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  1. High OCV, PSL's against range, Weapon Familarity, I normally create my sniper's rifle and scope with character points. Bundle the scope with Telescopic sight, Thermal Vision, Night Vision, etc. Also I would take Lightning Calculator to quickly work out the drift of my bullets. Maybe some amount of AP on the rifle if you wanted a bit more overkill. AP or Penetrating would do that.
  2. Drhoz, I have to say I LOVE reading of the adventures you post. Gotta love your shadowrun group, they really liven my day reading of their antics.
  3. Agent K: Support character, Danger Sense, 4d6 Aid, 8d6 blast, Detect Life Forms, good list of disadvantages to make him not rely on the blasts too much. Also has a nice collection of contacts. Rajid: Ex-military sniper. Wears the ear of the first person he took out. Suprisingly didn't take any crazy disadvantages just a hunted. Works good in long range, or close range for the most part. His scope has PSL's for range modifiers, night vision, thermal vision, detect range, etc. He should have no difficulty dropping people from a distance. Decent skills, especially a couple KS and PS that have helped him out. Player used to play a glass cannon that was only good for fights, loving him playing this style though. Agent A: Interrogations/Coversations. High Presence (Campaign limit). New to RPGs, but learning quickly. Decent skill sets. Rachel: The largest skill monkey, with some unique favors, and a computer link to a custom satellite. Also a new player who is picking up quickly. Has a DNPC: Rajid, so normally acts as his spotter. Also is a mental illusionist. Has contacts with Prosecuting Attorneys, Judges, and even a favor built for an Airstrike. Carlos Ramon: NPC I have yet to have to use. Taxi-driver who can't pass up pinball machines. He literally has a power I found from Hero System Super Skills somewhere that is for pinball machines. A martial-artist with a decent gun, and ironically the only character with any combat driving for something in near future Manhattan. Had this group of players literally waltz into the big bad's main lieutenants base, where they were outnumbered 14:4. They proceed to roll an amazing presence attack and convince the people in the room to surrender. Then they decide to grab the LT.'s radio and use Mimicry to tell the guards to leave their posts that cops were on the way. (somewhat true, as they also called the police in and police were en-route.) They succeed. Somehow a fight that I was planning on being tough for them (most enemies were well suited for neutralizing most advantages the team regularly deployed.), managed to be entirely circumvented in 3 rolls. Players are planning on hitting a gangs base (the one in the preceding paragraph). Don't inform their bosses (the police and FBI), instead start trying to figure out a way to get in and get everyone. Half the players are honorable, have a CvK, or have a duty to protect the innocent. Never the less first two plans are: 1) Have the player with the Presidential Contact ask for a carpet bombing of the warehouse area in Manhattan where the gang is. 2) Have the other player who has an airstrike built into a favor, use said favor to level the area. Later the players decide on a slightly better plan; the players are disguised as the robbers who went after the bank. Guard: Where is Joe? Didn't he drive you? Agent A: He did, but we had a run in with the cops. He caught a bullet in the fire fight. Cops got him. Player rolls conversation with some penalties, and fails horribly. The players ask me how quick the need to drop the guys before people are alerted. I said they had till the enemies phase. Rajid: I'm going to shoot the guy 2m from me. Rolls and barely hits, then rolls the 7 Stun 1 body Rajid: Apparently I just tapped him with my gun instead. Agent K: I thought you were supposed to be a SNIPER. Later on right about the end of the session. Agent K. makes a danger sense roll. GM: You get the feel an impending danger for Rajid. Agent K. With my detect lifeforce can't I detect where frome? GM: Your in a van going down the highways, you detect people all over. (He can tell where an alive person is not thier disposition or anything.) Roll your perception though. Agent K: By 5. GM: You notice a blacked out Humvee speeding up towards you. Agent K: I want to take all 5 charges of my 8d6 small AOE blast with a trigger and stick them onto a brick. GM: Ok. (Roll and see that there is a brick in the van). That will work. Now what? Agent K: I open the door of the van and throw it in their window. Assuming I make it I will blow it up while blowing them a kiss. Rolls and succeeds... Needless to say yet again my players circumvented two battles I had planned on being difficult with no problems. They have yet to get shot at in the three battles they were in thus far. At least they are playing their characters well, even the two beginners, and my third campaign is going well. It's all been fun, which is the most important part. EDIT: Added description of the players, and fixed the name I remembered now.
  4. QM, very nice posts, bookmarking this to help with planning any campaigns I want to run. As a new GM, I have found planning out large campaigns a tad rough, this should help a ton. Have you considered making that into a few page PDF to upload? BigDamnHero, you also have some good posts, your notes document will also be of some help, also that sounds like a fun campaign to run. Probably going to borrow a couple things from both you and QM for houserules. Chris, thank you for uploading all the old papers. That Campaign Sheet will help keep me and the players on the same page.
  5. Malik would run towards Rajid the team's brick who could use a 25d6 energy blast once a day. Alternatively he would use his skills to engineer a caged trap to attempt to train it
  6. Hmm just seen this on my Facebook. Say hello to my little friend the .557 Tyrannosaur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZcMS1sYy9U http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.577_Tyrannosaur
  7. I normally watch the combat and see what tips I can glean from other players who have more experience than me, but also pay attention to figure out my next move. It will occasionally involve planning an attack with another player as well. Generally our group is decent about not messing with the phones and such. We joke a lot, some in character and some out of character, but try to keep most of it in character.
  8. I'd be interested in seeing how this works out when you get it ready to run. I was contemplating running a cyber hero game myself at some point, but haven't yet looked deep enough into anything.
  9. Not sure if it's a good thing this got my mind thinking of how to actually work this out... Would probably be interesting...
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmxYePDPV6M That stays on anytime I need to program work or am writing.
  11. The GMC FP-45 Liberator is a single-shot small frame pistol chambered for .45 ACP. It was created in 1942 by the US Army Joint Psychological Committee and produced by General Motors. It was cheaply constructed and only holds one round, however, the US Army never actually intended to give this pistol to front line troops, but rather friendly fighters in enemy territory. The idea was to do a mass dropping of these pistols so the fighters could find one then sneak up on an enemy soldier, ambush him and then take his weapons. Needless to say, it didn’t work that well. Some historians say it was successful in intimidating enemy troops. Yes, you read that right. GMC made a pistol.
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