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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to inject my current campaign with an NPC who was a member of SAT back in the day - kind of a Nick Fury type of guy, plus he utilized the Southern Cross armor to be a front line guy, so Nick Fury meets Iron Man. Trouble is, I don't have any real information on SAT OR the Southern Cross armor. Can someone point me to the right source material? Yes, it may be out of date...but I'm a old school kind of guy. : Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
  2. DJWebb2

    Binary Man?

    Hey Hivemind! Does anyone know where I can find a write up for Binary Man, or if anyone has a write up for him? The pdfs I have keep mentioning MilCity, but I have gong through the book and have not seen a write up. Thanks in advance! Best, DW
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input, it is appreciated!
  4. That's what I was thinking but I didn't want to go the easy route....thanks!
  5. Hello Hivemind....can anyone tell me if someone has ever done a character write-up fro Vixen of DC comics fame?
  6. OK, so once again I go to the Hive-mind to get opinions and advice for building out an idea that I had last night. I guess I should start by stating the idea, no? Here goes: Idea: Legacy of the Past This may have been presented previously, but I have not seen it. So the character is a recipient of legacy power, the primary of which is much like Kid Eternity from DC comics, but instead of Summoning a spirit from the past he can summon their skills and/or powers they had. Example: His grandfather was the one who transferred the power to him and he [grandfather] was a hero in WWII known as the Steel Samurai > martial brick w/armored form. So his first "summon" would be to call upon his grandfather's power and memories, but he has an akashic record of his family line back for 1000+ years that he can call upon. So, do I go the easy route and VPP it or ??? Thanks, Dave
  7. Thank you ALL for your input and advice. I really appreciate your insight. I came up with another idea last night that I'll post in just a sec, but thanks for this! Best, Dave
  8. I've read several pieces on several web sites, but it just gives me "she can stretch really far and change shape" - yeah, ok got that but I was curious about things I might be missing. Anyone have any thoughts? I appreciate any reply. Thanks, Dave
  9. Again, thanks to all who have given input - it is appreciated. To give more specifics about the scene itself: 4 undercover VIPER agents pulled up in a generic rented car (nothing special), each had a 8d6 blaster pistol (normal damage) and a single Stun grenade to knock their target out (6d6 NND gas grenade). On phase 12 the Speedster of the PC group runs up and Disarms the leader, taking away her blaster pistol. The brick got to go before the agents (higher DEX) and punched the leader using his full STR (15d6). I told the players that when the agents pulled up they had changed into more casual gear from the evening clothes they first saw them in the previous scene. Still wanting to preserve their cover as "normal" couples I didn't give them too much armor (armored street clothes 3rPD/rED) because they weren't expecting to deal with metas, except for their target - a known telepath. At most they [VIPER] were expecting other agents to oppose them. The VIPER agents had/have 10 BOD 26 STUN and the damage rolled was 17 BOD 55 STUN -> in and of itself, the leader might have survived that, albeit being severely damaged. However... 10 inches of knockback that knocked her into a building, resulting in extra dice of damage which did the agent in. So...I want to preserve a blend of 4 Color/Realism in the game, but not bring down the hammer (if that makes any sense?). I also want to use this as a teaching device so the player (the brick) knows that he needs to gauge his strength when he tackles normals. Thoughts? Feedback? Dave
  10. Thanks for your input - both of you. To answer your questions freakboy: party Telepath read her mind as the VIPER car was pulling up. They jumped out of the car brandishing pulse pistols and did not fire, but were trying to go after an NPC the team was protecting. The brick grew in size and proceeded to smack the leader of the VIPER group. It was pretty much a one-hit fight as he PRE attacked the rest of the group into giving up.
  11. So one of my players (the brick) punched a normal undercover VIPER agent in my game on Saturday. The agent had little to no DEF because she was undercover. In HIS defense, he is a brand new character as in new to his powers, the idea of being a superhero, etc. His group is/was loosely affiliated with PRIMUS and they currently have the character in custody. So how do I get him out of it, or do I just tell him his character is incarcerated and he needs to make up another character? Any advice is welcome. DW
  12. Real sorry about not jumping back on - real life/work has kept me away from gaming for a while. I just caught up with this string this past holiday week and I thank everyone for their input - Especially in conversions and the re-tweaking of FW.
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