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  1. I've never thought of this...is Champions Online free? I could create an account and then let my players play with the costume creator... Then somehow save it as a JPG...I wonder how well they print out (I would imagine not so great).
  2. Speaking of bands and music and wings: is "bird" still the word?
  3. Could it also be right versus left?
  4. If you're in a bind that seems impenetrable, just wait for a megalomaniac supervillian to come around and give a 20-minute monologue on how awesome he is and that should buy you enough time to get out of your sticky mess.
  5. Doesn't that depend on the weight and/or mass of the annoyance?
  6. Why? Has the annoyance been known to lie before?
  7. Does it count if I no longer have a VanDyke (goatee)?
  8. Woodent lyf b eezeer if wee speld wurdz the wae thae sowndid?
  9. Are you asking that hypothetically?
  10. Is it possible that "all" is an over-generalization?
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