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  1. My biggest concern is, of course, Trump wins; if that happens, the chance that the Republicans lose the Senate seems nil. But, my second biggest is that it'll hardly matter. If Trump loses, it'll be due mostly to his utter incometence, and his massive talent to alienate broad swaths of the country. But that's not sustainable. We've got to have serious doubts about Biden for a second term, for age reasons if nothing else, and the anti-Trump push will likely dissipate. So, in 4 or 6 years...we'll be right back in this mess, with regard to a massively stacked judiciary. ESPECI
  2. Beyond the obvious delight in watching Jerry's Boys imitate Jerry's Kids...I must admit to a childish delight in the prospect that...should that happen... The Eagles at 1-3-1 would be the division leaders. Or maybe it'd be better if the Boys and Gnats just tie. Boys would end up in a tie for the division...at that sterling 1-3-1. Secondary note...we can, barring injury, basically pencil the Seahawks into the playoffs right now....because they get to play the NFC East. So, yeah, they're 4-0 now, with the Eagles, Washington, and Giants...AND the Jets...sti
  3. First, how do you know it was the Pats, and not just, say, Cam? Second, stop thinking it's all about your teams...like you're taking this personally. Here's the ripple effect: https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-announces-multiple-schedule-changes-moves-broncos-patriots-to-week-6 The Broncos ARE getting their bye week; it's just this week. It's not like the bye week would be a full-scale off-week with players flitting off to Cancun this year anyway. I'm not sure it's off the table, but absolutely, it's a last resort they'll try *extremely* hard to avoid. That
  4. What, you expect us to read fine print??? But yeah, then it's distribution rights. Hulk and Incredible Hulk were both distributed by Universal. Also, it wouldn't surprise me that Disney doesn't much care to pursue getting the rights because both had continuity-breaking actors...Ruffalo has the role for every mainline Marvel production.
  5. One can also point a finger at Dan Mullen for failing to get his team prepared, and all he tried to do in the press conference was deflect blame by saying the crowd made the difference. Insofar as wanting the crowd...it's proof to me that he's in the "I am the head coach therefore I am God" mindset that has led to so many problems. Not just football; basketball has it too. Apparently, the university has said No so far.
  6. My hatred is 100% channeled into political (*&U@#$!@%s...which are a dime a dozen. And certain, related, idiots with no disregard for safety...the Florida coach was calling for a sold-out stadium...90,000 people for their game because the home field meant so much to A&M, who beat Florida. Never mind the risk because you KNOW there won't be *that* great an adherence to masking rules.
  7. I think it was Jesse Palmer that pointed out...defense is optional almost everywhere. 5 teams will score 38+...and lose. The 4 OT OU/Texas total (98) will NOT be the highest-scoring; UNC beat Va Tech 56-45, and Bama-Ole Miss is at 42 each with 11 minutes left, so 100+ seems fairly likely. The speculation...no spring football for one, who knows how much coronavirus has distorted practice versus conditioning. But A LOT of points being scored against teams we wouldn't expect. Iuz, I had myself a nice chunk of tri-tip, dry rubbed a couple days ago, semi-slow cooked in
  8. The only one that would a) be in the MCU and b) in the timeline, would be Homecoming. Now, why that's not listed is a very interesting question, considering everything... EDIT: I'd bet it's because Disney does not have the distribution rights.
  9. SI and CBS Sports both reported that a Chiefs staffer and a Bears practice squad player tested positive. A big aspect of the fear is it's so hard to *completely* avoid some people getting it, when you don't, or practically speaking can't, have a bubble. In itself I don't think this moves the league's needle; it had to be expected. Curiously, those reports were filed 7 hours ago. NFL.com has nothing....
  10. Yeah, the TL;DR for this thread is...how do YOU look at it, how does it fit into your campaign? I'd also add, how do you rule, what are your bases for your rulings? Because I don't always buy Chris' and Duke's point that "no game impact, ergo easy to do." Then again, I also don't buy massey's "human --> microwave" is Major. It's Hero. There's a fair bit that's pretty straightforward, but there's a whole lot that's highly discretionalry.
  11. I take it you didn't catch much of the Atlanta pitching staff...but they were the early game.
  12. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall inside the RNC after he does some of these? Cuz you gotta think they're feeling the same way, particularly these last couple weeks as he's gone completely off the rails. I actually wonder what would happen if he tried to call for some military action that was badly out of line. I wouldn't be surprised if the JCS said No.
