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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Heh! Not quite. The Davey Crockett was a recoilless rifle you could mount on a jeep with a range of about 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 mi. Atomic Annie was a little bit larger with a range of about 20 mi. There was a great range of weapons produced: Nuclear Artillery And there was a whole slew of strange ideas. How would you like to be the soldier issued this? Backpack Nuke And my personal favorites: a nuclear-powered cruise missile and a spaceship powered by nuclear bombs Sorry to tread-jack. "Now back to our regular program ..."
  2. Re: Help for a World War II game The closest I can think of off-hand is Dany St-Pierre's Hero Pulp website. It's for 3rd or 4th Edition but converting isn't too hard. The best source is to find a copy of the Golden Age of Champions supplement (sadly OOP). It's for 4th edition Hero System, but it's chock full of templates, equipment and information for running a campaign during during World War II.
  3. Re: Another Zepplin book recommendation Sounds great! Another one for my to read list. Thanks! "They're blighters and beggers with villainous needs pursuing a black sheep's craft But lives thus filled with dastardly deeds end on a DEAD MAN'S RAFT!"
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