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  1. Thanks for the help Dr Device! Here is what the spell ended up looking like: Wall of Wind: Blast 5d6 vs PD (Wind) Costs Mana Only To Activate (+1/4), Does Knockback (+1/4), Indirect (Perpendicular to caster; +1/4), Area Of Effect (8m Long, 3m Tall, 2m Wide Line; +1/2), Constant (+1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Double Knockback (+1/2) (94 Active Points); Magic (-1), OAF (Only to start; -1/2), Side Effects (Entangle 3d6 1 PD, 1 ED; 1d6 each phase until free, transparent to all attacks; -1/2), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, -1/4), Short Range (94m; -1/4) *Magic is a catch-all grouping of limitations that all spells must take in my campaign. I bought indirect so the line doesn't go out from the caster's facing, but shows up as a wall in front of them. So it creates a wall 8m wide by 3m tall that does 5d6 and double knockback (away from the wall, of course) to anyone that encounters it or tries to go through. If I wanted to jack up the cost even more I'd tie in some kind of missile deflection but its already hella expensive and only the most vastly powerful wizards can even attempt it.
  2. Its worth asking in the official question thread, but I have found nothing in the rules ever that says that buying a area constant makes it do damage every segment someone bumps into it, only on the phases of the creator. Damage Shield is, as far as I can tell, the only thing that goes off every time in response to interaction without regard to the player's speed. That's why 5th edition had that hideous trigger construction
  3. Here's what Wizard Magazine thought in 1995 for Avengers casting. If you don't want to see the image: Howie Long as Captain America Fabio as Thor Timothy Dalton as Iron Man Emilio Estevez as Hawkeye Paulina Porizkova as Scarlet Witch Annette Benning as Tigra Some of those are pretty good casting. Some are... ???
  4. But as I pointed out, that just creates an uncontrolled constant power; it only does damage on the phase of the person who created it. Its not a damage shield.
  5. How do you make a barrier desolidified? I mean putting aside the cost.
  6. Is there any way to create a free-floating damage shield? That is, one without being placed on something? Damage Shields at present require AE Surface, so that it applies to an area that is touched, such as a person or an object. But what if there's nothing there to be attached to? In other words, can you build a damage shield that is like a wall of fire in the air, without being attached to something? Can you legally buy a surface AE on nothing? Just buying a wall with, say, AE line makes it a constant, uncontrolled thing that only deals damage on the creator's phases. Trigger makes the entire construct significantly more expensive (turning it into a 5th edition construct). Barrier would provide something for the surface to attach to, but collapses when breached; you cannot really make a barrier that is only there to serve as a surface, but doesn't get collapsed.
  7. Sure, but it varies. Nobody is universally hated by all the way mutants are in the Marvel Universe.
  8. I think the problem with the portrayal in Marvel isn't the existence of anti-mutant bigotry, but its almost universal status. It would have worked a lot better if most people shrugged at it, but a mean, nasty group hated mutants for being mutants. That would not only fit bigotry better (no group has ever been universally bigoted or been discriminated against) and would carry more impact.
  9. Dispel is really limited in its utility in Hero in one way, though. Dispel my force field and I can turn it right back on next phase. Dispel my flight and I fall a phase, but I'll be going again. Casting time is not usually an issue. I think that's why dispel never really gets used. When's the last character you saw in a book, let alone built, that has Dispel?
  10. Its funny how people tend to not like grim, unhappy, uncharismatic, and non charming protagonists. Strange that, isn't it? Seems that way
  11. Yeah, like I stated earlier, there's a huge jump between "i dislike you because you look different/talk different etc" and "I dislike you because you are powerful enough to melt my brain" Mutants aren't just odd looking or unusual. They are actually, materially dangerous. And they are going to supplant and replace non mutants according to Marvel Evolutionary Theory. That's a huge difference from "I don't like you because you're from Nebraska". That's an actual threat to my peoples' existence. There's good reason and logical basis for fear of mutants in the Marvel universe, its not just mindless, content less, irrational hate. Especially when you factor in all the thousands of times mutants actually have threatened huge bodies of people, if not the entire planet. And at the same time, because almost no mutants look any different than anyone else, there's no reason why people should hate them and embrace other superheroes as happens constantly in the Marvel Universe. In this context, there's no difference between Captain America and Dazzler: both have done great things and protected people, both are attractive and noble, both are consistently heroic (with a few mind control bad moments). Cap is beloved and honored, Dazzler is hated. For no other reason than "we want to push the anti mutant thing for plot reasons." See, what I'm saying here is that no matter how much propaganda you put out, or what cool slogans you whipped up, people would not differentiate between mutant and non-mutant. They'd fear and hate every superhero.
