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  1. I had it and BLEW CHUNKS! Unless you need a program that lets you encounter wizards in the streets of Hudson City and you really need to know that the wind blows from the North-East in Lafayette Park. Never did I spend money any worse than on that program.
  2. And here are the others. How I acomplish with ease where lesser men fail, you ask? 1) My Google Fu is strong. 2) The Force is with me. 3) I am the Favourite of the Gods (Ra especially) and Beloved of Isis. 4) The rest is Prussian efficiency.
  3. I have some of those you are looking for (the first three) included with this post. The others I don't have. Hope it helps. P.S.: excuse the missspelling in the first's title. Me no come from English-speaking country, you know (and I only saw it when it was already uploaded).
  4. Re: Pirate Hero arrrrrg! For adventures take a lot at the old Hero Games supplement PIRATES! For older but still good stuff (if you can get it you'll get it for cheap) take Falshing Blades "High Seas" adventure module and Skull & Crossbones "Pieces of Eight" by FGU. Each module has 3 respectively 4 adventures and some plot hooks/ adeventure ideas thrown in. For a good read on pirates' myth and reality take a look at David Cordingly, Under The Black Flag. The romance and reality of life among the pirates, New York (Random House) 1996 There are probably more recent ones out th
  5. Re: Wunderwaffen!!! - Secret German Warmachines of WW 2 Die Deutsche Wochenschau, March 18th, 1945: "TATATATATAAAATAAA (BUMBUM) - DIES IST DIE DEUTSCHE WOCHENSCHAU! While Allied propaganda rants about the fall of the Reich and the defeat of Germany our glorious Wehrmacht is on the march again. Here you see an 88 stopping the Red Army at the outskirpts of Breslau in Silesia. And more and more troops are on the march to the east to drive the Slavic untermenschen back to their Jewish masters in Moscow. Leading the offensive that will carry our soldiers back to the Ural Mountains: T
  6. Re: 2300 AD Kafers?! The Speed approach(in conjunction with increasing INT for a set period of time and lowering it again when "out of combat" for a considerable amount of time makes sense to me.
  7. Re: 2300 AD Kafers?! As far as I understand Käfers their whole civilization goes up if there is violence involved. So it seems to me that the increase in INT is longer for them to sustain. Or am I wrong (the Käfer myth of the "clever barbarian")?
  8. Re: Single Green Superhero seeks.... (personels for your characters) Single Hunnish Male, bound on world domination, seeks SWF who likes to talk, rant and kill. Must like power-armors, the color red, and must be into kinky stuff (blinkblink). Mechanical abilities to repair triplanes prefered but no must. NO POSERS! Every picture message gets a reply!
  9. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. Agree with Hisho (though I still thing that RUNENHAMMER is better than MAGNI - but that is just personnal taste and depends on how far you want to get into the mythical background). The "Überschutztruppe" really sound silly in this German's ears: Maybe you want to consider: "Sondereinsatzkommando S" (Special Task Force S - like in S for Super), if the group is like police. or just "Kommando S" for short. And Hisho is right about the "über". And another "real life problem": I'd guess that most German superhero
  10. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. Ah the good ol' days when we paid in Mark and Pfennig - now with the Euro price have skyrocketed and ... Okay, back to the topic: No 18 month natonal service in Germany an ymore - we still have the draft, but it's only 9 month now and socila service (whiyh you have to do if you don't want to serve in the Budneswehr) is now the same length of time (used to be 10 months). There still are reserves, but not as many as there used to be and even though I served I'm not in the reserve. Guess you have to yell "Here! Here! Take me!" and j
  11. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) What about American Idol Hero? Play people with no talent who are an embarassment to themselves and their families. Or Pope Hero. More like a one-on-one-campaign kit. (Popero for short)
  12. Re: You've taken over the world. Now what? I'd go for that, too - but I would relieve my newly subjugated subjects of the enormous tax-burden to by my chix golden bikinis. Hey, they are fine without them! That should put me into their dearest heart ... WHAT A LEADER Der Rote Baron IS! they'll say. And from then on my dictatorship is fine.
  13. Re: New Millennium: Worth mining? We I bought C: tNM "back in the days" I was excited to see a new version of the game becuas eit was advertised as an easier, more accessible version of HERO (had no problems with it, but heck - A NEW VERSION OF MY FAVOURITE GAME - WHOOHOOO!). Wasn't impressed with the system. Did not get the reason to have Body and Stun at the same level and with no connection between the two stats. Everything was "same, but slightly different", but not as accessible as the old 4th edition. The artwork was great though, and I wonder why this is not possible with today
  14. Re: I'm gone Nice! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Can give you a tour of my cozy little town (three castles, medieval houses, industrial museum, THE IRISH PUB ...) - mi casa, tu casa (yeah, my Spanish sucks).
  15. Re: Euro-Villain Charater Challenge Thread I AM A EURO-VILLAIN! Nuff said ... no! Wait! My ten most favourite quotes: 1) "Ve haff vays of make you talk!" 2) "Oh, how pathetic - you whimper like your little sister before I shot her ..." [bLAM!] 3) "My admiration! I never imagined that somebody could endure such torture and live! Honestly, you are the first - but all things go stale after a while, don't they? ..." [bLAM!] 4) "My secret plan? There is nothing secret about it - I am going to kill you." 5) "Death by electrocution is too good for you." 6) "If you cooperate I
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