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  1. Re: Is Flight Slow? He does? I never had a problem seeing him.
  2. Re: The Amazing Darkon This is a story that must be told. (PS what happens if you use Images to create light in a Darkness field?)
  3. Re: Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth? I'm sure they must get dislodged occasionally.
  4. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero OK. You can walk across that in 2 days, and much of that is going to be engines, fuel tanks, stuff like that. The place simply isn't big enough to have enough variation for an interesting world, even if you have several decks,
  5. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero How big IS this ship? Doesn't seem like you could get much travelling done. I think it's kind of odd that TSR would choose the "Orphans in the Sky" setting for their second (?) foray into RPGs. It doesn't seem like a very popular genre. Space opera would be more logical. When was Boot Hill?
  6. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero I don't think I've ever actually seen a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha. It wasn't in print very long, right?
  7. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero Thanks. Well that shows how much of a DnD scholar I am not. I think I remember the cover of In Search of the Unknown -- but not the contents. Speaking of this old-school TSR sci-fi fantasy stuff, has anybody ever done anything with Metamorphosis Alpha? I think the setting was just too small (literally) to make an interesting long-term campaign.
  8. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero Temple of the Frog? Please tell me more -- I have never heard of it. I always thought the first module was Keep on the Borderlands.
  9. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero Now that the Allies have giant scorpions, the Reich's days are numbered.
  10. Re: The Amazing Darkon Dr. Destroyer needs volunteers?
  11. Re: Silence is Golden What if he has an attack Multipower? Can you link to a Multipower?
  12. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I watched Bug. That was a good movie.
  13. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero
  14. Re: The Amazing Darkon Was that the guy who could create a blinding absence of dark?
  15. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Situation -- Yazoo
  16. Re: Hypothetical Planets (in our solar system)
  17. Re: Silence is Golden But that makes it an advantage, no?; when actually it's a bad thing for the character? Isn't this analogous to buying a gun with Trigger (when character pulls trigger of gun)? The speaking is just the SFX of activating the power.
  18. Re: Silence is Golden Well, he can talk, but if he does, it blows stuff up. This is why I was thinking of some sort of Side Effects for Voice.
  19. Re: Hypothetical Planets (in our solar system) I thought Yuggoth was just inspired by the discovery of Pluto?
  20. Re: Hypothetical Planets (in our solar system) Don't forget Yuggoth.
  21. Re: Silence is Golden Oh I do like that!
  22. Re: Dreams in the HERO House I used to have recurring dreams in which I would be located in areas of immense size -- buildings that went on for miles (often made of glass), endless beaches. Usually there would be large objects floating about like gargantuan museum pieces. Salvador Dali Hero? There was also the perpetual "falling horizontally" dream, in which I knew that at any moment gravity could change polarity and I would be swept off the side of a building/into the street and "down" became redefined. Aha! The paranoid dream! Probably the inspiration for many a Philip Dick no
  23. Re: Silence is Golden Wow, I did not know about Voice actually being quantified. Thanks! This generates another problem -- Voice is free. So if you apply Limitations to it, what happens?
  24. Hiow would you guys build a Black Bolt type of character, one who cannot speak without unleashing his feared destructive power? I have a couple of issues here. 1. Incantations vs. Restrainable vs. Not Usable in a Vaccum (sorry, I can never spell this word). I've never quite understood whether Incantations includes the Not in a Vacuum limitation, which would be odd since they are both -1/4 Limitations (for Incantations for an Instant power). Also, it seems a Grab could keep the character from speaking (you cover his mouth), which sounds like Restrainable, which for some reason is a -1/2 li
  25. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero
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