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  1. That was Booger, and part of his point is the recovery time for the *multiple* ligament damage is 9 to 12 months...if it's 12, then you're right back in week 10 or 11 next year. What...wait...what just happened???? TOMMY BRADY threw an overthrow pick, down a FG with 2 minutes left?????????? CHECK THE WEATHER IN THE NETHER REALMS!!! A good NFL QB failed to make the comeback. YEEEEEHAWWWW!!!!! (Pats fans constantly calling him the GLA in every other sentence got REAL old.) EDIT: does Tom still have a real arm? Longest completion was 18 yards. The game
  2. huh....duplicated somehow, never mind...
  3. Ok...I see it. Honestly, I don't trust HSEG to be completely consistent. How does the Glock 20 net out as 2d6-1? The Glock 21 is net 2d6; +1 STUN mult is a 1/4 advantage...so yeah, 37 active. The HK P7K3 is 1d6+1 with the PR, +1 OCV which is 2 points...and 22 active. So if the pricing in HSEG, or the damage, doesn't make sense...throw it out, that's my recommendation. Treat PR as adding a DC and use YOUR preferences for the translations on DCs to fractional dice. EDIT: Ugh...I hesitate to suggest this. But, if you have HD, you might want to pay fo
  4. So I don't normally do it til after Thanksgiving, but...tonight...my Christmas lights are all on.
  5. Now if they also start pushing McConnell, Graham, etc.... STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!! https://www.nytimes.com/live/2020/11/23/us/joe-biden-trump?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm not worried about a fascist-like takeover because Trump doesn't have the support of the top military leaders...rather the opposite. But you did say "try to"...I'm not gonna say I think it's impossible, but it's unlikely. And that level of tyrannic action would generate massive pushback from the states as well.
  7. Yeah, that always bites. Might wish a team to do badly, but I almost never want to see someone injured. (I reserve the right to do so, should a player show himself to be a loathsome toad.) But it's the same freaking song and dance. Seems like every franchise does it. Draft the Next Great QB when there's no one around him, and all you ever do is wreck him.
  8. I was making a tiny joke...this season was already gone. This'll set him back a ways, so it already puts next season in jeopardy.... Oh well, they don't all work....
  9. Tim Hasselbeck talking to SVP, about Mahomes' last-minute drive...made the point that the defenses are generally pretty vanilla. It's up-tempo, few stoppages, so it's hard to get adjustments in, get them communicated, and execute them. Makes sense...we've certainly seen a bushelful of last-minute scores this year, it seems.
  10. Actually, it might be in Trump's longer-term strategic interests to challenge in *any* county, if the numbers weren't cooked to begin with. It doesn't matter if it'd cost him votes; it continues, and if he wins, amplifies, the narrative that elections are rampant with fraud. That'll be the takeaway...not that the fraud helped him. The point alone...not the beneficiary...can be used in the state houses to pass more voting restrictions. You can bet that's going to be a high priority at the state levels...along, of course, with gerrymandering once the census is declared official.
  11. Another reason why the Ravens' loss today really hurt...altho KC pulling the rabbit out helped some. The problem is, they have Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh...Thanksgiving night. So prep time is minimal. They aren't out; for example, the Titans play the Colts. Worst case for the Ravens would be a tie, if they can't pull off the win. But there won't be much time left, and they likely will be no better than 9th. Dolphins have a freebie (Jets); Raiders have the Falcons. Not a gimme, quite, but they should win. The upside...their last 5 is Cowboys, Browns, Jags, Giants, Bengals.
  12. Maybe. I get the point; they never have a good notion of where you are. They can guesstimate from the thugs you hit or disarm, but you can move erratically. But a problem with that approach is you'd be *burning* through END; it's 2 per phase for this, plus the END for running, plus the END for STR in any case. And with a higher-SPD character, which means REALLY burning through END fast. And it could *easily* still be worthwhile to drop a 4m or 8m AoE or explosion, even if you guess where the speedster is. Speedster can completely ignore the cap, IMO, depending on t
  13. There is one teeny, tiny, interesting bit of positive news. From WorldOMeters...there were fewer new cases today than there were last Sunday. By a decent amount...about a 7% decline. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is actually the first time that has happened...a reduction in the week-over-week numbers for any day of the week...in about 5 weeks. It'll likely happen Thursday too, but that's a data point I'll ignore. Obviously this Thursday is a very atypical Thursday; and even to a decent degree, this week is a tad on the odd side. But not so much today
  14. Which season? Can you believe the Bears, with that inept offense, are in sole possession of the 7th playoff berth? Vikes, Lions, and Niners are all sitting at 4-6. The Niners probably have the tougher road, but it's gonna basically be about the division games. Yes, but it doesn't help when your starting QB is...not very good...and he's out. Pittsburgh's eaten inexperienced QBs for lunch for a long time. And I haven't seen em so I could be wrong, but I suspect they're just playing out the string.
