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  1.  Let me know what yo0u need art wise. as my schedule is opening up around the middle of March, so I am available for art. Give me the specification in terms of sizes and resolutions needed.

    I assume B/W? I would have to charge for Color, though, as it takes longer.

    Let me know what I can do, as I think the project is MUCH needed, these days.


    Contact info 


    Moghero#9403 on Discord.


    1. Christopher R Taylor

      Christopher R Taylor

      March sounds good, by then I should be able to have most if not all the rough draft finished and have a good idea what we'll need.  I want to hash out the prebuilt PCs before I get far into the Player Book and maybe we can work out some designs.


      By the way, do you know how to contact Pat Zircher?  I know he's big(ger) time these days, but I wonder if we couldn't get him to donate a piece for the cover, for old times sake.  After all he got his start in Champions and may even still play.

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  2. I enjoyed your write-ups in the thread "6th Edition Champions" including some from Watchers of the Dragon, etc. It's been awhile  but I don't suppose you'll be doing more in this? It was great.

    1. Christopher R Taylor

      Christopher R Taylor

      I would like to get back to it some time but all my available energy and time is being spent trying to get the Field Guide done and published.  Some day I hope to get back to doing those again

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