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  1. There is this thread, over on Fantasy Grounds site, about a rule set - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/group.php?discussionid=7&pp=10&page=20&do=discuss
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant more the tech - did you run it on Roll20? If so, did you do it with the tools/space created by some of the people here? How did that go (either your own build, or the macros the group created)? Or did you use another solution, like the tabletop simulator talked about in the Online resources? Or did UCon have a solution up? That kind of thing. I'm always interested in hearing about experiences with remote gaming particularly with hero system games. I've been using maptool as a player and ref for quite a number of years, with various combinations o
  3. How did the session go? Is there an AAR posted somewhere else, already?
  4. You're not believing enough. If Tinkerbell was relying on your claps to live, she'd fizzle out...
  5. There is too big a gap in elector votes, covering too many states, for the Supreme Court to weigh in and change the election. The only cases that might stick only affect one state's vote totals (last I looked, anyway). Electoral College shenanigans around appointment/assignment of electors is where you have to worry.
  6. Has anyone heard about a boycott/refusal to use mass media (TV, FaceBook, Twitter, et al - substitute Parler, One Network and such) to start on November 13th? Copied below is a call to arms (don't bother to read if you don't want to - it's saying there are 71 million of us, we should show our strength, don't buy in to to usage of media, etc - there is also a 'quote' from a 'constitutional attorney' about how Trump can still be President, and the vote is going to the Supreme Court) that I can't find any other info about yet. I don't think it'll have any real effect (if
  7. I agree with others about the slog we still face until the 20th, but...
  8. No, they don't. At least, not under the Republican plans - we know what they want to cut, with payroll taxes/social security, and other entitlement spending being at the top of that list. The Republican mantra since Reagan has been "Growth Through Slashing Spending". Given their history, and Democratic willingness to capitulate to get *something* passed (again, look at the Obama administration), don't look for any future fiscally responsible legislation out of congress in the near term. We'd have to have gotten a clear majority in both houses of Democrats *and* a clear repudiat
  9. The Republicans like to be in the minority/spoiler position - paralyzing legislation while not taking blame (cf the entire Obama administration). If Trump loses the election, it'll put them back in their sweet spot and allow them to mend some of the fences Trump kicked over, while continuing to block any/all legislation to change anything the Dems propose. Then they'll be in a strong position in 2024 running against Harris.
  10. Warnings from this site should come with a social media veracity warning - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_Watch Activities and controversies[edit] Judicial Watch’s main targets have been Democrats, particularly Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.[17]
  11. They are always playing to their base, so that part of your statement is redundant :). There are quite a few things the administration has no clue about, and insensitivity towards minorities and minority issues is very solidly in their wheelhouse, so it follows that a rich New York jew is talking about blacks not wanting to succeed. Clueless about tone, message, and messenger (again, wheelhouse for the administration).
  12. Don't have any sympathy for the GOP - this path is the one the party has been following my entire life, from Nixon onward. They thrive in the space of inequality, oppression, suppression, etc. Trump just brought their behavior out into the open more obviously to more people at once, is all you're seeing. They would have gotten to where we are now if left to their own devices sooner or later - the changing demographics of the country (and the fear that Trump's campaign manipulated) would have guaranteed us a Trump-like candidate within the next 3 cycles anyway. And playing/preying on the sa
  13. And yet there is an entirely too broad a swath of Americans who will believe this is part of the plot against them/their country/their party because it's too hard to think critically about the narrative they're being presented, and the many holes and questionable sources the information is coming from. It's easier to think a vast Deep State is conspiring in total secrecy (except for the valiant and wily Q, who has somehow avoided all attempts by said Deep State to root out the traitor), to overthrow the duly elected and patriotic government that is fighting for them and their rig
  14. I don't think it will have a measurable impact. As has been noted several times, the fight is over undecideds, and I think there aren't enough of those in any one state to sway the vote of that state. Quote ' "[The] American people can judge for themselves," he said on Thursday. "I have no wish to bury anyone. I've never been political. The few contributions I've made have been the Democrats. But what I am is a patriot, and a veteran, to protect my family name, and my business reputation. I need to ensure that the true facts are out there." Also - his timing is incredi
  15. You missed an important question here - how does Trump's announcement affect the betting industry? https://www.newsweek.com/2020-election-betting-suspended-trump-covid-1535938 - Trump may have found another way to cost backers money.
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