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    I'm an energetic, nimble geek with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for all things cold-blooded, quick, and/or multi-limbed.
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  1. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? I'm a massive Spider-Man fan (and have been since before the age of 2), and I study insects and spiders to boot. 8 is a favorite number, and seemed to fit as an addition to a forum handle - no other reason than that. I've since adopted it on other forums as well. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? FASA's Star Trek game back in 1990 or so, followed closely by MERP, TMNT and Other Strangeness, and 4th edition Champions. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? TMNT and Other Strangeness. Also the most recent one I've GMed. What are you currently playing/GMing? GMing: The aforementioned TMNT (Road Hogs setting), and intermittently 3.5 D&D, 5th ed. Hero, GURPS, and Rolemaster (RMSS edition). Still on the back burner is a D20 Gamma World game that I hope to come back to sometime. My primary group bounces between a few different campaigns - playing one for a while, then setting it aside and going back to another (or starting a new one). Playing: GURPS (with 2 different groups), 5th ed. Hero (also 2 groups), 3.5 D&D, Rogue Trader (which I rather dislike for the setting, but plays reasonably well), and Rifts.
  2. Re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians FYI, ADHD isn't the complete inability to focus on tasks - it's more of an inability to manage focus. Under the right circumstances, ADHD leads to hyperfocus - it's not something you can count on, but it could be modeled as having the disad more or less as written (possibly with 5 points less or so, depending on the severity), as well as a bonus to EGO rolls to maintain focus on tasks the character's seriously interested in. I know I'm like this, anyway. My focus is either only half-present, or a nuclear-powered laser. Take this as you will.
  3. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Actually, the Triceratons were an entire race. Mostly military commando-types, but as of the last few issues of the Laird comics, there was a small contingent of them being trained to be, well - ninjas...
  4. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. At my friend Darrin's little boy's birthday party Sunday: Darrin's sister: you should help mom go get the vacuum, in case she falls. Darrin: What? How could she fall? She goes to the apartment (we were in the apartment rec room), gets the vacuum from the front closet, walks out to the elevator, goes on the elevator, walks to here. Darrin's sister: Darrin, how old are you? Me: He's old enough to know you can't fall off an elevator.
  5. Re: Split's Serpent Society Thread Works for me - I just wanted to weigh in on a subject I found interesting. Thanks again for posting the Society!
  6. Re: Split's Serpent Society Thread A little late on the response here, but hopefully my input will be useful... I haven't read any comics with King Cobra in them, outside of those issues of Spider-Man he's appeared in. There were a few in the 80's though, so I'll work from there. His speed and agility were noted to be nearly at Spider-Man's level (without all the bonus levels in DCV, though), so I'd say that definitely puts him in "superhuman" territory. How much is from training and how much is from his altered physique? Who knows - but personally, I'd feel comfortable putting him at DEX 30 or so (what you'd want would depend entirely on your campaign benchmarks, of course). I don't recall him ever performing any feats of real superstrength, outside of his constriction/grab attacks, so I'd say you've got him pegged right on the money in that regard. Works for me, anyway. Nice job across the board!
  7. Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale Well, I'm not sure I can offer much advice right now in the way of plot development; but if you need some more opposition for the heroes, I can throw a bunch of concepts for Nazi Supervillains I developed for WWII Gurps Supers campaign I was planning (but never managed to make happen): The obligatory Blitzen ("Lightning"): vast electrical powers, flight, regenerates when exposed to current. The pride of the Ubermenchen, he's smart as hell and a brilliant tactician. His attendant Donner (Thunder"): Brick with sonic scream (flash vs. hearing, shockwaves, energy blast in cone shape). Fleicher ("Butcher"): super-agile weaponmaster w. low-grade superstrength, he's a sociopathic sadist. Gestapo: duplicator with regenerative abilities. Basically a thug who can create legions of himself. Geisterhand ("Ghosthand"): powerful telekinetic who can make himself invisible at will. Wutenhund ("Mad Dog"): think a berserk, feral Wolverine or Sabertooth for general powerset. Add to the mix is the fact that the more damage he takes, the stronger and more bloodthirsty he becomes (absorption to STR and BODY). Normally Fleicher keeps him on a leash until combat breaks out. (I found I really liked this name. Just sounded cool to me for some reason.) Maus ("Mouse"): Growth-based brick. Drachen ("Dragon"): Think Marvel's "Lizard", with chameleonic abilities and a venomous bite. Der Shrecken ("The Horror"): can tranform into a massive, two-dimensional shadow (with a huge PRE score), as well as drain life force from those he envelops. Can also create terrifying shadow-based illusions. Pretty much a nightmare brought to life. Some other villains I never fleshed out, but came up with names for: Jager ("Hunter") - sniper or stealth expert? Der Steppenwolf ("Coyote") - martial artist/disguise expert (or perhaps gadgeteer )? Fensterspiegel ("Spy-mirror") - clairvoyant? Eiszapfen ("Icicle") - cold/weather powers? Panzer - perhaps another brick, with massive defenses and energy projection? Hopefully those names aren't too tongue-twisty!
