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  1. OK I found a way to show off all the character designs at once, you can see all the colored version and the male/female images of each character at THIS HERE LINK.  All 10 characters are in there in both sexes.  I haven't finished coloring all of them as of this posting but am getting them done slowly.


    Please let me know what you think, I really appreciate the input.

  2. Yeah but here's the thing: Blast ½d6 DOT 12 intervals once a segment, (cannot stack defenses apply only once) is a 15 active point power.  Blast just plain ol' 6d6 is a 30 active point power.  Because while they end up doing exactly the same, damage the DOT can be stopped at any point before the effect ends and the character can be healed in between.  Its that time in between that makes it worth less active cost.  And even with the fire-and-forget nature of a DOT, its still not as valuable.


    Not being able to access all your power right away means the same kind of thing happens, I only got him with a 4d6 blast because I could only shoot him once.  Or, I got him with a 4d6 and a 5d6, but in between he recovered.  That's just not the same as a 12d6 blast even if eventually you can get there.  Once you get there it is, but until then, you've got significantly less power.   I think that if this is properly designed it won't have the same active cost as a just "I can do this out of the box" 12d6 blast.

  3. The thing to remember with Marvel (and DC) is that the money for them comes from stuff that isn't a comic book these days.  Tee Shirts, pajamas, buttons, hats, ... games.  So if they can get a share of the RPG market with this, well its all just cash for them because the IP is already locked in and they have a gazillion art samples to use for illustration.  It doesn't have to be good, it just has to get interest and sell.

  4. I liked the way the twins in Alpha Flight worked, individually they were powerful but they could do a big Flash attack if they worked together.  The concept of two characters in a group who aren't quite as powerful alone but get more powerful and use great teamwork together is appealing to me as well.



    Dungeon and Dragon :) One has force wall englobing powers and the other shapechanges to a reptilian form that flies and breathes fire.


    I really like this one :)

  5. As I noted before, I understand the prohibition on penalty offsets for Multiple and Combined attacks.  The maneuvers are already really powerful and GMs need to be really cautious about allowing them.  But at the same time, we're simulating genre, and it's important to not hinder or counter genre standards with rules or campaign concerns unless absolutely necessary.  I think allowing them for "trash mobs" or "mooks" is a reasonable compromise that well simulates the genre and the source material.  The examples are incredibly numerous in just about every setting and genre: characters can plow through the goblins/combat bots/agents/etc in large numbers, but have to be more careful and square off individually against more dangerous foes.

  6. Limited Recovery: Wounds cannot heal normally, and require special attention to heal.  Stun damage does not heal with every recovery, but instead only when circumstances or special devices are used, which allows the wound to begin to heal normally:


    +½ if the healing method is common (bandages)
    +¾ if its uncommon (a Healing power, surgery, etc)

    +1 if its rare (unicorn touches its horn to your wound, special isotope found only in the marianas trench, full moon once a year at a special location).

    -¼ from the advantage total if the wound heals completely when the special circumstances are met


    This must be purchased separately for stun and body if used on a normal or killing attack.  If used with an adjustment power, the circumstances begin the normal fade rate.




    And yeah, you can kinda build an array (using Aid) or extra time to simulate a power that builds up, but not only is it clunky (the block o' text), but it gives a big chonk of active cost where you really are not getting all the power from that you normally would.


    Why should 12d6 blast and 4d6 blast that eventually becomes 12d6 if you have time and circumstances have the same active cost?


  7. Both of these are ideas I have played with in the past and never found a really good solution to make them work.

    DOT unlocked some possibilities for this kind of build, so you don't have to buy 800 giga active points then limit them down in cost, but have a minor thing that the active cost goes up with based on its utility, allowing reasonable builds within active point limits.

  8. Quote

    I still tend to find sex scenes in fiction to be completely unnecessary  filler, be it book, movie, or game


    It almost always is.  This is way off topic but its something close to my heart as a writer, so... forgive me.


