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  1. Re: DC Universe Character Question IIRC the New Teen Titans (during the Wolfman & Perez period) had a run in with either Hyperion or Adonis who made Wonder Girl fall in love with him. Problem was, it never wore off.
  2. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Today it's... 16 Best Songs of Johnny Cash (I actually like this better than his Folsom Prison album) Extreme Honey by Elvis Costello Joshua Tree by U2 (easily one of their best albums) The White Stripes' self-titled album and... AKA I-D-I-O-T by the Hives I have to say that the Hives is a really great band. If you like punk and need something new, pick up the Hives, especially Vini Vidi Vicious. F--king great album.
  3. Re: Your PCs might be overpowered if... If you have ever solved a dilemma by moving the entire Earth backward in time... If your character is based upon an Alan Moore character whose theme was to show that the more powerful someone is the more removed they are from humanity...
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? My current playlist has... The White Stripes (Elephant, Get Behind Me Sata, White Blood Cells) The Eels (Souljacker) The Hives (Vini Vidi Vicious <- a pure punk album!) Beck (Guero <- not his best album, but "E-Pro" is a good song) Tears for Fears (Best of) Coldplay (X and Y, Rush of Blood to the Head) Billie Holiday The Broadway Cast of Guys and Dolls Ella Fitzgerald Tom Jones Louis Armstrong David Sylvian (Gone to Earth) Bob Dylan (best of) REM (Automatic for the People) Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Californiatio
  5. Re: Golden Age Day Jobs Yeah, I know that a lot of Golden Age people worked entertainment jobs, but I am favoring jobs more that don't have rigid schedules like daily radio shows.
  6. Re: Golden Age Day Jobs I don't see entertainer or singer as especially viable. They have somewhat fluid schedules, but once a date is set it's set, or your out of work. Freelance artist works for me. It would be especially cute if based upon artists from the time. The trick would be to keep yourself freelance. During the war the comic companies had high demand for product, but their best people were getting drafted. (I've been reading "Tales to Astonish".) I added PI. Traveling salesman is interesting. You'd be the butt of Fuller Brush jokes, but...
  7. Re: Golden Age Day Jobs Good point about the veteran. I guess I was thinking more about background than job on that one. I'm primarily trying to steer people away from having anything to do with the military as a day job (i.e., being a member of the armed forces) as the demands of time and government monitoring make it impractical to the point of impossibility.
  8. (I can't remember if there's been a thread for this already. Please post a link if there has.) I'm writing some background stuff for a Golden Age campaign and I'm looking for day jobs for super-heroes. So far I have research scientist, dilettante, freelance reporter, and WWI veteran. Keep in mind that I have a couple of rules. The day job has to have flexible hours so the hero can take off on a moment's notice and save the world. The day job also cannot involve significant monitoring by the government. Thanks for any help.
  9. Re: The Punisher vs Bugs Bunny Pretty much any time you ask me about anyone/thing vs Punisher, I'm voting against the Punisher as a matter of principle. I really hate that character. And any time you pose a whoever against Bugs I gotta go with Bugs because, like Godzilla, he always wins. And I'd love to see Punisher and Elmer Fudd commiserate over a couple of beers.
  10. Re: Superheroic Weapons of Legend The Aegis of Athena was a goat-skin covered shield which made you either invincible or invulnerable, depending on translations. If it makes you invincible, then I would have it give a HUGE Aid to Dex and Spd. If it's invulnerable, then I'd refer you to the 185,597 threads on Captain America's shield. Heracles employed arrows dipped in the venom of the Hydra. The venom was so virulent that it practically killed the immortal leader of the centaurs (caused him such pain that he begged the gods to revoke his immortality, which they did). I'd make tha
  11. Re: "Mostly Harmless" powers Anyone mention "communicate with fish" yet?
  12. Re: Rules For Picking A Superhero Name If your name has a rank or title, make sure it's the right kind. Captain and Sargeant are hero ranks. General, Commander, and Major are villain ranks. Mr., Dr., Professor: could go either way.
  13. Would any of you GMs allow an advantage like this... No Size Penalty: +1/2 Works just like No Range Penalty, except that the attacker suffers no minuses for the target's size. ???
  14. Re: Multi-form suggestions? First off, kudos to Number Two son on a great name and concept. Second, any crystalline form should allow for some kind of EB re-direction, though not reflection. So, some kind of missile deflection with reflection at any target except the original attacker.
  15. Re: When you think "Superhero".... I don't know about anyone else, but I associate pose as much as anything. I get an image of a colorful figure leaping into action. The details get blurred by the motion, but the figure remains iconic as well as dynamic.
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