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    Christopher R Taylor reacted to borbetomagnus in New in the Hall of Champions: The Island of Dr Destroyer!   
    Awesome! I just went over to DriveThruRPG and purchased this classic Champions adventure. Thanks for updating it to 6th edition!
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    Christopher R Taylor reacted to Khymeria in New in the Hall of Champions: The Island of Dr Destroyer!   
    Kicking off a new campaign with this beauty in a few days.  The opening sequence is perfect for new group introductions, and the pacing looks perfect to unfold the personal parts of the characters.  Absolutely excited!
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    Christopher R Taylor reacted to Duke Bushido in New in the Hall of Champions: The Island of Dr Destroyer!   
    Folks, I picked this up when it went live at DTRPG.
    I won't lie: I was curious.  Christopher and I rather famously disagree on a few points of the game (in a proper, gentlemanly fashion, of course), and so I really wanted to see just what he would do with this old adventure to make it interesting again, particularly if, like me, you're a GM who has run the original so many times you get just a flash of PTSD when someone mentions the name of it.
    I don't want to use unquantified superlatives like "blown away" or "astounded" or things like that.  Not because I wasn't, mind you, but because they really don't tell you anything.
    So I will say this:  I was, without exception, impressed with everything he has done to the original to bring it up to speed.  It wasn't just tacking on 6e stats and correcting a few ambiguities (like "just what is a tactical hex, anyway, and why do helicopters use them?") and calling it good.
    Christopher has done a first-rate job with this update, not just with the system conversions, but in adding depth to the adventure.  Even the third edition re-release didn't make any significant changes (short of robbing you of the big map inside the cover and updating the layout to match the rest of 3e ). Christopher has added exciting new encounters, and a much better method of getting your players' characters involved than just "so some government types show up at your headquarters"  (the superhero equivalent of "you're all gathered in a tavern," really).  He has included real hooks, real ideas, and enough material to give you _hours_ more gameplay (another session or two, if you really want to explore the new stuff), equipment, a vehicle--- this is a complete, modern-era rewrite that stays true to the original: he hasn't thinned down the original mission or its importance at all.
    Everything in this book, from the updates, to the new stuff, to even the layout on the pages is A+, "why is this Hall of Champions and not published-by-HERO?" quality piece of work.
    I understand he's got a POD or something in the works as well.  I have every intention of getting that, and I will be _proud_ to stick that in amongst the published-by-HERO stuff from way back when.
    Truly an excellent piece of work, and more than worth the wait.
    Based on nothing more than this one piece, I'm going to push my own updates right off the shelf and into the bin (I updated a lot of the early chestnuts for 4 and 5e, for use with my newer group), and just use Christopher's.  At least, I hope there are more coming!   
    (You know: if you were just wanting to hear from someone who has already read it    )
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