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  1. Pilots are usually in the head portion. They can get punched to death by other mechs.
  2. I took a stab at another mech from the Battletech board game: Commando COM-1C: Size: 8 (25 tons) cost: 40 pts Length: 6.4" (12.8 meters) Width: 3.2" (6.4 meters) DCV: -5 STR: 50 KB: -8 BODY: 18 DEX: 18 (cost 24 pts) SPD: 4 (cost 20 pts) Movement: 10" combat movement (97 km/h), 20" non-combat (correct me please, if wrong) Weapons: Light autocannon (RKA 3d6, 45 charges [1 ton of ammo], OIF bulky), 34 pts total Medium laser (RKA 3d6+1, increased END cost [x3, 15 END per shot], OIF bulky), 16 pts total
  3. Makes more sense now, I just forgot how the mechanics come together while reading and stopping for breaks.
  4. Battletech weapons to Hero Damage Classes: BT damage -> Hero damage 1 (LRM damage, 6 damage classes) = 2d6 2 (SRM damage, machine guns, AC/2 etc., 9 damage classes) = 3d6 3 (Hvy machine guns, 10 damage classes) = 3d6+1 4-5 (RAC/5, AC/5, flamer, pulse laser, 11 damage classes) = 3d6½ 10 (AC/10, large pulse laser, ER PPC, etc., 12 damage classes) = 4d6-1 15 (Heavy PPC, ER PPC, 13 damage classes) = 4d6+1 20 (AC/20, Long Tom etc., 14 damage classes) = 4d6½ 25 (Long Tom, 15 damage classes) = 5d6 30 (Long Tom flechette ammo against infantry, 16 damage class
  5. Robot Warriors lost me at advantages being a negative value, and disadvantages being a positive value. It's totally upside down compared to modern Hero specs. I stopped reading at that point, and turned to Ultimate Vehicle, which resulted in the Atlas writeup I did. The END reserve for mecha in TUV give a mechanism for overheating and taking recoveries, which is genius on part of the writers. I think they knew folks would go to Battletech mecha for inspiration. I am still figuring out which armor values and END reserves to use for various mecha. Maybe take the heat sink
  6. Here's the classic Atlas with modern styling:
  7. I don't know whether to go theatre of the mind or just mapped combat with these versions of mechs. The original idea was to use BT minis alongside with other vehicles and foot soldiers on the table. You can do that with the BT board game itself though, so I don't know whether I'm going to just ditch this project or work it into something. I had other ideas for mecha, and the Ultimate Vehicle seems to be able to do robot suits passably, so I could create a homebrew campaign around a military-themed game with mecha.
  8. Cracked open Ultimate Vehicle and started tinkering. Here's the result. Atlas 7-D (assault 'mech) Size: 10 Length: 10" (20 meters) Width: 5" (10 meters) Mass: 100 tons DCV: -6 STR: 60 KB: -10 BODY: 20 SPD: 4 (3" per phase, 54km/h) Armor, front: 2+18 (20 DEF) (coverage 180 degrees) Armor, rear: 2+10 (12 DEF) (coverage 180 degrees) Weapons: Heavy autocannon RKA 4d6½, 5 charges (1 ton of ammunition) Long-range missiles RKA 2d6, AF20, 12 charges (2 tons of ammunition) Short-range missiles RKA 3d6, AF6, 1
  9. Sounds workable. I had this idea to run Heavy Gear-esque mecha for another campaign idea. Trying to wrap my head around the Robot Warriors book right now. Theater of the mind seems to be the way to go when minis aren't available (too few mecha war games).
  10. @Chris Goodwin How would you create a robot that carries different weapons depending on the mission (using them like an infantryman, with hands/extra limbs)? edit: I'm reading through the original Robot Warriors at the moment.
  11. I'd love to run a military-themed campaign using my Battletech minis in tandem with Hero System created characters. The Dark Champions book has good military templates, and one could do a special forces game where the players are a scout team working for a mercenary company in the Inner Sphere. If I get the Clan Invasion box, it could be either a clan game or an inner sphere game. Dark Champions has tons of guns in it too, and one could just "re-skin" them using the lore and weapons manufacturers of the Battletech Universe. I'm picturing a mech pilot loadout with a PDW, camouflage
  12. Came up with a campaign skeleton where I create a number of maps with my warmat terrain, and things will develop naturally from the outcome of the battles the characters will face. I also decided to let my players create their own super powers. I am going to give one or both player characters junior leadership, where they can command a number (squad) of men, and I will run the squad following orders as best they can. I have this vision of the battlemat being set up where I give the players a tactical map of the situation with no enemy troops on the map, and they have to decide wher
  13. Yeah I bounced around some concepts in my head (on paper). Character options: (TEMPLARS) Politician/orator, agent, inquisitor, soldier/officer, occultist (ASSASSINS) Pirate, woodland indian, half-blood, savage, criminal, shaman Werewolf, Vampire Combat will be melee-focused with muskets firing at the beginning of combat. I wrote up some weapons stats (muskets, flintlock pistols, tomahawks, swords). I might use a spell memorization system if I don't come up with something more interesting. Hit locations, disabling, endurance all in use. Some way t
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