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  1. I don't understand...if this was going to be a problem why did you let a PC like this into the campaign at all? Did I miss something?
  2. How about super heroes just being a new thing altogether?
  3. A lot of this talk seems to assume a PC or group of PCs should be able to defeat the big-deal villain in combat. It seems to me that a major trope of comic books is heroes who have to outwit the more-powerful villain rather than beat him in a fair fight.
  4. Can't imagine a new Star Wars will be any good. They should have just left it at three and moved on. Guess too much money to be made.
  5. A lyre made from a human skull sounds like a pretty cool artifact for some evil cult to use. Maybe the melodies summon their dark lords or some such. Neat.
  6. Is that a book or something online? I see there's something called Fantasy Hero Compendium, anybody know what that is?
  7. Are you looking for non-gaming related stuff? if so I recommend the Gentlemen Bastards, and Mistborn that will allow you to see the two most extreme forms of fantasy. No idea what those are. Novels? Only seeking game materials/aids. Do you want ubiquitous magic? No. Magic is rare, seldom understood, wonderful and frightening. Are PC's allowed access to magic? Yes. But only one would be allowed to be an actual wizard. Anyone else might learn a trick or two given time and experience. Do you have a setting in mind? Harryhausen Sinbad mixed with Conan, no elves/dwarves
  8. Hello, I have played Hero for a few genres but have never played/owned/used Fantasy Hero. I do not like D&D and class/level straitjackets and am thinking Hero may be a good alternative as many players enjoy the fantasy genre. I don't own 6th ed. Hero but have every other version, but prefer 4th and could probably do 5th if need be. Any ideas what material would be good for someone new to fantasy via Hero? Note: not interested in any published settings, just basic stuff to help get into the game, as I make my own from scratch with a pinch of whole cloth.
  9. That's an interesting perspective. I have found that one can translate plots from any genre in to LLH as luchador movies run the gamut from horror to Bondesque spies to sci-fi to mafia/crime to mystery to super hero to pulp (Raiders of the Lost Ark style), etc. I think you may be selling it short based on the scenario presented in the book, as if you ever get to see the movies there's a lot more than that.
  10. I don't even think it matters if all PCs are built on the same number of points as long as everyone has something to do and is satisfied. I stopped doing the math long ago and just eyeball character sheets for abuses. Of course, this requires mature players who aren't just trying to min-max and a game that isn't just punch-ups. This works just fine if everyone is mature enough for it. Character points really don't matter.
  11. Thanks for the information. As 4th is my go-to edition, this may be worth getting.
  12. And what little product we get is nearly always "Weird West." Apparently the genre is unpopular in the RPG world; or else no one has come up with the formula to bring in the fans. Aces & Eights was too rules-heavy for me and the alternate history default setting was a turnoff. I still resort to Boot Hill as GURPS Old West I didn't find to be very good. Any opinions on Western Hero? I saw a used copy I am thinking about getting.
  13. I sometimes like to stir the pot; I'm not advocating for one over the other.
  14. A guy ranting and raving about how an auto accident wasn't his fault despite the fact that both his version and the other driver's version would be his fault.
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