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  1. Re: Hellfire, project 275 Mystic Hero I gave my guy Code vs. Killing as a Physical Limitation only when in Hero ID, the idea being that his demon side, being a demon, is utterly evil, but is bound not to perform evil acts, because if he did, he might be released (which would be bad). He had no problems killing outside of his demon form, however, when he was just a private investigator with some beefed-up stats, regeneration and resistance to fire. Maybe it would have been better to do this as a Multiform, since the two states did have distinct personalities, but I hate Multiform
  2. Re: Is Find Weakness mispriced? I'm not going to read through the whole thread, so perhaps this has already been suggested. How about reimagining Find Weakness as a Naked Advantage? Armor-Piercing, Activation Roll, Cumulative? That way its cost will depend upon the power of the attack.
  3. Re: Hellfire, project 275 Mystic Hero About a year ago, I made virtually an identical character (except that in his case the demon had been summoned and bound into his body). However, he was a little more bricky (STR 40, if I recollect correctly) and had Regeneration and increased resistance to fire and some Life Support, with an HKA as well. I was able to afford all this by buying his Hellfire MP slots all Limited Range, Not Underwater, Extra Time (Full Phase or Full Phase Only to Activate), and Increased END Cost. He was an HTH combatant primarily.
  4. Re: The Classic Justice League starting members on 350 points
  5. Re: The Classic Justice League starting members on 350 points Technically they should probably have a bunch of skills that aren't here (KS: Krypton, AK: Paradise Island, things of that nature).
  6. Re: Gestalt of Electability This is easy. Multiform into 300-point National Leader, Extra Time (period of election cycle), OIF (Electorate of Opportunity). The form's points are spent mostly on contacts and followers, plus one huge country-sized base. EDIT: The country is bought as a base (presidential residence -- White House, 10 Downing Street, whatever) with really big grounds (add fence if needed). Country inhabitants are bought as followers.
  7. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template Not including equipment?
  8. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template Oh, that was you! BRAVO!! I've spent hours making up Astartes characters using those rules.
  9. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template I would not convert the 40K wargame, in part because of reasons already mentioned and in part because the rules are designed for a wargame, not an RPG. I would try adapting Dark Heresy -- and there is by the way a very well done Dark Heresy fan-made Astartes supplement here: http://www.geocities.com/peacekeeper_b/page2.html ). Great stuff on Tyranids too.
  10. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template FWIW I noticed that I still have on my desktop a (very crude) Heroization of a Space Marine I did a few months ago while I was avoiding work. Like I said, it's very crude and should have various other features added it: the various implant effects, a radio communications system, the monomolecular knife, etc. The boter could also be done differently. Anyway, here's what I got (The OIF stuff is all part of the armor). Cost CHA Val ------------------------------- 13 STR 23/35 39 DEX 23 26 CON 23 16 BODY 18 3 INT 13 2 EGO 11 10 PRE 2
  11. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template
  12. Re: Fungi from Yuggoth Powers I love all the ideas, but the Affects Physical World advantage is just too expensive for a character in this (350 point) range, which I would need to have it linked to Desolid. (Right?) Of course I could just not bother with the Link. He's just opening up the gate a little bit, after all.
  13. Re: Fungi from Yuggoth Powers How would one go about making it so that as the character's dimensional shifting powers are used, they get more and more unstable as the boundary between the worlds gradually wears away, making it more likely something goes wrong or someTHING comes through? Would this be some variety of Jam, or Ablative?
  14. Re: Fungi from Yuggoth Powers Hmmm, how about: Desolidification (40 Active Points), Activation Roll (15; -1/4), Side Effects (Summons one Hostile 250-Point Eldritch Horror; -?) (Real Cost ?) The interdimensional gate got a little too wide...
  15. Re: Fungi from Yuggoth Powers The character is based on Lovecraftian horror. He however is an idealistic hero with a Total CvK -- for now! Maybe he doesn't even know that he is a hybrid. Hmmm... I pictured the Desolid as kind of a forcing-oneself-through-the-borders-between-other-dimensions sort of thing. Just because Lovecraft doesn't mention it doesn't mean they can't do it! And it is a Lovecraftian trope.
  16. Hi all, I've been absent from here for some time but I was inspired to post again. Inspired in part by the Cthulhu Powers thread and in part to complement another Mythos-based supers character I've already designed (the half-ghoul son of Pickman from Pickman's Model, a Batman variant), I decided to build another Lovecraftian superhero. This one is the prduct of the injection of Mi-Go DNA (do they have DNA? sure they do) into a human being. Any ideas for powers? Obvious ones are: Extra-terrene and rugose body (Damage Reduction -- but it's so expensive! Maybe Desolid?). Regenerati
  17. Re: 40KHero - Space Marine Template Long time no post, but I've been GMing Dark Heresy so this is kind of in my mind (not that I would run DH using Hero -- I think the rules are fine for the genre). According to GW's highly variable fluff, an unarmored Space Marine is supposed to be able to crush a man's skull in his hand. This sounds like higher than a 20 STR to me. (?) I wrote up a basic Astartes a while ago in Heroese and gave him STR 25, DEX 23, CON 23, and BODY 20. SPD 4. They basically are Supers.
  18. Re: Concepts You Just Can't Build on 350 points. Must... not... make... joke...
  19. Re: Advantaged advantages Wow, thanks for all the math. What about the Only vs. Heat/Flame on the Hardened? Or is it in there somewhere and I just don't see it? EDIT: ah yes you did -- I see. Thanks. I have to look at this a bit -- I am not big on numbers.
  20. Can somebody help me with some math? I'm building a Human-Torch-like character (actually a pyrokinetic whose powers give her the form of a flaming angel for psychological reasons, i.e., she thinks her powers come from god). I want to Harden her Force Field, but only the ED part and only against Fire/Heat. This is hairy mathwise because the power itself is in an EC, so I'm trying to buy the Hardened as a Naked Advantage outside the EC. The math is bugging me out. Here's what I have so far: Shroud of Righteous Flame (in the EC): 15 PD 18 ED Force Field, Costs END Only to Acti
  21. Re: Best Swords & Sorcery hero ever?
  22. Re: Best Swords & Sorcery hero ever? Does the Iliad count as swords and sorcery? I vote Achilles.
  23. Re: What would be your take on She-Grond? Maybe this has been mentioned before, but what about the hokey old "Bride of Frankenstein" scenario? You know, Grond is lonely, convinces Mad Scientist X to make him a mate.
  24. Re: The Amazing Darkon Did Sparkler do a Victory Strut just to rub it in? Great story.
  25. Re: What would be your take on She-Grond? Well if I were going to take on She-Grond the first thing I think I would need is lots and lots of Viagra. An armored body suit would probably be advisable as well.
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