  12. 5 points would give you 1½d6 Dispel, 6 gives you 2d6, so here's both: ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 5 1½d6 5 6 2d6 7 +¼ Advantage ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 5 1d6 3 6 1½d6 5 +½ Advantage ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 5 1d6 3 6 1d6 3
  13. OK some analysis: The thing is, bare Dispel works well: on average you're going to get exactly the active cost or better on average that you paid for the dispel. ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 10 3d6 10 20 7d6 24 30 10d6 35 40 13d6 45 50 17d6 59 60 20d6 70 Its when you start adding modifiers to it that things get odd. +¼ Advantage ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 10 2½d6 9 20 5d6 17 30 8d6 28 40 10d6 35 50 13d6 45 60 16d6 56 +½ Advantage ACTIVE AVG COST DICE ROLL 10 2d6 7 20 4½d6 16 30 6½d6 23 40 8½d6 30 50 11d6 38 60 13d6 45 Now, this happens with damage too; a 60 active point blast with penetration is 8d6 (28 average stun) or with armor piercing is 9½d6 (33 stun) with damage instead of 12d6 (42 average stun). That's usually not a problem because the advantages increase effect on the target, such as halving defenses. But dispel is all or nothing; it works or it does not, and modifiers don't increase that effect. You can buy armor piercing, for example, but it doesn't do anything unless the target has power defense. So advantages just strip down power and you get less and less effect. In a fantasy campaign, for example, you're going to tend to have fairly broad advantages on dispel, such as "affects all magic" which will strip down the effect of dispel significantly and making it fairly weak. So if that effect was true of damage, it would be as if none of the advantages actually increased impact and instead was stuff like Variable Special Effect, Reduced END Cost, and Increased Range. You'd just do less damage to your targets and it wouldn't feel like it was ever worth advantages. The problem here is that Dispel acts like an attack, but isn't really. It acts like a defense too, but its aggressive; it targets and takes effect as Shrike noted. So its a hybrid that is neither fish nor fowl and the rules don't work precisely on Dispel. The trick is to find a way to combat that effect, without making it too effective.
  14. Yeah I have the same basic problem with dispel you do: the active points to equal a power of the same cost means you almost never will succeed. This to me seems to negate the purpose of a dispel; its meant to stop or eliminate powers, but the way its built, it has almost no chance of doing so to an equal power. So you're always using it against weaker powers. It seems like the active cost of a dispel should have a decent, average chance of dispelling a power of the same active cost. I mean, how often does dispel even come up in your game? The way its structured now, its very limited in its value.
  15. Oh it was obvious pandering "look at how woke we are" but meh, its just a big splash page like Dr Mid-Nite said, and those are pretty standard. If they'd had the girls show up and save the day while mocking the men and the men were all worshipful, that would be just annoying and proselytizing (happens enough in movies) but they didn't go there, it was just a nice TA DA!!!! moment like the Avengers pose-off in the first movie.
  16. If that's what Stan intended, he did it in a strange way, since, you know, according to the evolutionary theory used in Marvel Comics, Mutants are going to supplant and destroy the human race.
  17. The old Marvel Super Heroes game wasn't awful, just kinda simple. I expect more of the same with this. But hey, maybe they will surprise us with something amazing. The art and design should look good at least.
  18. OK, I've started some work on both the Player's Guide and the Jolrhos Codex at the same time (since I have to have the one to have the other, and vice versa). The old Fantasy Codex stat block has undergone some changes, to make them clearer, less cluttered, and easier to use. I'm going through the entire Codex and deleting, editing, cleaning up, and adding some new spells. The old Mastery system has been shifted downward in power level, and I've folded Commerce magic into Castle magic as they had huge overlap anyway. The new spell descriptions in the Codex look like this now: The guts of the build (modifiers etc) are not given, since they were a huge clutter and space hog. I'll release a set of Hero Designer files for people who just have to see the guts, and to make tweaking them easier, but for the book, this will be enough. The Player's Guide spell section will include all the spells but only in extreme digest format, such as PSYCHIC BASTION (-3 Roll, (8) Mana) Grants 7 resistant Mental Defense to all nearby the mage The idea is to make things as sleek and tight as possible for players to use, and to trim down the largish size of the books to something more manageable. More on notations, mana cost, etc to come in later posts.
  19. I like Matt Forbeck's work, he did the original Western Hero.
  20. I think that's the main draw of mutants: you don't have to figure out an origin. Some people just have powers, good enough. I think that's partly why Marvel tried so hard with the Inhumans thing, in part. Taking up half a movie with origin story is tiresome. The idea that you don't even need to bother with that at all doesn't seem to have occurred to them yet. I mean, the first Bond movie didn't need an origin story. Indiana Jones went 2 movies without any origin and the third really didn't touch on much except to intro dad. There's no Rambo origin movie (yet, thank God). People are fine without needing to be told the background and origins of heroes.
  21. I'm not really sure what Vigilance is meant to be. Perception? Vigor probably would have been a better choice.
  22. Yeah, seems to be the only way to do it in the rules at present. If you're not sure what its worth, build the power and see what it would cost.
  23. This is the game mentioned earlier on this board, where they have the stats spell out MARVEL:
  24. I think Marvel's biggest struggle right now (like all studios) is going to be the reluctance of people to go back to movie theaters, not to mention how many shut down because of the economic disaster.
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