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  1. Re: +? Disadvantages Er, so the Total Cost and the Total Disadvantage Points are always the same.
  2. Re: +? Disadvantages Ah, I think I get it now. Thanks!
  3. Re: +? Disadvantages In this case its total Disadvantage Points are listed as 300 as well-- they aren't the same though... are they?
  4. Re: +? Disadvantages I replied before Thia's response registered in the forum-- so the Agathodaemon has 195-point Experience Points in addition to starting points of 75 and disadvantages?
  5. Re: +? Disadvantages Ah, thanks for the illumination! In regards to the Agathodaemon (if you happen to have Monsters, Minions And Marauders handy) can you guys tell me why it has a 195-point disadvantage called Experience Points? Also, its total Disadvantage Points are listed as 300, though I only count 225 (not including the 10 for STR 0 and the 8 for BODY 6). Further up it lists Total Cost: 300. Is this the same? Thanks again.
  6. I have a feeling this is a painfully obvious question. Generally in descriptions of monsters or NPCs the list of disadvantages is preceded by a bold number (usually 75) + Disadvantages. What does this number represent? In some cases (Randall Irons page 343 of Hero System 5th Edition Revised) the total value of disadvantages is equal to 75+, while with others (the Agathodaemon on page 5 of Monsters, Minions And Marauders) it is not so clear--in this second case it lists the total value of disadvantages at 300 though I only count a value of 225 (by the way this creature as a disadvantage worth 195 points called Experience Points, which I don't understand either...). It seems to me this should be delineated some obvious place in the rules but I haven't found it yet.
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