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  1. Dark Champions package deals work very well with this type of game, maybe excluding a few of the options. Field agent, secret service and military package deals will probably form the backbone of these characters mostly. These can be different nationalities, double agents, soldiers and special operatives with lots of complementary skills and types of approaches to situations. I should read some more fiction to come up with NPC / PC ideas. The weapons used in the CoD game should mostly be in the Dark Champions book (stat-wise at least), with some exceptions like the AK-74U that probably has a higher concealability, and the XM4 which is based on the M4/XM177 most likely. Most of the weapons have a real-life example of it. I'll go over the weapons list, and find real-world versions of them or stat them/name them up as they are in the video game. Pulling additional weapons from movies/video games for a game based in the 90s and later most likely. The combat will most likely be cinematic, not using hit locations/disabling etc. to keep in line with the video games. Maybe allowing for a -8 shot to the head when sniping or using "bullet time"/focus <- Heroic action points (use an action point to get a headshot without penalty to hit, otherwise take a shot with modifier). Miniatures along with a hex map is probably what I'll be using for face-to-face games. The mood will be one of technothriller stuff (80s/90s technology), Tom Clancy-esque, fast-moving globetrotting adventure, with tons of locations and quick gunfights on different "battle boards" (found a lovely hex grid booklet for sale).
  2. So I started playing this video game the other day and was totally drawn in by the "vintage" take on the classic Call of Duty formula. I like the stylistical choices in the game, especially the first mission where dudes are plain-clothes, armed with assault weapons and going after enemies of the State. The bug bit me hard. So I gained back my tabletop motivation (after burning out on multiple projects) and started thinking of ways to do this latest Black Ops game on the tabletop. I'll start working on a campaign guidelines document, but I was hoping to steal you guys' ideas and then make the document with input from other people. What does a modern Cold War game need in it? (era could be present-day, 80s, 60s to 70s etc.)
  3. Yep. I was on a vampire and werewolf kick while devising this design document at first. Now the cooler option seems to be to keep it strictly human-oriented.
  4. So I've been playing this video game series a lot lately, and I started thinking about implementing it on the tabletop. How would one design the various drones and special equipment that's used in the game?
  5. I thought with premade characters and explanation of the mechanics (Roll low for everything else but damage) would allow me to run a game for new people.
  6. Yeah I thought about doing something like that, set in the Skyrim universe (TES...anyway) where I roll premade characters and the players get to choose.
  7. Hail again, I have an opportunity to run a game session for beginning players next month, and I'm pondering whether to use Hero with an established setting or just go with the beginner sets I have accumulated (to gather dust) over the years. Hero is such an opportunity for different genres, despite having lots of crunch. I'm wondering whether a Skyrim game or wild west stuff would go well with a new group. Would you run Hero for complete beginners?
  8. Pilots are usually in the head portion. They can get punched to death by other mechs.
  9. I took a stab at another mech from the Battletech board game: Commando COM-1C: Size: 8 (25 tons) cost: 40 pts Length: 6.4" (12.8 meters) Width: 3.2" (6.4 meters) DCV: -5 STR: 50 KB: -8 BODY: 18 DEX: 18 (cost 24 pts) SPD: 4 (cost 20 pts) Movement: 10" combat movement (97 km/h), 20" non-combat (correct me please, if wrong) Weapons: Light autocannon (RKA 3d6, 45 charges [1 ton of ammo], OIF bulky), 34 pts total Medium laser (RKA 3d6+1, increased END cost [x3, 15 END per shot], OIF bulky), 16 pts total Power plant: Endurance reserve (60 END [6pts], 30 REC [30pts], OIF bulky, Only powers electrical devices), 28pts total Propulsion: Extra limbs, arms and legs, limited manipulation, 4pts Mech limbs, running 10"/20" (8pts) Armor: Front DEF 2+8 =10 total, (24, 180 degree coverage -½) 12 pts Rear DEF, 2+3 =5 total (9, 180 degree coverage -½) 4 pts Operations systems: Mech sensors, Radar, 15 pts Nightsight: Infrared, 2pts Nightsight: Ultraviolet, 2pts Mech communications: Radio/Video, 4pts Personnel systems: Ejection seat, 6pts Life support (Heat, cold, radiation), costs END, 11pts
  10. Makes more sense now, I just forgot how the mechanics come together while reading and stopping for breaks.
  11. Battletech weapons to Hero Damage Classes: BT damage -> Hero damage 1 (LRM damage, 6 damage classes) = 2d6 2 (SRM damage, machine guns, AC/2 etc., 9 damage classes) = 3d6 3 (Hvy machine guns, 10 damage classes) = 3d6+1 4-5 (RAC/5, AC/5, flamer, pulse laser, 11 damage classes) = 3d6½ 10 (AC/10, large pulse laser, ER PPC, etc., 12 damage classes) = 4d6-1 15 (Heavy PPC, ER PPC, 13 damage classes) = 4d6+1 20 (AC/20, Long Tom etc., 14 damage classes) = 4d6½ 25 (Long Tom, 15 damage classes) = 5d6 30 (Long Tom flechette ammo against infantry, 16 damage classes) = 5d6+1
  12. Robot Warriors lost me at advantages being a negative value, and disadvantages being a positive value. It's totally upside down compared to modern Hero specs. I stopped reading at that point, and turned to Ultimate Vehicle, which resulted in the Atlas writeup I did. The END reserve for mecha in TUV give a mechanism for overheating and taking recoveries, which is genius on part of the writers. I think they knew folks would go to Battletech mecha for inspiration. I am still figuring out which armor values and END reserves to use for various mecha. Maybe take the heat sink values off the published Battletech mechs, and reverse engineer them to provide END and REC values for specific mechs.
  13. Here's the classic Atlas with modern styling:
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