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  1. Schnapps and rum aren't even close to the same thing, so how did I get them confused?
  2. Looking around here . . . yeah, I think I agree with Cancer!
  3. I'm not sure that's trans-gender so much as trans-species.
  4. To me, it kinda looked like he was about to push her in.
  5. There HAS to be a story behind that, Cygnia.
  6. Is that rhetorical or do you actually expect me to know?
  7. Milky Eagle Owl, and his name seems to be Ernie based on what I find after looking at several things about Warwick Castle. Here's a video of part of the falconry show: http://bokeflo.com/the-falconry-show-warwick-castle-uk-milky-eagle-owl
  8. Hunting parties using silver bullets?
  9. Why? Did you see sharks that we didn't jump?
  10. Do you think that's shellfish of us?
  11. Does that mean that we took the bait?
  12. Didn't you send this conversation to an aquatic theme on porpoise?
  13. The heck with work. It'll still be there later. Enjoy the show!
  14. Wood you beleaf that I tried to leaf, bud I had to come back to see how long this wood go on? Edited because I forgot what forum I was in and neglected to ask a question originally.
  15. I vaguely remember hearing a joke about splitting Alaska in half, thereby making Texas the third-largest state.
  16. Doesn't ring any bells, but this site might be of some use: http://www.loganberrybooks.com. I did a little searching there based on your post and didn't come up with anything helpful, but if you go to http://www.loganberrybooks.com/stumpthebookseller, there's a way to submit requests to them for help (costs $4).
  17. Yeah, well, Harley's psychotic. Edit: Geez, I really need to pay attention to posting dates before I reply.
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