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  1. We already have Dr. Destroyer doing that.
  2. You forgot "No Conscious Control" for another -2.
  3. Are you trying to start another "Pun"ic War?
  4. "Its just that today's comic fans want gritty, angry, murderous guys in leather jackets and chains." Aren't those the "heroes" now?
  5. Isn't is generally easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission?
  6. To be fair, the History Channel doesn't just show Ancient Aliens and Ax Men. They also have a bunch of shows about Hitler (and speculation that he didn't actually die in a bunker) every couple of years.
  7. What do you do that would make people want to shoot at you, anyway?
  8. Me to a rather liberal (politically) coworker with the hiccups: "Want me to scare those out of you?" Her: "Give it a shot." Me: "President Donald Trump." Her: <Hiccup> "Didn't work." Random customer that was standing in front of us: "Well, THAT'll give ME nightmares!"
  9. Smelt the gold off it and do something useful with it?
  10. Mizzou's campus police are commissioned police officers. While I can't find anything right now indicating specifically if they're armed or not, I know that Missouri does allow private security to be armed--at least some of the guards at my job (a healthcare IT company) are armed--so it's quite likely that the campus police are armed.
  11. Seven-Fold--a member of the Seminole Nation's Bigtown clan--is a duplicator, able to create 7 duplicates of himself. Each duplicate has somewhat different abilities reflecting the other historic Seminole clans, namely Panther (martial artist), Bear (brick), Deer (speedster), Wind (energy projector), Bird (flight and enhanced senses), Snake (stealth), and Otter (aquatic abilities).
  12. Are you SURE you want an answer to that question?
  13. Elektra? Most of the X-Men, although maybe their uniforms give them some?
  14. To squash bugs, of course.
  15. "Disney Princess Jabba"? As in Jabba the Hutt? No, thanks. I'll pass.
  16. He throws a holiday party, "strongly recommends" attendance . . . and charges admission. I have no ideas for a new topic. Shadow Hawk, you were the response before mine, so feel free to suggest the next topic.
  17. He'll get better. Heck, a spear through the chest didn't stop him for long. No way a rock to the head will.
  18. And were transferred against their wills to replenish the mysteriously depleted ranks on the Enterprise.
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