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    I'm an energetic, nimble geek with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for all things cold-blooded, quick, and/or multi-limbed.
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  1. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? I'm a massive Spider-Man fan (and have been since before the age of 2), and I study insects and spiders to boot. 8 is a favorite number, and seemed to fit as an addition to a forum handle - no other reason than that. I've since adopted it on other forums as well. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? FASA's Star Trek game back in 1990 or so, followed closely by MERP, TMNT and Other Strangeness, and 4th edition Champions. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? TMNT and Other Strangeness. Also the most recent one I've GMed. What are you currently playing/GMing? GMing: The aforementioned TMNT (Road Hogs setting), and intermittently 3.5 D&D, 5th ed. Hero, GURPS, and Rolemaster (RMSS edition). Still on the back burner is a D20 Gamma World game that I hope to come back to sometime. My primary group bounces between a few different campaigns - playing one for a while, then setting it aside and going back to another (or starting a new one). Playing: GURPS (with 2 different groups), 5th ed. Hero (also 2 groups), 3.5 D&D, Rogue Trader (which I rather dislike for the setting, but plays reasonably well), and Rifts.
  2. Sound observations, sir. I'm less familiar with 6th edition; but after a cursory scan, some sort of Autofire seemed to be the best option for a multi-armed combatant (either as a naked advantage on STR, or on a HtH attack) when I was curious about doing a conversion of my characters some time ago.
  3. True enough. It is a bit of a needed balancing factor, though - as-is, a character built like this could easily make several attacks at full OCV and no DCV penalties!
  4. It's been a while since I was here on the forae - but this subject caught my attention right away. My last two PCs in Champions games have both been super-agile, multi-armed guys (one very obviously a Spider-Man pastiche as well with six arms, the other being sort of an avatar of cephalopods with eight tentacles sprouting from his back). Both were created using Fifth edition rules, so I'm not 100% sure how much this carries over to 6th. In both cases, said characters were given Two-weapon fighting, rapid attack (HTH), several OCV levels with Sweep (with a 0-point lim "cannot result in positive modifiers, only cancels penalties), and a couple of DCV levels with the limitation "only to cancel penalties resulting from using the Sweep maneuver". Total cost: under 40 points, IIRC. As far as I was able to tell, this was all rules-legal - it allowed both characters to Sweep four or five times with no penalties to OCV or DCV, potentially in conjunction with a half-move. It could make for a positively disgusting alpha-strike - the only real limiting factor is the END expenditure (which I never bought down, just so it didn't get REALLY unbalanced). (In my opinion: if you aren't using the hit location rules, you likely aren't applying damage to specific body locations at all, nor applying specific penalties to particular actions from damage taken as a result - in such cases, Ambidexterity is essentially flavor only, and shouldn't cost a full 9 points, if you even charge for it at all. Two-Weapon Fighting should cover it well enough in those circumstances that you shouldn't need to purchase Ambidexterity.) In addition, I also purchased 3 overall skill levels (only for skills requiring physical manipulation, only to counteract the Hurried modifier as seen in Ultimate Skill) so that the time required for any task that depended primarily on handling and manipulating objects (eg. mechanical and construction-type tasks, cleaning the kitchen, organizing files and scientific samples, etc.) was shifted down a full increment on the time scale. For example: Kraken, cephalopod super-scientist, needs to reassemble the engine of the team jet in order to get to the next mission. For anyone else, the base time would be an hour - all his extra limbs working in concert allow him to do it in 20 minutes. Not terribly overpowered (and only for about ten points anyway, IIRC) - but it made for some cool flavour on those occasions where it came up.
  5. Re: Your favorite champions character Thanks! I drew it myself. We've played here and there over the last two years, but it's unfortunately extremely infrequent. We've had possibly 6 or 7 sessions since October of '09. Our GM is more of a tactical guy than a roleplayer, and tends to give overviews of what NPCs say rather than speak in-character - so Kraken hasn't had any insults leveled at him. "Let's get Kraken!" has come up frequently, though. Almost like an unofficial battlecry. I am looking forward to some theoretical point where Kraken meets up with his archnemesis, Moray - I've prepared some Dean Martin inspired lyrics... "Who brings tears to your eye 'cause he smells like a sty - That's a-Moray..." "Who is ugly and slow, and whose IQ is low - That's a-Moray..." (I've actually got about 6 full verses prepared if I really need to get under his skin.) To relieve my frustrations, I started up my own campaign again - Kraken is a major NPC in the superteam the players have just joined. Kraken is the guy that called for auditions for teammates after his old team got blowed up (real good), and so the players have been competing to make the new team. Only a few competitors actually washed out completely, so the players have ended up with an extended roster of 32 NPCs to boss around! It's been interesting, to say the least - they now have separate teams all over the world doing various things - PR, investigation, crisis control, etc.
