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  1. How's the conversion work going? I have an interest in this as well.
  2. I was under the impression that the 4th edition is easier to run because the book is more concise.
  3. Might not get the BBB, but Heroes of Vengeance is available in hardcopy on ebay. Just for the sake of completeness
  4. I've looked at 4th edition Champions and I might be getting the book. The system seems simpler than 5th or 6th editions, but are there other reasons to buy into 4th (plus sourcebooks)?
  5. I'm tempted to pull a "shadowrun" on this campaign and put all the races and aliens on Earth, with alternate history and the possibility to FTL-travel to the Pact Worlds later on in the campaign. I know Golarion is it's own thing, but the space is vast, and possibilities are endless
  6. Meanwhile, I need to start looking at equipment (Dark Champions staple). I'm going to go loose on weapons limitations due to class, so that everybody can wield the weapons they buy familiarities for. Pilot dudes can use PDWs like tankers, give them assault rifle damage, a range mod of 0, Perception modifier of +3 to +4. Actually most of the characters will benefit from having these weapons, I gotta dig up my weapons pictures to get a visual. A subvocal mic and radio systems for all member of this "squad". Personal body armor that looks like clothing. Grenades and explo
  7. I don't know, you gave me a lot to think about. Maybe it could be division that broke off the Starfinder society when something disastrous happened to SFS members in the past. Maybe a number of society members were kidnapped for human trafficking and drugged to become slaves. Maybe the PCs are a group that were loved ones or relatives of these people, and formed a clandestine "gang" to deal with the culprits. The crime, whatever it was, affected the PCs to trigger their thirst for vengeance and breaking off on their own to get even. Possibly the Starfinder society rega
  8. I should probably watch those movies for research. I made the race conversions on paper a while ago, with Star Hero and the Starfinder book at hand. Was pretty straightforward to convert the stats. Characters are the easy part. Creating a fun story for the players to interact with will be more difficult. I don't know if I'll go the Batman -route or something more paramilitary, but it's forming slowly in my head.
  9. I want to use my Starfinder pawns for a game (I have 3 packs, including Alien Archive 1), and to FINALLY use Dark Champions again for a game, since it's my favorite HERO System book. I just got the idea for a mash-up game of vigilante heroes as aliens and elves, dwarves and ANYTHING ELSE in the Starfinder universe. It's probably going to be a game focused on the Absalom Station of the Starfinder universe, with the option of branching out to different worlds once the game has been established. Costumed (alien) vigilantes brandish their assault rifles and laser guns against the
  10. I got the Robot Warriors pdf plus the guide for later editions. Will it be easy to convert Battletech mechs to this version of Hero? I want to create a campaign around the mechs I have collected so far (AGOAC box), and make it FUN!
  11. I worked out an example mech using my damage/armor calculations. Battlemaster BLR-1G Body: 15 (Hero) -> 4 Hits Hits multiplied for hit locations as follows: Head (-1 Hit) – 4 Hits Center Torso – 8 Hits Left/Right Torso – 6 Hits Legs/Arms – 5 Hits Armor values as follows (1.5x multiplier): Head – 6 Center Torso – 12 Left/Right Torso – 9 Legs/Arms – 8 I also ruled that each 6 scored on a damage die reduces location armor by 1. You can also use the Hero System to create different types of ammo for ballistic weapons, for example the armor piercing a
  12. I did some work on bringing Battletech to Hero System statistics. Basically, I'm working on a modded version of Hero combat for miniatures, I squeezed the stats down into smaller numbers (Hits = Body/4, Shock = Hits x 2,25, Morale = Basic roll of 11-) and worked on the mech weapons like autocannons and lasers and stuff. Converting specific mecha to Hero, by eyeballing the stats like armor and chassis points and giving the a Hero equivalent. This is work in progress currently. I could go with guidelines like giving assault mechs 5 Hits for limbs, 10 for the t
  13. The main goal of the game is to use the Pact Worlds as the "universe" for the game, so I have all the published materials plus upcoming sourcebooks to use with my homebrew version of Starfinder. As an ongoing IP, Starfinder will be around for a few years at least, and the sourcebook bloat isn't anything like Pathfinder 1st edition has currently. It will be easier to keep updated on the materials and use any new books that come out with my campaign. I could bridge Pathfinder to Starfinder with Hero System easily, but that's not what I'm aiming for with this initial campaign.
  14. Alongside my Pathfinder project, I'm working on a version of Starfinder that incorporates the Force and Jedi into the universe, with a "cold war" going on between the dark and light side of the Force, similar to the prequel movies (in terms of public knowledge). I have vague images of what I want the end result to look like, but here are some of the things I've decided to work on: 1. Include all the races from Starfinder into the mix. These will be portrayed by the various pawns for Starfinder RPG, when miniatures are called for on the battlemaps. 2. Make it more gritty and cy
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