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  1. Re: Alternate Earth 3: Passionless Christ Well the crude version of GIbbon's theory that I have received second-hand is that Christianity's nonmartial virtues caused the Empire to become less martial. This is probably a misrepresentation of what Gibbon thought though. I don't think there's anything in early Christianity about slavery being wrong. I imagine it falls into the class of things that belong to Caesar.
  2. Re: Alternate Earth 3: Passionless Christ Broke Christianity how?
  3. Re: Alternate Earth 3: Passionless Christ I realize this is a highly contentious issue -- but Gibbon theorized that Rome fell precisely because it converted to Christianity (if I remember the theory correctly). So maybe the Empire would have lasted longer. Maybe.
  4. Re: Alternate Earth 3: Passionless Christ
  5. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero What bugs me about ETTBP in retrospect -- not that it occured to my 12-year-old self -- is how impossible the situation was. This is a problem endemic to Gygax modules, I know -- the unsupportable ecosystem. The ship's decks were each only a few hundred feet across, stuffed with hungry carnivorous monsters. Fully a third of the top deck was inhabited by a large tribe of vegepygmies (maybe two tribes? I don't remember). What the heck did they all eat?
  6. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) I'm totally enjoying this thread. Total Rat Bastard Hero E.E. Cummings Hero The Ultimate Stamp Collector Sex in the City Hero Horde of Locusts Hero
  7. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Diff'rent Strokes Hero The Ultimate Menial Laborer The Ultimate Rent Boy Canadian Boy Band Hero
  8. Re: VIPER Athame's Mage Slaying blade. Only vs. Magical Defenses deserves a much higher limitation value than -1/4, in my opinion.
  9. Re: Ghost Rider He did a real cool Japanese version, I think. The Defilers, was it?
  10. Re: "Never Miss" powers OK, you quibbler. Does it do the job?
  11. Re: "Never Miss" powers Why not this: 2d6 RKA, Area Effect (1 hex; +1/2), Megascale (1 hex = 1 km; +1/4) (52 Active Points), Only Affects One Specific Target in Area Effect (-?)
  12. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) DEX and CON are very important characteristics in the Onanist genre.
  13. Re: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Hero Yep! My 12-year-old mind thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  14. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) The Ultimate Onanist
  15. Re: What gives the "rightful" king the right? You guys could just settle this disagreement the old-fashioned way by having a war about it.
  16. Re: Name that flag-suited hero! I think "Captain Glory" sounds like a Gospel singer who got superpowers. Plus, it's begging for dirty jokes. No, no, no.
  17. I loved loved loved loved loved, and I do mean loved, this DnD module when I was a kid, and although I haven't actually seen a copy in lo two decades now, I had a serious nostalgia flash looking at some of the illustrations online. I was just idly wondering if anybody had ever tried adapting it for Hero, and what became of it?
  18. Re: Access Isn't ghoulish and cultic infiltration of society a Lovecraftian theme?
  19. Vestnik

    Quantum Powers

    Re: Quantum Powers I hate Luck powers, but it seems justfiable in this case. I wouldn't do it myself, but that's just because I hate Luck powers.
  20. Re: Telekinesis Super. Who would win in a fight, Tanner's girlfriend or Mechanon? Time for a vs. thread!
  21. Re: Disads for Dana Scully I often do this on dates.
  22. Re: Simple questions on AP caps In "realistic" settings, they probably are. What else is there -- electricity? In general though I think you are right. For some reason the Limitation values in the published writeups often seem way too low to me.
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