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  1. 16 hours ago, tkdguy said:

    I notice I have to sign in every time I visit the site on my phone. I could stay logged in before.


    Is there a "Remember me" box on the login screen on the phone and is it checked?  I only use a PC, but noticed that I had to sign in a couple of times when repeating visits because I'd forgotten to check that box.

  2. The palindromedary has a good point ... I wonder how long it DOES take the average bullet proof superhero to overcome their body's natural reflexes to avoid danger?


    "Colossus ... why are you under the table?"


    "Sorry, comrade - shooting started and I dove for cover."


    Colossus might be a bad example.  Didn't his powers first manifest when he ran in front of a tractor to save his sister?

  3. The group I last gamed with had guys with degrees in History, English, Accounting, Computer Science, and a couple that didn't have degrees.  In terms of the best mathematics ability, it was probably me (Computer Science), the History major, the guys without degrees, the English major, and finally the Accounting degree.

    The accountant blamed the fact that he was always using a calculator for him not being able to do simple arithmetic . . . or even to count the pips on his dice correctly.

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