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    I was born in the summer of my 27th year. I went home to a place I'ld never been before. There, on Ventura highway in the sunshine, the days were longer and the nights were stronger than moonshine.

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  1. Q: How many telekinetic slaves did you need for YOUR doomsday device? A: I said rinsable, making it reusable is just silly.
  2. Either Captain Marvel or the Hulk may or may not be multiforms, depending on the preference of the player and the style of the GM. Even Johnny Storm could be a multiform (his flaming form retaining an accidental change for being soaked with water) if that's what is desired.
  3. Strangely, I find that my enjoyment of a DCEU movie is the inverse of my familiarity with the print media. I wonder if I had read more Jonah Hex from the newsstand if I would have liked the movie as much.
  4. Q: What was Professor Challenger saying about diplodocus and the fourth one out? A: I believe the extinction of the dinosaur was due to a slight miscalculation in the rules they used for baseball.
  5. Q: What do you call this place, other than your seedy, little apartment? A: Just my luck, the only airbnb's at my destination are in a tent city.
  6. Q: What was Dan Aykroyd saying about those skull-shaped bottles? A: H.P.'s penmanship is so bad I can't tell if this is his new manuscript or the notes from last night's performance of Othello.
  7. I think the point about casting a teenage heartthrob and turning this into Batman/Twilight is probably on target. Hollywood refuses to spend money on a new story because they can make money with the same old story time and time again. It could be worse... or maybe it is, is there anyone that can verify we won't be seeing Black Widow/Hunger Games in May?
  8. Let's get some of the youngsters involved. Every team needs a good con artist, call in Ferris Bueller . And, if he can figure out how to operate the umbrella/spell-n-speak/rotary saw blade/record player, Elliot could be useful as long as he phones a friend.
  9. I don't know, the dystopian nightmare that is reality has some promise (translation - I long for the relief that death will bring). The only one my grandma ever made was Fried Chicken With Mashed Potatoes How about a battle of the second stringers.... Matt Helm vs Derek Flint
  10. The hero carries a stereo cassette deck with him, when combat starts he uses his first phase to set it down and turn it up. FWIW, I've had NPC's do this and played the Carl Douglas tune for the players at the table so they would get the full effect.
  11. Q: What sort of reply will he get, shouting at the microphone like that? A: Somebody find Dad's glasses, he's shouting "breaker one nine this here's the Rubber Duck, Uh you got a copy on me Pig Pen C'mon" at the mouse again.
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