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  1. Thank you all, these are neat ideas. Ghost Dancer- I don't like the more ham-fisted methods of saying "you can't customize your character", however; yes Pics/Paper/etc is definitely quite wise here, as it will help with player actions more. TheRealDeal - This is something towards which I am leaning, and seeing it written out like this actually gives me a clearer idea on how to implement it.
  2. I am preparing to run a Play by Post (PBP) campaign using 6th edition. I am looking to make combat run as smoothly as possible, and especially as quickly as possible; with respect to Speed. Factors to consider: 1) Most players check the site no more than once per day, thus if combat begins - and players have more than a speed of 1 - they will likely only manage to type-out/roll a single action (phase) at a time. 2) I don't want to get too ham-fisted about restrictions, although I am limiting speed to 4 - I don't want to get any tighter than that. 3) I intend for there to be between 4-6 PCs. 4) I am sure that there are others, I just went brain-dead.
  3. In answering your question - it might help to begin with definitions: This is not a coin, there are three subjects: Overt: Outright, visible and claimant. - "We take responsibility for the action - and claim we did it." Clandestine: Sneaky, but still belnging. - "We're not saying we did it, but, yes we're those guys." Covert: Hidden Hand. - "No, we did not rig that election. Someone else did." (it was really us.)
  4. "The Rebirth Initiative" Ultimate Goal? Not world dominance, but a modified New World Order. Capture Supers, collectivize their powers and disperse this back into the genetic pool to give a mass reset to the entire world. Scruples? Oddly, quite a few - while they will kill, hunt, wheel-n-deal; they ultimately want every formerly downtrodden individual to suddenly stand on equal footing with the rest of the world. Simultaneously wiping out cancer, plague, debt and nationalism. Tropes: Magneto's (Movie) Brotherhood of Mutants, Fight Club -debt erasure, and "the gold-hearted mad scientist." Means: Hiding out in individual countries with a combination of non-extradition clauses and few qualms with genetic engineering, they build charities, research centers, and political asylums. They will ALWAYS seem like "the good guys" compared to the PCs. For every bit of collateral damage, their media-relations folks will make the Heroes seem like pitiful fools hell bent on the destruction of "once safe and peaceful lands." Any attacks on their experimentation will be the sign of "environmentalist wackjobs."
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