    People will complain about how violence is okay to show in movies but sex is forbidden blah blah.  The thing is, everything you write into a story has to serve the story: move the plot along, develop character, etc.  Violence can easily do that, but sex tends not to.  Sex is almost always just sex for its own sake: ooh, sexy and hawt!!!  It doesn't reveal anything about a character, it doesn't drive the story, its just this titillating interlude in almost all cases.  Sex can do the right thing (reveal this character's fears, or their violence, or whatever) but usually its just... sex.  And that's a waste of pages, or frames, or digital storage.  Cut that out and what has the story lost?  Nothing.

  9. I kinda liked the format for Winter Soldier, but it meant the first episode I kinda scrolled past a bunch as it were, having not seen the show.


    As for Steve Ditko, artists and writers (trust me, being one) are generally strange people.  Sometimes the strange matches up well with what we are comfortable with, sometimes its a clash.  Ditko was a bit of a curmudgeon but I really have to admire his holding to his principles and find his Mr A stuff fascinating even though I am no Objectivist.  I mean, its not like nobody is preaching their own worldview and politics in comics today.

  10. AE Ring: Creates a 2x2-hex ring at the purchased radius.  Use AE Line for cost, the ring is centered at one end, and appears at the far end of the Line.  Tiis ring is "two dimensional" in that it does not create a shell all the way around the central point, only a 2m x 2m ring of effect.


  11. This one is just a minor variant but has been useful for building some powers and effects


    Focus: If a focus is needed only to start a constant power but not maintain it, the total limitation value is reduced by half. 


    Example: a Wizard has to use their trusty staff to begin a spell, but once its going the staff is no longer connected to it and it doesn't matter what happens to the focus.


  12. Yeah I hate Comic Sans as much as pretty much everyone, but I am using a better comic font for headers (same I used in the Dr Destroyer adventure) called Anime Ace.  The main body is Calibri I think?  I used an older, little bit less legible font for Western Hero but it really looked great for the tone of the book.

  13. Oh, OK I'm sorry I misunderstood.


    AVAD is "attack vs alternate defense" in the 6th edition rules, a broader mechanic to include NND and so on.  In this case, it replaces the defense that protects from the attack with a roll: make this roll and take no damage from the attack.  So instead of like, Life Support protects you from poison gas, its DEX roll protects you from the magical spear of ice.

  14. Yeah that was in the original Strike Force, I thought that was a clever device, but I've never thought it was necessary.    Its comics.  If Franklin Richards can be a toddler for 25 years, then the world can be more or less static without needing to explain why Reed's inventions never changed the world.  Comic books are about the illusion of change: IN THIS ISSUE, NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME!

  15. Oh, I would love to have run a really long-term campaign.  Every time people wanted to play something else it kind of broke my heart.  I would pour days into prepping for each game, building the settings, etc.  It felt like they were rejecting my work.  BUt they would do it  no matter who ran.  Let's play Star Wars now!  Let's play a wild west game!  I have an idea for an Indiana Jones game!  I bought a new game, let's try it!  *sigh* ok (crumpling up notes)

  16. The frozen in time thing works really well for a campaign though.  I've never had a Champions game last more than a few years (or any other, for that matter).  My gaming group was easily distracted and would swap campaigns a lot.  For a while we just played Warhammer Quest (which was a lot of fun by the way), for example.  So not having things change a lot in a campaign makes no real difference.

  17. Quote


    [RE CURSE:] I'm not clear on this one.


    Its a variant on Drain, you use exactly the same mechanics, but any complication or limitation applied is treated as a "defensive power" and hence takes twice as much to drain.  Power defense works as usual, it is reversed at 5 points per time interval purchased, etc.

  18. Quote


    My concern on those two point levels is simple.  I can buy 5 such levels, and i can now hit 5 minions with my PulseBlast, once each, with no OCV penalty (assuming I make each relevant to-hit roll).  I can also fire five PulseBlast shots at the Big Bad.  



    Well the concept was, as I understand it, to allow people to buy levels only vs hitting mooks and agents, which wouldn't apply to Dr BadGuy

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