  13. Yeah, I've got no problem. Wear the damn masks. Of course, we WILL hear whining from analysts should such a call get made.
  14. Oooh...I failed to realize. Czechoslovakia has the *worst* rate in the world right now. WorldOMeters listed it as "Czechia" and my brain didn't connect. Their new case rate is slightly worse than 1 per 2000 people. But, yes, those four countries have the worst surges in Europe right now. And ScottishFox...is that what you want? 15,000 new cases a day in Texas rather than 5000? Maybe 25,000? It might not be that bad elsewhere, but Texas has far too large a stubborn, no one can tell ME what to do streak, which is largely why they were so slow in the first place.
  15. YANKEES LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rays get an 8th inning solo shot off Chapman to take the lead, shut down the Yanks in the 9th with a very good stab of a *drilled* ball down the 3rd base line to close it out. YESSSS!!!! Someone I can root for! (And I was born in LA, but Frank McCord kinda killed things for me.)
  16. Oh...****. 2 hours to go...a tick under 59,000 cases today. Which means we'll very likely pass 60,000. That's back-to-back days with significant spikes, and numbers not seen since early August. 5 states have new case rates greater than 1 per 2000 people. That was pretty much worst rate, IIRC, states like Arizona and Florida had at their worst. 4 others are greater than 1 per 3000 people. New Mexico officials are very concerned because our rate isn't as bad as that...but it's also tripled since its low in early September.
  17. I noted some suggestions like adding an 18th week. Problem is, there's serious limits to that. What if a team gets hit by 2 separate postponements...which may not be their fault? And pushing back the Super Bowl could have serious financial implications.
  18. https://sports.yahoo.com/bills-players-may-not-get-paid-if-titans-forfeit-in-week-5-due-to-nf-ls-coronavirus-rules-152712850.html He's right. Mind, the agreement is that the Bills aren't obligated to pay; they could choose to do so. That wouldn't be a simple decision. But, the NFL can't adjust like MLB did. They can't have teams play 7 or 11 doubleheaders. There is VERY little slack here. So they have to CRUSH this outbreak or risk having the season lose ALL credibility.. If it takes a sharp lesson? So be it.
  19. And even at that, it was still better than the first farce. So I understand anyway. I prefer to keep dinner inside.
  20. I think you can compound the West Coast aspect with the small-market aspect...AND with the fact that they didn't want to vote in a DH. It's all <BLEEP>. My, my. Looks like the Dodgers are probably in; it's 8-2 altho there's time left for the Padres. Only bottom 5. Still...they're out on the edge of the plank now and can hear the saw cutting.... That means we'll have 3 Teams We Love To Hate....Dodgers, Astros, Braves. So let's add the Yankees and ensure a large chunk of fans will be Disgruntled.
  21. Ticked off and terrified. Broncos-Pats delayed until Monday. MESS. Bills-Titans til Tuesday. MESS. Chiefs-Bills was gonna be the next TNF so it obviously has to be moved...which means there is no TNF next week. BIG MESS!! So the forfeit seems to be off the table *right now*...but if there's more cases with the Titans tomorrow or Saturday, forcing a further delay? It might be the simplest answer to spank them hard with the forfeit.
  22. Watching the Yankees lose NEVER gets old. (I blame John Sterling; I'm simply LOATHE listening to him call a game.) But what was that weird thing Joey Cora did there...you know...just tapping at the ball? Isn't that illegal???? Wow, that really looks like something that could be really effective from time to time!!! (And how the HECK did it take 10 years for Edgar Martinez to be elected into the Hall? Ridiculous.)
  23. WorldOMeter's data day is midnight GMT, so about am hour from now. We've topped 54, 000 new cases today; it'll probably end up around 55,000. That's the highest single-day count since August 14th, and by a decent margin; 53,185 was the previous high over the last almost 2 months, on Sept. 4th. EDIT: oops. I've pretty often seen not that many cases in the last hour or so. Not so today. 56,652.
  24. I don't say this flippantly...but I hope the Republican Party implodes because they get *crushed* in the elections, and the leadership is called to account for their abject willingness to sacrifice all their principles. The counter-argument is, well...then what? What would rise in its place?
  25. Not just Biden. He's including Obama and Clinton. WTF... I'm not worried any arrests are going to happen. I am TERRIFIED that someone this wlidly unstable has to potential to do so much havoc. It honestly feels like he is completely losing anything resembling control he had before. I seriously wonder if he's mentally competent right now. I mean, ok, before this I could generally see method behind the madness, but not now.
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