  8. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I was playing last night and met "Feurmacher" on the Champion server (I'm normally playing on Justice). A fellow on his team apparently had "Dr. Destroyer" and "Mentalla" as characters on his account. Funnily enough, I was playing as "Fyredrake" (I had to change the 'I' to a 'Y'). Anybody here fit the bill for the above players? Just curious...
  9. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Dexter's Lab - starring Anthony Michael Hall. Much the same, mind you - but the lab coat would likely have some bloodstains.
  10. Re: Elemental Controls, how do they work? Actually, you did a pretty good job describing an EC, Squall. The one thing I'd want to mention is that the base cost for an EC is half the points in the cheapest power - it is often wise (from an efficiency standpoint) to put a few more points into the lowest-cost power in the EC. It, and correspondingly, the base cost, are more expensive - but will be more than counterbalanced by the increased savings on the other powers in the EC.
  11. Re: "Neat" Pictures My thoughts exactly! "You've been a ver-y naugh-ty rab-bit, George. Rab-bits aren't sup-posed to have shells, George."
  12. Re: "Neat" Pictures Whoops! looks like tkdguy beat me to some of that. Oh, another thing - they are actually capable of opening coconuts under their own power. Never shake hands with a Birgus latro!
  13. Re: "Neat" Pictures As far as I'm concerned, the reports of coconut crabs that have a body length of 1 m are hooey, and in the same boat as claims of 50' anacondas. That being said, Sociotard is right - they do exist, are native to much of the Indopacific, and can have a legspan of about 3 feet (for a really BIG one). The tricky thing about that photo is that it's apparently not a normal-sized garbage can - it's really about the size of a large wastebasket, maybe as big as a 5-gallon pail at most. Still a big crab, but not "eat your german shepherd" big. One of the neat things about them is that they are essentially giant hermit crabs (belonging to the same family, Coenobitidae). They lay eggs in the ocean, and the babies go through a typical crustacean regimen of bizarre larval stages. After 4 weeks, they move from the ocean to live the life of an average hermit crab. Another four weeks or so, and they start using coconut husks (and lose the ability to breathe underwater properly). After they get big enough, their shells are tough enough that they need no extra protection. They aren't actually considered endangered, IIRC - though human development and the introduction of non-native predators (rats, pigs, and ants - yes, ants) have drastically reduced their populations in some areas, and human predation has completely eliminated them from some chunks of their natural range, they seem to be doing just fine in other areas - and as such, are listed as "data deficient". In other words, they might be endangered, but we need to learn more to be sure either way. Anything else I can answer for y'all? Fire away!
  14. Re: "Neat" Pictures Yup - those little deelies on the tip of her butt are two of her spinnerets. The ends are covered in what are essentially little pores through which the webbing is exuded (then drawn out to cold-shear it into a solid state, in a fashion similar to the creation of nylon). They are articulated, and she can wiggle them around to get better coverage when she's webmaking or wrapping up prey. (as much as 2/3" long, you say? Then I'm pretty sure it's A. aperta.)
  15. Re: "Neat" Pictures "Pant" "Pant" Sorry I'm late - I just got up. Anyway... Looks like an Agelenopsis of some kind - without a closer look, it's hard to say exactly what species it is, but I'd bet on Agelenopsis aperta. If it's longer than 14 mm (5/8"), then it's almost assuredly aperta. They're commonly known as "grass spiders" or "funnel-web spiders" (not to be confused with Australia's Sydney funnel web spider - a totally different critter), and belong to the same family as "house spiders", the gangly fellows that you'll find sometimes in the tub. Totally harmless, and quite common. Here's some pictures of a recluse, for those that are interested: note the arrangement of eyes - this is key to their identification. 6 in total, in three pairs: one pair is central, and one pair off to either side. Here's a couple of good pages about brown recluses and their bites that anyone who's worried about them should read: http://okaloosa.ifas.ufl.edu/Horticulture/brown_recluse_spider_challenge.htm http://spiders.ucr.edu/necrotic.html If you'd like to know more, lemme know!
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