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  1. Have you tried Sci-Fi City near 50 and 436? They've been around forever and have a locator board up.
  2. That appears to have done the trick. Compound power with the second half being a limited power. Thanks Gnome and sentry0!
  3. Thanks Gnome. So make two separate powers? The RKA and then the Limited Power with the vine if it activates?
  4. So a limitation of an activation roll for the second half of the compound power then?
  5. So...I'm still trying to convert all of the Gamma World 4e creatures into Hero. I'm currently stuck on a power that seems like a compound power...but has a weird conditional requirement: "The porcupine plant attacks by firing 1 quill per available segment. Each quill causes 2d6 RKA and is coated with a destructive poison. A hit of 4 or above on the required to hit roll harpoons the target, lodging a barbed quill in the victim. The horl choo then retrieves its prey with a tough, thin vine which is attached to the base of the quill, dragging the character to itself with an effect
  6. Wish I would have checked this board/feed prior to going. Played in the Champions Fantastic Four tournament run by Jon Cazares and Dan Wolf. Great time and great game! Didn't recall seeing any of the ones you described @Rapier but will definitely look for them next year. Note: This was my first GenCon and I intend to make it an annual tradition. Such a blast!
  7. Because they're very basic. Paramedic and survival to me are more advanced and the characters would need to pay for that next level upgrade.
  8. Probably still just me. 😜 I'm actually working on converting the rest of the creatures over and have a pretty fleshed out campaign. Just this weekend I converted over some of the scenarios to work within my own campaign. Note that I've based mine on 4e rules. I started my players with 200 points and 35 points of complications. Seems to have worked out nicely. There's a good mix and the HERO system is absolutely perfect for Gamma World scenarios/campaigns. Here's what I sent my players prior to starting: "Here are the important things to remem
  9. So then I'm confused... Why would a list of powers (e.g.; Size Alteration) from the Champions Powers book be listed as .hdc files instead of the correct .hdp??? Note: I realize this is probably not your issue...I'm just venting.
  10. Interesting. For Rigel's backstory, he could work at the Pentagon since they ultimately handle all security review for classified programs (which is where I'm assuming you're going) from all department laboratories (ARL, AFRL NRL, DARPA, etc.) through the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). DARPA does not maintain a presence at the Pentagon but they're not far away either. They do, however, have a military liaison group that sits on site so that's another possibility. Shoulder holster would still work. Remember that pilots wear them and have no issues while performing all ma
  11. So renaming the files should resolve the issue then?
  12. NOTE: I'm running Hero Designer 6, Build 20170504 So when I attempt to load certain prefabs from either the Champions Powers (CP HD) files or the Equipment Guide (HSEG HD) files, I run into an issue where I cannot see the actual .hdc files in a given sub directory. This has occurred in the following sub directories for the Powers files: - Size Alteration - Sleep and Dream - Solar and Celestial - Spirit Projection - Stretching - Telekinetic - Time - Vibration - Water - Weather This has occurred in the following sub directories for the Equipment Guide files: - Po
  13. Bigdamnhero discussed the Army...so I'll provide the Air Force version, although the military uses various pistols. Really depends on the role. For the Air Force, Security Forces (Security/Law Enforcement) carried the Beretta M-9. Office of Special Investigation agents generally carried the Sig 226. Special Forces generally carried whatever they wanted (HK, Glock, etc.). As Bigdamnhero mentioned above, it's also issued for pilots, crew served weapons, drivers, etc. Again, for Air Force, specifically Emergency Services Teams (think SWAT), we were issued a rifle and a pistol, plus shotguns
  14. This is awesome! Keep up the great work Cassandra!
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