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    I was born in the summer of my 27th year. I went home to a place I'ld never been before. There, on Ventura highway in the sunshine, the days were longer and the nights were stronger than moonshine.

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  1. Q: What sort of reply will he get, shouting at the microphone like that? A: Somebody find Dad's glasses, he's shouting "breaker one nine this here's the Rubber Duck, Uh you got a copy on me Pig Pen C'mon" at the mouse again.
  2. Personally, I'd go with the END Reserve/Slow Recovery option. It's true that this doesn't enforce "five minutes active, one hour cool down" with rigid precision. However, setting the power and END Reserve up to approximate that idea and using RP to model what remains would work for me. In fact, I'm going to incorporate the idea in "Frogboy" as soon as possible: Frogboy has a five SPD, so will have twenty-five phases in a five minute period, however, I'll just RP him as being able to use his Mechano-Froglegs for five minutes at a time, with an hour between uses to cool down the pneumatic chamber and refill the air tank. Cost 6 points Mechano-Froglegs: Leaping +21m (25m forward, 12 1/2m upward) (11 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), no Noncombat movement (-1/4) costs 1 END Cost 11 points Endurance Reserve (25 END, 25 REC) Reserve: (25 Active Points); REC: (18 Active Points); Slow Recovery 1 Hour (-4)
  3. Q: How do you really feel about the President's Independence Day Parade? A: Because stupidity is such a big target it's always easier to hit.
  4. Q: Don't you want somebody to love? A: Love hurts.
  5. Q: Have you ever been to the Debutante Ball? A: Don't ask me, I can't even remember yesterday's lunch.
  6. Q: What did the warden say to Grond the last time they caught the poor guy? A: You've barely been gone long enough to be missed, but we did watch the Game of Throwns finale without you.
  7. Q: Did you see what happened the last time the Duggers played croquet? A: Those are some wicked wickets.
  8. Ok, don't tell my players (who immensely enjoyed ditching their OMCV as soon as they could), but no GM worth his salt can see that trend without a sly smile. Wait till they face the awesome villainy of Brainsling, and his devastating Synaptic Chaos effect: Synaptic Chaos Ray, 8d6 EB, AVAD vs OMCV (+1) All or Nothing (-1/2), 60 points
  9. I never understood this. Multiform also gives you double the number of forms for a five point adder, so why would you need to put it in a multipower?
  10. I personally detest that sort of thing. In my games, the quickest way for it to be your turn in the barrel is to declare winners and losers. If you desire competition, learn to play chess. At my table, we cooperate to build a story. That means the hero gets his clock cleaned on occasion. Maybe he's kidnapped by pirates, maybe he has a hand lopped off, maybe he has to decide whether or not to kill his lover and use the body as food for his starving to death mutant dog. But without a few bruises, there's nothing heroic about beating the big bad. But I digress, this isn't about that. I feel I've a fairly good grasp of the rules, and there are many I deliberately ignore. Each GM has to choose the level of mechanical precision that works for him. Although I have played with some that were rigid about this, I can't say that effort improved the game.
  11. Q: Why aren't you wearing your waders? A: Because he's at Mar-A-Lago this weekend, we probably won't even need the shovels.
  12. If anybody suggested I should take my thirty ought six and challenge a tyrannosaur, I think I'd be grabbing my buns, too.
  13. The acoustics aren't terrible, but the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Q: Why isn't the Red Rock Arena on Mars, like it sounds? A: There's no business like giving someone.
  14. I know it's not that important, but why do you need to be able to circle the globe twice to get anywhere on the planet? If the only concern is enough, just apply a naked modifier to the standard running: MegaScale (1m = 10,000 km; +2) for up to 12 Active Points of Running (24 Active Points). Now you can run completely around the earth three times in each phase. Maybe if you go in the right direction you can turn back time (sorry, Cher, it only works if you can run).
  15. Q: I'd ask what flavor the big white ones are, but the last guy that tried to lick one got eaten? A: I still say the worst bear to meet in the wild is Gryllis.
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