  6. Re: BOOK OF THE EMPRESS Kickstarter
  7. Re: BOOK OF THE EMPRESS Kickstarter Quick question for you, Steve: I just pledged $50 to the project. Can I assume that I will receive the book in printed form in April or so, and will have an additional $30 billed to me for shipping (as opposed to needing to pledge $80 up front to cover both the $50 pledge necessary to receive the book in print and the shipping costs)?
  8. Re: Changes at Hero Thanks, Steve - I was wondering why this topic hadn't exploded into a zillion pages yet...
  9. Re: Changes at Hero Wow. I'm not really sure where to begin. It saddens me immensely to know that Darren and Steve will be leaving (or at least not nearly as involved with the company) - you two have done so much to bring us quality ideas for so long (and been friendlier and more helpful than anyone could have hoped for in the process), I can't even begin to thank you. I think I speak for everyone here when I wish Steve, Darren, Jason, Tina, and anyone else with Hero Games all the best, and hope for a bright future both for them and the company. We love you guys!
  10. Spidey88

    The Tick

    Re: The Tick Drama Power!
  11. Re: Headlines part 2 He didn't meet Gwen until college, actually (unless you're going by the new movie in the works).
  12. Re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians FYI, ADHD isn't the complete inability to focus on tasks - it's more of an inability to manage focus. Under the right circumstances, ADHD leads to hyperfocus - it's not something you can count on, but it could be modeled as having the disad more or less as written (possibly with 5 points less or so, depending on the severity), as well as a bonus to EGO rolls to maintain focus on tasks the character's seriously interested in. I know I'm like this, anyway. My focus is either only half-present, or a nuclear-powered laser. Take this as you will.
  13. Re: Okay class: Make me a rogue. Even in 2nd Edition D&D, I always played Thieves/Rogues that were morally upstanding - neutral good, by and large (that's how I roll). Acrobats, athletes, treasure-hunters, scouts, adventure-seekers, detectives, etc. are all well-modeled using the thief/rogue class. Moral flexibility is by no means a prerequisite! My characters might have been picking a lot of locks and defusing a lot of traps, but these were always in long-abandoned ruins or evil tyrants' lairs. I don't think I've ever stolen an item from another PC, ever - and my characters tend to be rogues more often than not.
  14. Re: Ways to manage a huge team with a lot of characters? Actually, this is pretty much exactly what I'm doing right now - the PCs and a couple NPCs are dealing with Grond running amok in downtown Phoenix. VIPER dumped him there to draw attention (both that of superheroes and police) away from a heist they're pulling simultaneously. In addition, VIPER's committed significant resources to an all-out assault on the team base as I mentioned before - at the same time! (plans within plans. ) The PCs decided to track down Grond as their first major mission (part of the competition to prove themselves), and found his last known coordinates in New Mexico. The park ranger that showed them the spot is, unbeknownst to them, a VIPER plant whose job it is to keep tabs on heroes sniffing around. His mission parameters stated that if anyone seemed close to figuring out what happened (as the clever PCs are), he was to keep tabs on them too. As the "friendly ranger" traveled with the heroes, he slipped a tracking bug on one of the PCs - so VIPER is able to track their location minute by minute. Thusly, VIPER found out where the team base is, and know when the PCs have left it (presumably) relatively defenseless. They're trying to shut down the team before it even gets started (to send the world a message and eliminate opposition at a good opportunity), thinking that the base is deserted - what they don't know is that all the leftover NPCs (all the misfits and oddballs that didn't get assigned to other specific tasks) are still there to try and fend off the attack. The PCs will get to choose one of the legion of misfit heroes, and use him as a character in the big fight - it should be interesting! My players all seem to be chomping at the bit for our next session. I want to present VIPER as an organized, credible threat - hopefully it plays out that way! 20 agents and several members of Dragon Branch should do the trick... If the NPC heroes get defeated and captured (the consequences for failure won't be too lethal, as I'm not aiming for a harsh, dark game), then the PCs can run in to the rescue and be awesome in the process. If the NPCs manage to save the day (while being run by the players), huzzah! The weirdos are afforded respect, and the players still get to be the ones who pulled off the win.
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