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  1. (Long time, no post. I'm rusty, so maybe this question is obvious). I have a character with the following multipower:


    34 Claws, Mandibles, Fisticuffs, and Just Being Smart: Multipower,

    34-Point Powers

    u3 1) Chitinoid Claws I: 1d6 Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack (2d6-1 w/STR),

    Variable Advantages (Limited Group of +1/2 Advantages: Armor-

    Piercing, Penetrating, +2 STUN Multiple, or Area Effect (One Hex

    Accurate); +3/4), Reduced Endurance Cost (0 END Cost; +1/2) (34 Active

    Points) END Cost: 0

    Notes: Becomes 2d6 w/STR If STR Is Fully Aided

    u1 2) Chitinoid Claws II: Tunnelling 1” Through 10 DEF Material (32

    Active Points), Extra Time (One Minute, Character Can Take No Other

    Actions; -1 ¾), Concentration (0 DCV Throughout Use of Constant

    Power; -1), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4) (6 Real Cost) END Cost: 3

    u2 3) Horrendously Nasty Bite: 2d6 Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack (3d6+1

    with STR) (30 Active Points), No Knockback (-1/4) (24 Real Cost) END

    Cost: 3

    Notes: Becomes 4d6 with STR If STR Is Fully Aided

    u2 4) Intelligently Placed Blows: 3d6 Hand-to-Hand Attack (6d6 w/STR),

    Variable Advantages (Limited Group of +1/2 Advantages: Armor-

    Piercing, Penetrating , 1 1/2x Knockback, or Area Effect (One Hex

    Accurate); +3/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END Cost; +1/2) (34 Active

    Points), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/2) (23 Real Cost) END Cost: 1

    u3 5) Flurry of Claws: 1d6 Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack (2d6 w/STR),

    Autofire (3x; +1/4), Reduced Endurance Cost (0 END Cost; +1)

    (34 Active Points) END Cost: 0

    u2 6) Flurry of Blows: 3d6 Hand-to-Hand Attack (6d6 w/STR), Autofire

    (3x; +1/4), Reduced Endurance Cost (0 END Cost; +1) (34 Active Points)

    END Cost: 0

    u1 7) Grab It Out of the Air: Missile Deflection vs. Arrows and Projectiles,

    Ranged (Adjacent Hex; +1/2) (15 Active Points), Costs Endurance (-1/2)

    (10 Real Cost), +2 with OCV (4 Active Points) (19 Active Points,

    14 Real Cost) END Cost: 1

    u2 8) Analyzing the Situation: 1 1/2d6 Aid, Any Primary Characteristic

    Except BODY or COM One At a Time (+1/4), Invisible Power Effects

    (Fully Invisible; +1) (34 Active Points), Self Only (-1/2) (23 Real Cost)

    u1 9) Eye Gouge: 4d6 Flash Attack, No Normal Defense (Defense Is

    Eye Protection Too Thick To Claw Through (i.e., 8 DEF) Or Not

    Having Physical Eyes, Defense Is More Common Than Flash Defense;

    +1/2) (30 Active Points), No Range (-1/2), Not Vs. Desolidified Targets

    (-1/4), Requires an INT Roll (-1 Per 20 Points In Active Power; -1/4) (15

    Real Cost) END Cost: 3

    u1 10) Evasive Maneuvers: 15% PD Damage Reduction, Resistant, plus

    15% ED Damage Reduction, Resistant (30 Active Points), Nonpersistent

    (-1/4), Costs Endurance (-1/2), Must Be Aware of Attack; -1/2) (13 Real

    Cost) END Cost: 3


    I want to add Combat Sense in an 11th slot, but I am not sure how this will work due to its senselike qualities. By RAW, Combat Sense takes a Half Phase, so I could use the sense, then switch to another slot, and attack (or take a half move or whatever). However, would switching to another slot then cancel the affects of the Combat Sense, so that it would lose its benefit?


    Thanks -- forgive my rustiness.

  2. Re: Captain America and Cast


    These are awesome. But... 15 BODY for Bucky? The only characters in Champions Universe (not the Bible, I know) I can find with a BODY of 15 or higher are Bricks or quasi-Bricks. Captain Patriot has a 15.

  3. Re: Heroic Vampires


    Even in places like London, though, things change a lot.

    cheers, Mark


    Back in my journalist days (around 2001) I interviewed the CEO of Beiersdorf Russia (the guys who sell Nivea cosmetics), and he told me that they knew they had had a factory in Moscow before 1917 but didn't have a clue where it was, given that the city had changed so extraordinarily.

  4. Re: Heroic Vampires


    That's because I only have him what he did in the comics. :P


    There is that matter...


    I had the same issue with your writeup of Alucard. :) If he really is Vlad the Impaler, he should have KS: Wallachian History, LANG: Romanian, PS: Prince, WF: Swords and Pikes and Bows, Tactics, CuK: Medieval Wallachia... PLUS all the various stuff he should know from his time as Dracula. AND everything in between. He would be a 2000-point character! It's not his fault the anime doesn't do him credit!


    It's absurd I know, but I'm really, really anal about stuff like this. Which is why my characters tend to spend huge amounts on skills they will never use. ;)


    EDIT: Just read MarkDoc's great post. Perhaps I should reconsider.

  5. Re: Heroic Vampires


    As a GM I would never allow the VPP. I woudn't allow the DEX only for CV either, or at least look at it oddly. I never use Inherent, but that's just me.


    I've tried doing a vampire as a 350-point hero and find they only work if you realize that they are mentalists and sneaking-around types primarily. They just don't dish out supers-level damage (if you keep within the original concept). Plus, the standard shticks (turning into animals and so forth) get expensive. Actually I think the only classic monster trope that works at a supers level is the Werewolf.


    Are you leaving stuff out? His CON is just 10?

  6. Re: Jungle Character - Summon Animals, Transfixing Gaze


    45 Lord of the Animals: Summon 16 200-point Animals, Expanded Class of Beings Limited Group (Animals; +1/2) (90 Active Points); Arrives Under Own Power (-1/2), Summoned Being Must Inhabit Locale (-1/2)


    Which is way out of the AP limit of the typical campaign for not much bite, especially given that the summoned animals are not bought Friendly.

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