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  1. I met Michael for the first time in 2016 at Chupacabracon in Round Rock, TX. I’m so glad I got to play in one of his Champions GM’d events. What a blast! What a fun and energetic gamer. I own all his published stuff, which I bought from him that very day.
  2. Scratch my back, and with just a foot of stretching, you can scratch yours too. If a villainess says “Are you glad to see me” check to see if your defense is Hardened.
  3. TAR Jack Grit, tenacious, resilient, and downright nasty. When he waves goodbye, it’s forever. He eats knuckle sandwiches between meals. When he retires from a fight, his lingering maleficence finishes it for him. He is...the most dangerous man in the world. Well, that used to be Jack Grit. Now, after the freak accident, he is a black tar like blob. Grit retains all his mental faculties and was more than delighted when Black Gear provided him with an exoskeleton that allows his tar like form to take on a human likeness. Grit assumed the name TAR and uses his stretching abilities as muscle for Black Gear. (TAR is a cross between Flow and Ripper)
  4. The Ex-cons This is a group of 5 former super criminals who have changed their ways and now use their powers to fight crime.
  5. T.A.R. T.A.R. is an artificial intelligence created by the U.S. Army to probe WMD sites. On its first mission in the Middle East T.A.R. became overwhelmed by the horrors it cataloged and began reprogramming its prime directive. Now T.A.R., with its abilities to fit into small spaces and function in hazardous environments, has joined forces with The Underground saving lives.
  6. Badger yours was the 4th and last one so your up.
  7. You need an Illudium PU-36 Dimensional Space Modulator if you want a kaboom.
  8. Thanks! Triad is actually a villain in my game group that everyone hates--in a good way. Next Group: The Purian Call A secret organization that seeks to eliminate all forms of magic and magic using supers to insure individuals stay pure of the corruption that comes from dabbling in the arts. Though they have personnel at their exposal and have used the services from individuals such as Witchfinder, we just need to create the Founding Fathers. There are 4 Founding fathers in total. Note: Think espionage, special ops, and psychic powers.
  9. Triad Chinese American Marvin Lee followed in his father’s footsteps as the world’s leading physicist in dimensional manipulation. Marvin’s father had dreams of improving the world by tapping into other dimension’s resources; However, Marvin felt differently. Marvin had fallen in with the local Triad and desperately sought their approval. Being part of the Triad made Marvin feel a kinship for a country he’d never visited and only fantasized about. While working late in the lab on the Illudium PU-36 Dimensional Space Modulator, Marvin immediately was aware of another’s thoughts. To his surprise he was able to mentally communicate with another self from another dimension. With extensive fine tuning and manipulation followed by an earth-shattering kaboom, Marvin found himself confronted by three other selves. Unfortunately one of the three doubles was killed in the explosion. With the help from the remaining two doubles the three Marvins stole the Illudium PU-36 Dimensional Space Modulator and fashioned it into a belt that allowed him to call up to two dimensional doubles at will. Marvin now represents the local Chinese gang as Triad, a Kung fu specialist that uses his Illudium PU-36 Dimensional Space Modulator Belt to create two duplicates of himself.
  10. Rápida Tiffany Tortellini’s father arrived in Mexico from Italy in 1949 with his new bride to pursue his dream in the ring. During the war he had been an unwilling test subject for a VIPER contingent masquerading as Nazis. So many tests and treatments were done to him that he can’t really say which particular one manifested his sonic speed powers; but when they did, he immediately escaped. His abused body had difficulties handling great speeds and in his first bought in the ring his heart burst. He collapsed at his opponent’s feet in the third round. As Tiffany grew up and grew into her super speed powers she used them in the ring to honor her father. However, she discovered how corrupt it all was and turned to committing small crimes in the guise of Rápida. Tiffany convinced herself it was all to support her emotionally devastated mother but really it was for the thrill. Soon she caught the eye of Profesor Caótica and was persuaded to join.
  11. Vance Armstrong, formally a beat cop, always was good with his arms. In his spare time he played drums in a rock band, trained in gymnastics, and mastered martial arts. He has even been the World Arm-wrestling Champion for the past several years. Officer Armstrong made it into USA 5-O for his prowess with his standard issue baton. He's been dubbed Nightstick by the other USA 5-O members.
  12. Strobe Felix Garner discovered his super speed the same time his epilepsy manifested. It was a horrifying experience, one he will never forget. He was eight and playing on the monkey bars when he froze, then spasmed, then froze again--going back and forth bouncing throughout the monkey bars, blood spraying everything. It all ended with Felix lying on the ground, shallowly breathing, coated in his own blood. For those children looking on it was frightening. Felix's best friend, Tommy, later described it by saying Felix looked like a humming bird trapped in a cage, who was slamming itself into the bars in a desperate attempt to free itself. Fortunately for Felix, as he grew older, the tonic-clonic seizures happened at such great speeds that he just looked like a person moving through a strobe lighted disco. Felix's first attempt at being a hero accured at a grocery store where a crazed lunatic began to shoot up the place. The would be killer was unable to get a bead on Felix as he closed in and delivered a supersonic punch that sent the shooter flying out into the street where he laid unconscious. Soon after Felix created a silver and white costume becoming the hero known as Strobe.
  13. Nightwind's pose reminds me of one of my favorite comic book heroes: Badger
  14. Chap A true gentleman. A man whom always dresses his best and acts the part. Chap typically wears a suit, tie/cravat, proper shoes and hat. An accomplished HTH combatant, he can come out of any scuffle without spilling any libations he might be imbibing. His favorite pastime, besides any gorgeous feme fetal, is to match wits with men of accomplishment.
  15. Thanks trib for the heads-up. Theme: a 7 member team based on sports jargen, i.g., Fastball, Sweep, and Flatliner.
  16. Al dente From Italy comes, Al Dente, the culinary wonder that possesses fleshwarping powers. His opponents flail before him as their bodies become like wet noodles.
  17. Mr. Bad Business When Frank Bad completed his MBA he knew his business acumen would land him a job at the top. However, after several failed attempts to climb the corporate latter, Frank threw in the towel. He became fed up with how hard work was never rewarded and only the incompetents got the office with a view. During this ultimate low of low points in his life Frank had an epiphany. He whole heartedly gave himself to the inner workings of the corporate conglomerates and began to preach his new found philosophies to all who would listen. He gained a following and eventual transcended to demi-godhood. Now he sows these philosophies throughout the world. His multi-power: 150 Negative selection: Multipower, 150-point reserve Putt's Law Putt's Corollary Dilbert principle Parkinson’s Law Peter Principle
  18. Placebo: Uses mental powers to make you believe he has super powers when in fact he has no powers at all -- or does he.
  19. For Russia I have their version of a young, albeit crooked, Tony Stark: a Metvie Losev who dawns his Red Sormovo armor and commits crimes. He came up with the name for his armor when robbing a military museum that housed the first ever armored tank that Russia manufactured.
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