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  1. Do you want all seven of them to exist at the same time?  If so, I'd go with Duplication with altered duplicates as suggested by aylwin13.  If you just want one of them to exist at a time--which I'm just guessing at based on the "all seven have the exact same mind and personality" part--I'd use Multiform.  I'm not a big fan of Summon, but Greywind is correct in that it could be used.

  2. From page 10 of Ultimate Martial Artist:

    "Characters can use some martial arts with weapons.  But not all maneuvers apply to all weapons; a kick can't work with a machete, and holding a spear doesn't improve a dodge."


    A quick read-through of the write-ups for Fencing, Arnis/Kali/Escrima, and the rules for creating a custom martial art doesn't seem to indicate any kind of price breaks for maneuvers that are limited to being used with weapons.


    Fencing specifically states that it's designed for use with Blades and characters "may not buy Fencing maneuvers for other classes of weapons . . . or for use in unarmed combat".


    Arnis/Kali/Escrima talks about adding WF: Barehanded to allow some of the maneuvers to be done without a weapon.


    So, I'd basically do what you suggested originally and just specify which maneuvers can be done barehanded.

  3. Does Shazar want just anyone that finds the ring to be able to access the powers?  If so, I'd call it a universal focus, maybe with the "Independent" (-2) limitation if that's still in 6th Edition.


    If the ring is for a SPECIFIC person (or series of people that are worthy, like Green Lantern rings), it sounds more like a plot point that wouldn't necessarily need to be statted out.

  4. Missouri's gun laws are now basically the same as Kansas', which I think was part of how they got through the Missouri legislature.  Other states with essentially the same laws include Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska, and Vermont.


    Besides, I'm not convinced that the new law is really going to change who is carrying.  Our concealed carry law was pretty relaxed to begin with and a lot of people that I know have already gone through the CCW classes and gotten their permits.  I almost never bother to carry, but that's mostly because the areas I'm generally in are pretty quiet in terms of crime.

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