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  1. Hey Barton, Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately neither players are keen on playing multiple characters. Thanks
  2. Hi There, I am going to begin to run a 2 character campaign for four-colour supers (HERO System of course). Just wondered if anyone had any adventure module suggestions that can handle this low number without too many issues? I am happy to grab anything that anyone suggests - it can be non-HERO as well - would also be great to know any particular modifications that were made to any recommended adventures to make them more "workable". Thanks Moochiepoochies
  3. Thanks for the offer - I was able to get this from another board member. Really appreciate the support!
  4. Hi There, Getting back into Champions and was looking for some V&V conversions. From the threads on the forums I can see that Proditor has done a whole bunch however I can't see where to download them... I have tried Proditor's Pad (http://www.proditorspad.com/) however this seems inaccessible. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Appreciate the assist! Moochiepoochies
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