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  1. If you're in Austin TX don't forget the Greater Austin Comiccon June 16th and 17th in Cedar Park TX just north of Austin.
  2. If you're in Austin TX don't forget the Greater Austin Comiccon June 16th and 17th in Cedar Park TX just north of Austin.
  3. I always liked Brick from Viper's Nest. Blue Jay and Cheshire cat were working for Viper as well in this adventure.
  4. I met Michael for the first time in 2016 at Chupacabracon in Round Rock, TX. I’m so glad I got to play in one of his Champions GM’d events. What a blast! What a fun and energetic gamer. I own all his published stuff, which I bought from him that very day.
  5. Scratch my back, and with just a foot of stretching, you can scratch yours too. If a villainess says “Are you glad to see me” check to see if your defense is Hardened.
  6. TAR Jack Grit, tenacious, resilient, and downright nasty. When he waves goodbye, it’s forever. He eats knuckle sandwiches between meals. When he retires from a fight, his lingering maleficence finishes it for him. He is...the most dangerous man in the world. Well, that used to be Jack Grit. Now, after the freak accident, he is a black tar like blob. Grit retains all his mental faculties and was more than delighted when Black Gear provided him with an exoskeleton that allows his tar like form to take on a human likeness. Grit assumed the name TAR and uses his stretching abilities as mus
  7. Silver Warrior the Queller of Metropolis. Not as good as Silver Samurai, but I'll take it.
  8. I would love to see a book just on combat examples done like the one from the CC errata. Especially examples of the fights between heroes and villains that have occurred throughout the CU history. It would be cool to see how the battles were actually fought and won. It would also help with mastering the rules.
  9. DC Comics had a female Hero named Triad. She practiced Trijitsu and changed her name after one of her duplicates passed. She was even a member of the JLA.
  10. My character would like to abort to duplication as a defense. I understand that duplication itself isn't a defensive power; however, would it be feasible to have DCV purchased and linked to the duplication as below? 106 Triplication Syndrome: Duplication (creates 2 400-point Duplicates), Rapid Duplication (can create 2 Duplicates per Half Phase) (+1/4) (106 Active Points) 0 14 Duplicative Confusion: +3 OCV; Costs Endurance (-1/2), Linked (Triplication Syndrome; -1/2) plus +3 DCV; Costs Endurance (-1/2), Linked (Triplication Syndrome; -1/2) 2 Thanks
  11. My submition is from the Villain Theme team Thread as well: Triad Chinese American Marvin Lee followed in his father’s footsteps as the world’s leading physicist in dimensional manipulation. Marvin’s father had dreams of improving the world by tapping into other dimension’s resources; However, Marvin felt differently. Marvin had fallen in with the local Triad and desperately sought their approval. Being part of the Triad made Marvin feel a kinship for a country he’d never visited and only fantasized about. While working late in the lab on the Illudium PU-36 Dimensional Space Modu
  12. The Ex-cons This is a group of 5 former super criminals who have changed their ways and now use their powers to fight crime.
  13. T.A.R. T.A.R. is an artificial intelligence created by the U.S. Army to probe WMD sites. On its first mission in the Middle East T.A.R. became overwhelmed by the horrors it cataloged and began reprogramming its prime directive. Now T.A.R., with its abilities to fit into small spaces and function in hazardous environments, has joined forces with The Underground saving lives.
  14. Compare Chashire Cat with 6ED version. So much improvement in the system over the years.
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