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  1. Massive Mind Control to make everyone in the city sell their property at a ridiculously cheap rate, including inducing the municipal government to sell off all public property as well.


    Lucius Alexander


    The palindromedary notes that one can steal something and leave it right where it is.


    So . . . Detroit?

  2. I played in a game for a while where the GM allowed us to roll a single die after a critical hit, then roll the damage for the attack.  Any die in the damage roll that was less than the single die was automatically bumped up to the single die's value.  I thought it worked well and it sometimes led to max damage on 12 - 15d6.

  3. Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is it's just a thread. It's not real.


    Uhm the bad news.







    The snakes under your bed are real.

    I've had that nightmare.  Under the bed, in the bed, coming out from the walls, dropping from the ceilings . . . woke up just after midnight a couple of weeks ago in a cold sweat from one of those.  Fortunately, I had to be at work at 04:00 that morning so I only really lost a couple of hours of sleep.

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