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  1. I think sentencing guidelines/mandatory minimums play a bigger part in Federal punishment than discretionary decisions about violent/non parameters. I'd be interested to see what your research turns up about the perennial reform efforts. This is from - https://www.everycrsreport.com/reports/R45074.html#_Ref503372497 (a very small clip out) for ref; the link has the full report. If you look further down the chart, you'll see that's it's very easy to draw a 20-life charge for what is considered by some to be a minor amount - it depends on what message the
  2. Is this what you're looking for? https://www.bop.gov/about/statistics/statistics_inmate_offenses.jsp
  3. Also, I wonder what his track record has been with his other clients (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/21/us/politics/butch-bowers-donald-trump-impeachment.html). Anybody know if Trump can assert ineffectiveness of counsel in case of a conviction in the Senate?
  4. I'd hope Bowers is planning to use the notoriety bump this will give his career, given Trump's history of non-payment/litigation around payment of his debts.
  5. The people who were giving tours have a fig leaf - they were just showing constituents around, and 'I didn't know they would do what they did with the knowledge' (unless someone has been boneheaded enough to say something consistently enough to establish a pattern - and I don't think there's a modern day Patrick Henry in the lot) will cover a lot of issues for any juror wanting to to let them off of treason - plus, where will you find enough people to form an unbiased/tainted jury pool to begin with? At least felony murder has the advantage of a clear crime and lower burdens of pro
  6. Ah, excuse me, maybe I was projecting my need for accountability.
  7. If it's any consolation - https://www.lawfareblog.com/felony-murder-and-storming-capitol Long article, but the section 'Felony Murder and the Deaths at the Capitol' is relevant, if you don't want to read the rest. the conclusion: 'In short, felony murder charges are definitely on the table for at least some of the people who stormed the Capitol. But it remains to be seen how broadly the rule can be applied to the rest.'
  8. Former governor of Michigan, please. Those of us from Michigan on the list might be the only ones who care, but Snyder is out. As a side note, I don't think his policies would have gotten him targeted in a kidnapping plot (if he had reacted to Covid the way I expect he would have, given his other stances on public health v the economy in the past). With that article posted up-thread about misogyny, I wonder how much of that plot was motivated by 'Us guys have to save Michigan from the crazy woman' who happens to be a Democrat, how much was anti-Democrat in general, and how much w
  9. Defend your assertion - I'd like to know how Jr was worse than Trump, in your view.
  10. Tomato, tomahto; still huge ratings. Even if Twitter follows through and bans his account, you think the media won't report on whatever the Right-verse settles on as a platform for the rants he goes on? Fox/OAN/Whatever will most likely have an embed with whatever after-Presidential office that exists, and Trump has huckster so deeply in his dna he does not know HOW to keep his mouth shut. And, his loyal followers will echo his sayings/pronouncement/whatever so much that even if by some miracle he is directly muzzled by the entire world media, his drivel will still get
  11. Probably a better investment than the ~60 billion dollars in the F22/weapons welfare boondoggle. At least this 9 billion will maybe have an impact on education, health, economically, etc on those communities, and not just the corporations winning the contracts. I know I'd like to have gig speed to my house .
  12. There is this thread, over on Fantasy Grounds site, about a rule set - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/group.php?discussionid=7&pp=10&page=20&do=discuss
  13. Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant more the tech - did you run it on Roll20? If so, did you do it with the tools/space created by some of the people here? How did that go (either your own build, or the macros the group created)? Or did you use another solution, like the tabletop simulator talked about in the Online resources? Or did UCon have a solution up? That kind of thing. I'm always interested in hearing about experiences with remote gaming particularly with hero system games. I've been using maptool as a player and ref for quite a number of years, with various combinations o
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