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  1. That is interesting. As I recall, the University Police at my university were basically lowgrade state cops. They had jurisdiction for all crimes committed on campus and could carry guns. But it has been a few years so maybe I am misremembering them being armed.



    Mizzou's campus police are commissioned police officers.  While I can't find anything right now indicating specifically if they're armed or not, I know that Missouri does allow private security to be armed--at least some of the guards at my job (a healthcare IT company) are armed--so it's quite likely that the campus police are armed.

  2. Seven-Fold--a member of the Seminole Nation's Bigtown clan--is a duplicator, able to create 7 duplicates of himself.  Each duplicate has somewhat different abilities reflecting the other historic Seminole clans, namely Panther (martial artist), Bear (brick), Deer (speedster), Wind (energy projector), Bird (flight and enhanced senses), Snake (stealth), and Otter (aquatic abilities).

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