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    MuensterCheese got a reaction from AstroMacGuffin in Excel Character Sheet for 6th Edition   
    I found a few problems with the character sheet and thought I'd post a solution rather than complain, since this was great of this member to post.  Please note that I am going off of Champions Complete 6th Edition, which is a subset of the Hero System, 6th Edition.  Perhaps costs are not the same; I don't know:
    Cell H13 should be 1 not 2 (for EGO cost) Cell H22 should be 1 not 2 (for REC cost) Cell H23 should be .2 not .5 (for END cost) Cell H25 should be .5 not 1 (for STUN cost), then the Format needs to be changed to Fraction From page 13 of CC6e, "When an ability cost 1 CP for more than 1 "unit" (such as END, STUN, ...), the character may voluntarily accept less than the full unit if desired, but the cost is the same as buying the whole unit.  For example, an END of 35 costs 3 CP; and END of 36, 37, 38, or 39 costs 4 CP, just like an END of 40 would."   Because of this, the calculations for J23 and J25 need to change: J23 -> =CEILING((B23-F23)*H23,1), then change Format to General J25 -> =CEILING((B25-F25)*H25,1), then change Format to General In fact, the above calculation column could be applied to all of column J in the Characteristics section, allowing GM's to create fraction costs for other characteristics, specific to his campaign.  Also, Excel won't complain about an odd calculation in the middle of the others.
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