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  1. Boy, I go away for a little while and you geniuses (genii?) start coming up with a bounty of new tricks. Awesome stuff, everyone!
  2. I run a one-one-one campaign that right now is play by e-mail (it was a once a month gaming session over G+ for two to three hours but the birth of my son a few months ago made that impossible). Would I qualify to play-test this product given that the game will be played on a sporadic, whenever my player has a moment basis?
  3. I was re-reading Star Hero last night and wound up writing the attached PDF. I decided that I really preferred acceleration-based movement for my starships rather than velocity-based movement, so instead of Flight I created the Propulsion Power. It costs exactly as much as Flight but has different effects. If a GM wants to use the Propulsion Power but doesn't want to rewrite his existing ships he can apply a +0 Advantage to the Flight Power: Acceleration-Based. That effectively turns Flight in to Propulsion. I haven't play-tested it yet (heck, I just wrote it last night and really haven't taken a step back to see the flaws). Maybe I'm wrong and the RAW for Star Hero work better. I'll leave that up to all of you. [ATTACH]n45074[/ATTACH]
  4. Re: Hero System Vehicles I remember that thing! Where the heck did I put that... Oh, yeah. The garbage.
  5. Re: Genius Tricks With the feedback I've had so far, I've composed an unofficial chapter for Champions Powers called Genius Powers. I've attached it below. Don't stop with the ideas, though. I have no problem adding to the PDF. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45397[/ATTACH] [EDIT] Updated with a few new Powers. [EDIT]
  6. Re: Genius Tricks I thought of another one: Sherlock Holmes' ability to "read" a person's (or an object's) recent history, habits and occupation with just a cursory examination. I Perceive: Retrocognitive Clairsentience (Sight, Smell/Taste, Touch And Hearing Groups), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (105 Active Points); Retrocognition Only (-1), Requires A Roll (Deduction roll; -1/2), Time Modifiers (-1/2), Must Be Able To Perceive Target With Normal Senses (-1/2), 30 Real Points It's retrocognitive because Holmes is looking at what the object/person did in the past (including his current profession, as the clues on that person are from recent performance of that profession). Although Holmes primarily relies on sight, he can use the full range of his senses to make his observations, but the target of his observations must be within range of his normal senses.
  7. Re: Genius Tricks Here's a sample of the kind of thing I'm hoping for: Sherlock's ability to "read" what a character is thinking via deduction. Deduce Thoughts: Telepathy 6d6 (30 Points), Only For Reading Thoughts (-1/2), Extra Time (1 minute, -1 1/2), Normal Range (-1/4), Requires Deduction Roll (-1/2), 8 Real Points. [Edit] By the time I finished this I got two great responses. Thanks! Keep them coming! [Edit]
  8. Champions Powers has a lot of option for physical and psionic powers, but there seems to be nothing for simulating the true genius; the one whose creativity and brilliance transcends the INT Skills. I'm thinking the people like Sherlock Holmes whose deductive/inductive abilities bordered on superhuman, or the Doctor, or Mr. Fantastic, or the Marvel NOW! version of Bruce Banner. I'm not talking just throwing a Gadget VPP together, either. I'm talking thinks like Holmes being able to deduce what Watson was thinking just by a few minutes of observation, or being able to perform mental tasks much more quickly than normal, or never missing a clue, etc. So after the fashion of Champions Powers, what would be some Basic Genius Tricks, Offensive Genius Tricks, Defensive Genius Tricks, Movement Genius Tricks, Sensory Genius Tricks and Miscellaneous Genius Tricks?
  9. Re: Hero System Vehicles Personally I'm waiting for Hero System Economics 6E, where they go into an extremely complicated money system for Hero. It will include rules for banking, investing, loans, offshore accounts, pyramid schemes, and investing in the stock market.
  10. Ok, I understand how to build a Lab using Skills, but what about a simple weight room? There is no Lifting Skill, so on what would I base this Lab? A Professional Skill? Can you build a lab based on a Characteristic?
  11. Just wow! http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/ (Requires Google Crome).
  12. Re: Looking for Feint Feedback Thanks to everyone who has weighed in so far. This has given me a lot to think about.
  13. Re: Looking for Feint Feedback Not all the Combat Maneuvers are Attack Maneuvers in the RAW. The ones that give you a bonus to your next attack, for example Brace and Set, are examples. Feint is pretending at an attack rather than making an actual attack. You are correct that the OCV/DCV modifiers of an Attack Action replace those of the Feint Action. However, if you Feint as your second Half-Phase Action, those modifiers remain in place until you act next Phase. So it is still worth having Martial Feint or Passing Feint rather than just the free version of Feint. You are also correct that allocation of CSL's only occurs once per Phase. You can dump them all into your Feint, you can save them for your attack, or you can split them. Personally, I'd only put a lot of CSL's into Feint if it were my second Half-Phase Action, so I could get the benefit of any Feint bonus and CSL's on my attack or DCV. As to your last point, I can see where you are coming from. However, you are also not trying to "hit" a target when performing a Block (no damage is intended) but you still use OCV to do it. Feint is still a combat action, and using OCV to trick the target (to "hit" for deception rather than for damage) makes the most sense for me. I could also hear an argument for using MOCV and MDCV for Feint instead of OCV/DCV if you use house rules such as the Skill CV optional rules or require MOCV/MDCV rolls before making Presence Attacks. Since the use of Feint is psychological as much as physical, that might be a reasonable substitution. Not my personal preference, you understand, but I could see it working.
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