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  1. Re: The Incredible Hulk I would drop the KA maneuvers in the martial arts and just let him use his VPP for "tearing apart" feats of strength. A 1d6+1 HKA isn't very Hulkish.
  2. Re: [Character] Lord Arcane, Magus Maximus The Defenders were at the time Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer. That ridiculously powerful.
  3. Re: Question on Combat Sense in Framework (5ED) Thank you!
  4. Re: Question on Combat Sense in Framework (5ED) Would that apply for the Aid as well? (Slot no. 8)
  5. Re: Question on Combat Sense in Framework (5ED) Another day, another dream cruelly crushed by Hyper-Man. Assuming the "no Talents in Frameworks" rule didn't exist, could the problem be alleviated by purchasing Combat Sense as Continuous?
  6. (Long time, no post. I'm rusty, so maybe this question is obvious). I have a character with the following multipower: 34 Claws, Mandibles, Fisticuffs, and Just Being Smart: Multipower, 34-Point Powers u3 1) Chitinoid Claws I: 1d6 Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack (2d6-1 w/STR), Variable Advantages (Limited Group of +1/2 Advantages: Armor- Piercing, Penetrating, +2 STUN Multiple, or Area Effect (One Hex Accurate); +3/4), Reduced Endurance Cost (0 END Cost; +1/2) (34 Active Points) END Cost
  7. Re: Captain America and Cast These are awesome. But... 15 BODY for Bucky? The only characters in Champions Universe (not the Bible, I know) I can find with a BODY of 15 or higher are Bricks or quasi-Bricks. Captain Patriot has a 15.
  8. Re: 275 Point Project Psi: Midnight Huh. Never thought of Eidetic Memory with charges.
  9. Re: Undead trick powers Animate any loose body parts that have been left lying around the field of battle.
  10. Re: This Power Armor suit [shas'o R'myrs] When I made a 40K Tau Crisis-suit-based character, I gave him lots of Leaping and a plethora of ranged attacks. Not great defenses though. Very much a long-range fighter.
  11. Re: Rapid aging Attack The problem with age as a KA is that it also weakens you, pretty much across the board. You don't get to be 90 and have a 20 DEX. It would be expensive, but I think a Drain vs. all characteristics simultaneously might do it.
  12. Re: Metahumans Rising: The Darker Side of Hero Life Hmmm... this character's alien DNA is supposed to come from an amphibious insectoid species... Maybe they could be related? I'll get something to you this weekend. The character is a scrapper/mentalist whose main power, however, is superhuman alien intellect (INT 28).
  13. Re: Heroic Vampires Back in my journalist days (around 2001) I interviewed the CEO of Beiersdorf Russia (the guys who sell Nivea cosmetics), and he told me that they knew they had had a factory in Moscow before 1917 but didn't have a clue where it was, given that the city had changed so extraordinarily.
  14. Re: Metahumans Rising: The Darker Side of Hero Life Do all the characters have to be genetic mutant types? I have a character I've been dying to play who is a human-alien hybrid (very loosely based on the old Alpha Flight Marina character).
  15. Re: Heroic Vampires There is that matter... I had the same issue with your writeup of Alucard. If he really is Vlad the Impaler, he should have KS: Wallachian History, LANG: Romanian, PS: Prince, WF: Swords and Pikes and Bows, Tactics, CuK: Medieval Wallachia... PLUS all the various stuff he should know from his time as Dracula. AND everything in between. He would be a 2000-point character! It's not his fault the anime doesn't do him credit! It's absurd I know, but I'm really, really anal about stuff like this. Which is why my characters tend to spend huge amounts on sk
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