due to school and work.  Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons are best.  Beast, I have put feelers out on a few platforms (here and a couple pages on facebook).  I am hoping to get some in-person gaming soon as it looks like covid restrictions are losening or nearing the end. 
    For right now I am about to start some training sessions with my son.  I am basing the training on short combative scenerios in a halographic room.  It is akin to the X-Men's Danger Room.  We will start off with lower level thugs (common muggers, gang members, etc.) so my son can get use to the process of combat (dice rolling, phases, etc.).  We shall work our way up to more difficult challenges such as henchmen, lower level bad guys, and progressing through more challanging villians and super villian teams.  This will get him more adept to the Hero system of play and allow me to get back into the feel of being a GM again.  That way when we do get some people together for adventures we are a bit more proficent. 
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    Barton reacted to DreadDomain in Champions Begins, The writening   
    In my opinion, if the goal is to attract players to try a super-hero game, you want to stick with fairly traditional, modern, superhero art. If you verge into the anime or furries, that will send the wrong signal of what this is about or worse, it will turn people off. 
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    Barton got a reaction from Greg001 in Looking for Champions 6e players   
    Awaiting response from Greg001.
    Are other people interested?
    Would like the players to be NEW or novices to Hero.
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    Barton got a reaction from Greg001 in Looking for Champions 6e players   
    It is a game where the heroes are built on fewer points and are teenagers in high school, still learning their powers.
    I will PM you about this so we can talk about day/times and other details.
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    Barton got a reaction from Greg001 in Looking for Champions 6e players   
    Would you be interested in me being the GM and running an on-line Teen Champs game?
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    Barton reacted to Tech in Old school is the best school   
    You know you're a player when:
    - you see a movie or show, and start guessing what the character's Dex, Con, PD & ED, etc. are.
    - you see a movie or show, and start figuring out the disadvantages as well.
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    Barton reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Hero Games 2021 Update   
    Eh, current trends come and go, gaming is long term.
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    Barton reacted to Steve Long in My New Pen Chest   
    I wish I could have gotten mine for only $15,000. If memory serves, the wood alone for all the shelves (I needed a particularly high quality wood due to the nature of the project) cost more than $15,000. Overall I believe the bookshelves alone were 20-25% of my budget for renovating my entire house. That's why I had to save up so long to do it -- since I intend to live in this house for the rest of my life, I insisted on getting the best materials and craftsmen available to me.
    Unfortunately I had to sell a kidney, a lung, a leg, and my Red Ryder BB gun -- but at least I had lot to read while I was recuperatin'.
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    Barton reacted to Simon in half die in 6th Ed   
    6E2 page 98, for starters...though it really doesn't have to go past Steve Long saying it should work like that.
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    Barton reacted to Simon in half die in 6th Ed   
    6E2 page 98 also discusses rolling of Normal Damage...including half dice.
    Again, Steve Long has given the rules and the cost structure for half dice of Blast (and other attacks) -- that is what HD is showing.
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    Barton reacted to Sailboat in Looking for Champions 6e players   
    You invited me from another thread (my intro).  I'm flattered and intere4sted, but I don't think I count as a newbie per se.  GMed for many years although that was 8-10 years ago by now.  Looking at the Champions Complete book, not that mnuch has changed from my day except the removal of "figured characteristics" (which I can see the reasoning behind). 
    I live in Virginia so my presence would have to be virtual in any case.
    If you do decide you'd like me to join, like if you need warm bodies, let me know and I will weigh in regarding playtime scheduling.  If not, thanks for the offer and have a great campaign!
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    Barton reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Defining a way to give other characters powers/abilities...How do you do it?   
    There are several ways to do it, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
    If what you're trying to just create an origin for a character, then its a story thing and you don't need a power to do it.
    If you want to do a long-term major change to a character (like granting a regular person superpowers for the duration of an adventure) transform is usually the best option
    If you want to give someone powers for a little while, like a potion, then you have a few options.
    1) using a focus to give someone a power like a power ring works (as long as they have the focus they can use the powers)
    2) using Aid can boost someone's existing powers and abilities for a time limit
    3) The usable by others advantage can grant someone powers indefinitely, within certain kinds of limits (have to be within a range, or spend END, that kind of thing depending on how it was built)
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    Barton reacted to HeroGM in cheatsheet   
    File as a jpg. Formatted as 11x8.5
    I included a table of file types, extensions and what pages they are discussed in the HD manual.

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