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  1. When you say newbie to Champions, does someone who last played 4e 20+ years ago and hasn't really had a chance to play 6e yet count? The most I've done with 6e was play a quick 2 hour one shot to get used to it again, and I only really got to act in 2 phases during that. *Edit - Ah, I see you're looking for in person gaming going forward. As much as I'm sure you'll put on a great game, a several thousand mile flight from Scotland to Arkansas is probably out of the question.*
  2. He's not Spanish. He's Egyptian. *Edit - I see Tjack beat me to it.* But this is a hard no from me. The original is a classic and should be left alone.
  3. A unique, as yet undiscovered mineral hidden deep in the earth's core to power her ultimate weapon? That'll give the heroes an opportunity to play it as either "Stop her from collecting enough of the mineral" or "Let's get it first, make our own ultimate weapon and kill her".
  4. Bragging about still actually having hair type post in my opinion.
  5. I try to stay out of US politics, especially when US folk are discussing it, but is there some kind of Freaky Friday thing going on with Greene? Seriously, she comes out with stuff I'd expect from a high schooler in some shitty teen movie. Is there a chance one of her kids is currently acting like an adult and confusing everybody as they smash it in their push for class president?
  6. Caught the first whack and turned off. How the feck anyone can think beating a six year old is an acceptable form of punishment, feck knows. I'll say this much, if I caught someone doing that to my kids, I'd be dishing out my own punishment with something a hell of a lot bigger and harder than a paddle.
  7. I suppose if the Time stone gives you complete control over time, as it did in the comics if I remember correctly, it would also make sense that it would allow you to re-write the rules and structures of it as you wish. I'm not sure the MCU Time stone is as powerful as the comic one however.
  8. The political stuff is just background story flavouring. Mainly to provide NPC hooks worth investigating, to reveal the planned Eurostar attacks on *insert target here*. The brightly coloured KAPOOOW!s and over the top Michael Bay finales that we all know and love in our games are still there. It just adds a little bit more depth. Plus, I've always liked a political villain somewhere, with the whole diplomatic immunity schtick.
  9. I picked Russia due to their threat to European unity. Their aggression towards Ukraine, a Euro friendly state, and their overall opposition to the EU and a united Europe would be reason enough, for me, for Eurostar to look east. You could also argue that Eurostar would look at Russia as some kind of unwanted mongrel state due to it spanning the whole of Eurasia. Regarding Eastern Europe, most of the states are either already members of the EU or are striving to be so I wouldn't see them causing too much damage there unless there was some political opposition in one of them. Thinking about it more, if Brexit is involved in the game world, then absolutely I would expect attacks on the UK until they applied to rejoin. Since that would be seen as giving in to terrorist demands, I reckon you'd be looking at a long and sustained terrorist campaign against the UK and its assets around the world. For cash, there's a whole wad of dodgy money in the Cayman Islands for them to steal. Maybe helping a corrupt Argentinian president in taking back the Falklands. Attacking members of the Commonwealth to pressure them to break away. Regarding them trying to control Europe, I'd have them financing militant, extremist pro EU parties and trying to leverage them in to power, while attacking foreign assets. The end goal being the EU ran by leaders under Eurostar's control, essentially making the EU the political arm of Eurostar.
  10. If it was me, I'd have Eurostar attacking interests outside Europe. Weaken the opposition. UK first if Brexit is a thing in your world, Russia next due to proximity, then the US, then the Far East. A terrorist group focusing on European supremacy would, in my mind, leave European cities alone. The only reason I can think of them attacking places in Europe would be to weaken foreign powers or to stoke resentment. Maybe there's a nuclear sub from the US taking part in a joint exercise that gets attacked, threatening a nuclear catastrophe. A standing order that any non-European supers entering Europe will be met with extreme, city leveling force, in the hope that European citizens start protesting their visits. To add a bit of nuance though, you could have them donating aid to the poor and downtrodden, or any European victims of foreign superpowers. Most terrorist groups try to show some positive propaganda nowadays so YouTube clips of smiling people greeting Eurostar wouldn't be out of place. I would definitely expect them to be extremely anti-American. In fact, anti-Americas since they were former colonies and the secessionists need to be taught a lesson.
  11. Always the best advice for newcomers. The variety and choice in Champions can be overwhelming. I'd definitely say base your first character on an existing one, just to get used to building the various powers. Alternatively, think of your own concept and use the Powers Book to build one. That can be a great help just to give inspiration on building powers, if you don't want to use the pre-built one.
  12. Meth Man. Oh, you mean a different kind of speed....
  13. Hmmmmm. I'm not too sure about.
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