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  1. I just looked through Fantasy Hero Complete and I just can't find anything.
  2. I am tempted to just lift the pathfinder price lists but was wondering if someone had a good PDF or online resource that was system agnostic, that could be used to set pricing for gear. Anything you can offer is appreciated.
  3. I don't like this as a trip manuver unless the character is activly throwing a stick or wire to trip the person. This is static and left behind, so a manuver doesn't fit. This is clearly a triggered OAF. The game mechanic is the other person is prone and needs time to get up if they hit the trigger, and if they fall. I am swinging back to calling this an entangle. Literally that is what it does, it entangles the feet for an instant only and can be broken casually if you are strong enough. Entangle is perfect, the size of the entangle reflects the strength of the string.
  4. Nope got it. Triggered dex drain. Special effect, tripping.
  5. That works for chairs and tables but I am having a harder time with doors. Thinking of an independent OIF forcewall. Also, I am trying to build a car points wise, and am having some trouble with the cylinders. They are 2rPD but crits keep damaging them. How should I model lower octane fuel? Actually, I find the tripwire question kind of interesting. A gadgeteer in a supers game should be able to have an effective version of this in his toolkit, and I'd go for an entangle to represent it. If it was a heroic or normal game I'd skip modeling it and just let it exist, as you suggest.
  6. Markdoc, while I really think you have vastly overestimated the variaty of spells the caster will have access to, and the configurations of them, you make some really good points. On reading the discussion above the following seems prudent. Metal disrupts the flow of magic energy. -1 to magic skill for each 1 rPD of metal armor. -1 for each peice of metal jewlery touching the skin. So overall for magic: Mana battery is required. - Full night sleep required to recharge it. - Extra time to recover the battery (To be determined) Magic is a VPP limited to 40 points to start. -
  7. Now THIS I am wrestling with. I am thinking of reducing recovery rate of the mana batter, or requiring healing spells to have charges represented by some magical reagent to focus the healing power... not sure. The ability to auto heal everyone within 10min of an encounter being over is a real concern.
  8. Yea, the speed thing really has me thinking if I need to let that go. Having everyone speed 3 and 4 with no 1 or 2 is a bad distribution, and takes away from the variety that would make things interesting. Making 2 the norm, 3 unusual and 4 exceptional just makes sense to me. But some people may chafe at that. Probably better to explain to the group the deal with speed in the campaign and try to come to an understanding. Yea, I think this will be fine. Sure, they can research all these spells and eventually they will be insanely powerful, but to start with they just won't. People won't b
  9. Thank you for the feedback. Good notes, and good things ot consider. Regarding the magic comments, I think you may have overlooked the spell mechanic. They have the VPP, but the pool can only reflect known spells. If they have a fly spell in their spellbook, then great. If not they are going to need to do a lot of work. They will start with the ability to choose three spells. Anything else they want to come up with will be the result of game play and fortune. My expectation is that the wizard with the 40pt VPP will pick an offensive, defensive and utility spell to start... or perhaps thre
  10. My hope was to avoid speed creep. Keep most people at speed 2, let speed 3 and 4 show up much later in the game as the character's powers grew. Doesn't sound like something to legislate. Permitting people to buy up to the next level is a good compromise. That way all the DEX's will be 13 or 17 instead of 20, so there will be a little variaty.
  11. One of my concerns was a wizard making the warrior irrelevant, and the pool + mana battery matches the way magic works in the world. I think the solution is to have no cap on the VPP while carefully monitoring the spells available. This lets a late game wizard really feel the power, but I can keep the DC in line with what the warrior types can do by watching which spells become available. This sounds really risky but doable. Martial arts giving that extra edge makes sense to me. The experts who are breaking the CV ceiling are the ones who have put in the rigrious training, and european
  12. Good points. Martial arts would be permitted, and manuvers would let the person exceed the CV or DC limit. I am considering allowing overall skill levels to break that limit as well. Can't think of any talents I am worried about at the moment. Limited powers will be on a case by case basis. The player will either find an existing spell, which is going to be one I already have approved, or we will agree on the design, so conditionally I will say that any of the 'risky' powers would be approved. Character classes will be based on the classics, with standard such as limited life
  13. Hi everyone, I have gone through the boards and looked through FRED trying to come up with a good magic system and have good general game balance. I hope I can outline it here and get some feedback. - Standard 75pt + 25 points of disadvantages, no more than 20 points for a single disadvantage. - NCM is in effect, the maxima can be exceeded by no more than five, and only for a single defining characteristic for new characters. Further increases will be dictated by game circumstance. - Speed cannot be purchased by new characters. - Maximum CV is 12 typical range is 4 - 6 - Typical DC is
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