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  1. Does ANYONE go to New Jersey voluntarily?
  2. Thank you for clarifying that for me, Michael. While I understand that line of thinking, I'm not sure that I support it. Is there any proof that the security measures were inadequately implemented or did the fan just manage to subvert them all? Were there other measures that are in use at other stadia that Birmingham *could* have used and chose not to? It still feels like the team is being punished for the actions of a single fan and I can't say that sits well with me.
  3. Check the top right corner of the page. See the envelope icon? Click on it, use the "Compose New" button, and put "Jason Walters" in the "To:" field.
  4. I don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something. Why punish the team he was supposedly a fan of? How is it Birmingham City's responsibility that they have (had?) a nutjob as a fan? If something like that happened in an NFL or MLB game here, would we expect the team to be punished for the actions of a fan? (Raiders and Chiefs, I'm looking at you.)
  5. Are we going to a-veil ourselves of bridle puns now?
  6. If you're going to drive 200+ mph, are you going to bother trying to stop at lights?
  7. I don't disagree with anything that's been said. There were a lot of deaths in Aquaman, including some that he could have prevented. It occurred to me today while discussing the movie with a coworker that it wasn't the dark way the previous movies were shot that bugged me so much . . . it was that they didn't seem to offer any hope for a world better than what was portrayed in the movie. Wonder Woman (the character, and therefore the movie) seemed to provide a bit of hope that the whole world wasn't just "kill or be killed". One of the main themes in Aquaman is that h
  8. The DVD for Aquaman? Yes, definitely! To me, this was easily the best DC movie so far. Wonder Woman was a step in the right direction and Aquaman really moved the whole franchise away from the dark, grim look that they'd been using.
  9. All patients get a free cat scan . . . even before the lab work begins.
  10. Isn't that how they got the different flavors of Diet Coke?
  11. In my family, that would be considered a completely legitimate question.
  12. I have a Ruger Mark III target with the bull barrel like that picture . . . it's a nice pistol. Disassembly and reassembly isn't the easiest, but I think there were some design changes for the Mark IV that make it much easier. I've shot a couple of the Ruger SR22s, belonging to my mother and one of my friends. It's smaller and lighter than the Mark III and shoots well, but might not be quite as accurate. If you have indoor range close to you that have policies similar to the ranges here, you might be able to rent each and shoot them a bit before you buy one.
  13. Actually, yes. I'm not a great marksman, but I have a little Browning .22 lever action rifle that I can put rounds through quickly and on target. I'm not quite as fast with it as with my Ruger semi-auto 10-22, but I'm at least as accurate out to 25 yards. I've also got a Browning 20-gauge pump shotgun that I can shoot quickly enough to keep up with most semi-autos for five shots . . . a couple of former coworkers were amazed that I could fire so quickly with it, but I've been shooting that particular shotgun for over 30 years. I carried it when quail hunting in my teens and learned to be
  14. I don't imagine it's all that great for the people whose houses have been destroyed, either.
  15. For me, it's an energy projector--probably because that was the first character I played, the one I played the longest, and the one that I played the most frequently. (Gotta love college . . . almost the entire gaming group lived on campus, so we played up to 7 nights a week.) I've played pretty much everything archetype through the years and had fun with all of them--but Spectrum was *my* defining character.
  16. The "Basic RCMP Officer Package Deal" is on page 49 of the 2007 edition (for Fifth Edition rules) of Champions of the North. It has 45 points of abilities, perks, and skills with 35 points of disadvantages. I no longer have the BBB--mine fell apart years ago--to compare this package deal with the Policeman deal from Fourth Edition. The abilities are 'Observant: +1 PER with Sight Group' and 'Foot Pursuit: Running +1" (7" total)' for 2 points each, perks that include National Police Powers, a Weapons Permit, and 4 points' worth of Contacts. The skills listed are relat
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