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  1. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Today it's... 16 Best Songs of Johnny Cash (I actually like this better than his Folsom Prison album) Extreme Honey by Elvis Costello Joshua Tree by U2 (easily one of their best albums) The White Stripes' self-titled album and... AKA I-D-I-O-T by the Hives I have to say that the Hives is a really great band. If you like punk and need something new, pick up the Hives, especially Vini Vidi Vicious. F--king great album.
  2. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? My current playlist has... The White Stripes (Elephant, Get Behind Me Sata, White Blood Cells) The Eels (Souljacker) The Hives (Vini Vidi Vicious <- a pure punk album!) Beck (Guero <- not his best album, but "E-Pro" is a good song) Tears for Fears (Best of) Coldplay (X and Y, Rush of Blood to the Head) Billie Holiday The Broadway Cast of Guys and Dolls Ella Fitzgerald Tom Jones Louis Armstrong David Sylvian (Gone to Earth) Bob Dylan (best of) REM (Automatic for the People) Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Californiation) Madness (One Step Beyond) Blues Traveller (Four) Rollins Band (Weight) Scissor Sisters (Take Yo' Momma Out Tonight <- from iTunes) Parliament Funkadelic (best of) U2 (Hot to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "White Blood Cells" by the White Stripes. F@&king awesome band!
  4. Re: what non-fiction books have you read? please rate it ... If any of you are going to run or play in a Victorian era game you NEED to read "What Jane Austen ate and Charles Dickens Knew." An excellent book for getting a grasp on British culture and life at all levels during the period.
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER I think it's photo-manipped. First, on the model on the left, the strap behind the breast is not straight and I don't see how in that position it could not be. Second, the model on the right's head is too small for her body. Third, the model on the right's bikini is too bright for something that's supposed to be in shadow. Keep in mind that I really don't care either way.
  6. Just finished this guy. He's sort of a cross between Spider-Man and Superman. Superman's Hercules vibe, Spider-Man's emotionally and socially awkwardness. Now I just need a costume... Keep in mind that his STR Boost uses a limitation not acceptable to all GMs. Origin: Still working on it, but it has the following elements. Parents are scientists working for hi-tech merc cartel Parents and cartel dug up lion-skin with blood stains. Lion-skin is inexplicably uncutable. Blood stains are similarly inexplicably inseperable from hide. That is until Tom's would-be father theorizes that the proteins are "locked" somehow and that they just need to apply a unlocking protein. After some marginal success using proteins from bird feathers, Tom's Mother-to-be makes a guess and applies proteins from a peacock feather. The blood cells come right off. And attempt to grow a child in-vitro from both Mr and Mrs Banner with DNA grafted from the blood sample fails. Turns out they can't graft it on, for some reason. What they can do is synthesize an artificial spermatazoa from the blood sample and impregnate Mrs. Banner with it. Mr. Banner doesn't like that idea. As an infant Tom is separated from his parents and the cartel. Tom winds up being raised by distant relatives. The cartel believes Tom to be dead. Though always amazingly strong and healthy as a child, Tom never develops super-powers until his teens when Mr. Banner (after re-finding Tom) sets some were-snakes on him to test the success of the experiment (or just kill Tom and resolve that particular issue with his wife).
  7. Colored tights are really a thing of the past aren't they? [sigh]
  8. I think it does. "Unified" by definition means all in one. If you have an "event trigger" that explains some powers, but then you also have magical beings who came to be what they are by a separate magical process, then you have an un-unified -- or multiple -- origins campaign. This is what I do. Since in the real world what we wind up with when we debate the big (and not so big) questions is a bunch of people debating various theories, none of which fit quite right. So in my campaign I present the various theories, about ten of them, which range from the religious-based, to the scientific, to the cuckoo-based. I present the theories in simplified form, and give the summary arguments for and against. Theories include: An unidentified xeno-virus An unidentified capacity for all living things to subtly alter the fabric of reality A race of mysterious aliens who implanted the super-potential in Homo sapiens for reasons unknown, but ominous The will of (insert deity of choice here) No such thing as supers, it's all a Jewish-Zionist Hollywood-made conspiracy like the Moon landing and the Holocaust
  9. I see what you're saying, LL. That certainly works for me. Though that is an unusual form of the "unified origin" scenario. Most usually state some kind of energy field or incident of genetic manipulation.
  10. My problem with the "X-Effect that makes super-powers possible" idea is this: If the x-effect is scientific in nature, then all the magical characters are not actually magical. They are people who are using ritualism to manipulate some kind of scientifically-based energy. This effectively means that they are deluded. True, for some mystics this means that they just know the energy by a different name. But the Christian mystic who believes that his powers come from God is wrong on a very fundamental level (no pun intended, I swear). It also means that you can't play a thunder-god-turned-super-hero. If the x-effect is magical in nature, then all the technologically-based characters (i.e., the powered-armor types) are using wild-card-type tech. This means that their tech does not actually work, they just have a super-power which makes their pseudo-tech work. In effect, they are deluded.
  11. I had a thread going for a long time on the previous board (is that the "pre-Crisis" board?). It was a long, long, LONG discussion of whether it was better to have a unified explanation for super-powers or not. It all really boiled down to personal taste. The unified origins option means that the campaign can be more consistent, and that has certain advantages to it. The un-unified origins allows more freedom for character generation, and allows you to simulate classic comics better.
  12. ten dee six energy blast, oh eye eff rad blaster pistol
  13. The main thing I'd like to see would be fewer side-bars and better organization. I think 95% of all the stuff in the side-bars and in the option sections of all the powers should be shunted into later chapters, or genre books. It would just make things less visually busy and easier to deal with. I also think this would make the game friendlier to new players. I've tried to rope in new players who take one look at the book and say "no thanks."
  14. I can tell you what I do (see attached example of "Solar-Flare"). 1. Make a figure in Poser. 2. Export the "shot" to a .psd file. 3. Open the file in Photodeluxe (any other layered graphic design program will do) 4. Make several copies of the one layer. 5. Colorize each layer to the colors that I want in the costume. 6. Delete the bits I don't want and play around with putting one on top of the other. 7. Merge and export to a .jpg (attached example was converted to a gif, which is why its so grainy).
  15. I'd also say -1/2, but if the campaign uses a lot of traps or automatons... Also, what if I send a robot to kill this guy? If the DS is telepathic in nature, would the DS not go off because the robot is not sentient? Or would the DS go off because the PC can sense the robot's master's intentions?
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