  15. Had Tenn-Balt on so I didn't see it, but Hill's stats are fine. Accuracy can be more than completion percentage, tho, to be sure. Saints ran the ball down the Falcons' throat; that always helps. Looks like Cam had a decent game; Pats were killed by their secondary, from the stats. 12 yards per completion and 75% completion rate is a bad mix. Baltimore is looking shaky. The defense might be getting tired, but Tennessee is just getting way too many yards on these last several drives, and the offense isn't clicking *that* well. It's very much looking like they're going
  16. I'm less worried about a civil war...violence, yes, but I don't anticipate anything sufficiently organized or scaled for me to call it a civil war. Armed insurrection, yes. I'm more worried about the ever-increasing, splintering polarization, in this new Disinformation Era where middle ground seems non-existent.
  17. Snow days were overrated, far as I was concerned. Not like you could sleep in...because you didn't know for sure if your school was open until you heard over the radio. So we were still up much too early and getting ready. And in my case: neighbors? What neighbors? At that time, we were in a mountain subdivision where the minimum lot size (out of necessity) was 2 acres; we were, IIRC, the 6th home in the entire subdivision (a couple hundred lots total) and there were VERY few kids close by.
  18. In some ways, this is similar to the Tea Party's disruptions some years back. The question then becomes, how extensive is this...in Georgia for now, but more broadly in any of the divided states. (Ohio and Michigan come to mind.) Unlike the Tea Party, here there seems to be (at least potentially) a much stronger cohesion...a more dynamic symbol and leader, a tighter social structure, their own media outlets almost completely committed to their efforts, it seems. It remains to be seen whether they can continue to draw those who are less than comfortable with Trump...but buy most
  19. For me, yeah, the classic speedster in combat is closest to a martial artist...not necessarily a wide variety of fancy moves, but a lot of the damage is tied into the move. (Passing Strike doesn't do damage to the speedster...but it's also 5 points. Anyone can do a move-by for free.) Other tricks: couple dice HA, simply defined as your fists move so fast...or define these as martial arts DCs autofire more dice HA, defined as "I jackhammer several blows into the same spot" which might well take a maneuver limitation lots and lots and lots of both combat move
  20. To give a concrete example....player has Analyze (Magic); the GM allows the skill to apply to magical items. The campaign rules might have differing levels of info depending on the degree of success: --enhanced damage: don't roll an 18 --elemental damage (or 'bane' damage...against a race or type of critter): very easy (miss by 2 or less) --fire damage (or dragonslayer): make the roll --how much?: GM might consider this more subtle, so make by 2 --Ohhhh it does THAT???? (an undead bane weapon actually has Affects Desolid Undead, but it doesn't impact the
  21. I think we all knew this in advance, but still.... Drew Brees doesn't have 5 broken ribs. He has 11. Football players are insane.
  22. Just more smokescreen, more of the false narrative. "See? We've had ALL these challenges, and the Deep State rejected them all!" It's the same as "we have all this proof of fraud!" when, in fact, they have nothing beyond perhaps the occasional bread crumb. What's even more ludicrous, I would think is that trying to throw out the mail-in ballots *already cast* would seem to be ex post facto. This doesn't even seem desperate any more...or pathetic, even. The more they continue this, the greater my worry that they're going to try to get Republican electors, and *really* try to
  23. Taysom Hill might bomb but could shine. Winston's a much more known quantity...and that's not in his favor. Starlord: report is that Hill took all the first-string snaps. Plus, if you want situational....Winston seems like the main guy in that context, with Hill staying in his complementary, situational role.
  24. So indeed...by WorldOMeter's count, we did break 200,000 cases today. Next up is the double-double...200,000 cases, 2000 deaths in the same day. We just missed (1951 deaths). We can hope we never get there, but I'm afraid that's a little more optimistic than I can manage....
  25. How is someone holding a door open for you, a benefit? Whereas you *are* asking for a game-significant benefit. We've made our cases; you're just repeating an argument we've already countered, so for me, this thread's done as far as I'm concerned.
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