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  1. Thank you all for your willingness to help! @Brian Stanfield - I haven't heard of Tettra - is it hard to use?
  2. I really appreciate the tip, Matt. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for this, @IndianaJoe3! I appreciate it.
  4. Hello all, I'd love for my players to be able to journal or add to our campaign when we don't meet. We currently meet every two weeks. Is there any type of (preferably FREE) service where I can have members register and add to the content? For example, either a wiki, or a forum (such as this) or a group (like a Facebook group)? Only one other player besides me has Facebook, so I can't do a Facebook group unfortunately. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Hello all, I'm wondering if anybody knows where I might find templates where my players or I could use to draw our heroes, villains, etc? Thanks much!
  6. Thanks very much for all the help and input, everybody!
  7. Thank you, @Scott Ruggels. I'll have to look for that. I appreciate your help!
  8. Hello all, I'm wondering if anybody uses a dice (randomizing) app instead of actual dice when playing Champions. Seems like it could save room/time. Don't get me wrong, I love rolling dice, but I'm just curious if anybody goes 'new school'. And I'm also wondering if it's truly as random as with good ol'-fashioned dice. And don't tell @Duke Bushido about this post. I just read how much he loves dice!
  9. Thanks so much, @sinanju! I especially appreciate the leading questions. Good stuff!
  10. Thanks for your iput, @Chaon. When you say the maps are done in PowerPoint, do you have some type of hex grid already saved? Or do you draw/scan them into your computer?
  11. Wow! Thanks very much for the inclusion of the actual notes, @Scott Ruggels! I'm very much impressed.
  12. Thanks for the tips, @Gnome BODY (important!)! I like the idea of just motives/events/causes.
  13. Wow! So much great input. I really appreciate it, @Duke Bushido!
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