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  1. This thread is still going? Wow. No matter how long you are gone, some things never change.
  2. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Hannah Montanna joins the Super Friends
  3. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Glad to hear it. Abandoning an animal... look I am not saying there can't be extenuating circumstances but that is a living creature you are taking personal responsability for. It is hard to imagine a decent person just leaving it.
  4. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Well let's not derail it further, but if you don't count then I may lose count. What if every other set of three does not count? That way we will have an opportunity to go further with our lines.
  5. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Things a student might say to a teacher. But you gave it an A when Carl turned it in.
  6. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Hey baby, what can I get for ten dollars? Please note that the above is even worse when they are out of uniform.
  7. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Holy SHIT!
  8. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat I'd like a number 3, supersized with an apple pie and a diet coke.
  9. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Are those natural?
  10. q: Why was Roy eaten by a tiger? a: Pizza, Halley Berry and twinkies
  11. Re: Re: Answers & Questions Q: What is 1.7724538509055 squared, or the average number of customers per year that I enjoy dealing with. (getting better at this math stuff) A: 423lb of grade A beef.
  12. The most common story of the gladiator: A crowd, dust, my foe Sweat and sun, glint of copper, thrust. Surprised, my blood flows.
  13. Soft skin and hot blush. A caress, a touch, a rush. Exhausted we sleep. With a cry we wake Cries cross our sanctuary Our child is hungry
  14. Derek Hiemforth is The great hai coup spamming king His posts are very many
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